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6 Best Hiking Trails in Wisconsin, United States

6 Best Hiking Trails in Wisconsin, United States

Hiking is one of the greatest ways to enjoy outdoor activities in Wisconsin.

There are dozens of hiking trails in the state.

Some of these paths include scenic wonders, continuous stretches of beautiful landscapes, and essential hiker amenities.


These amenities include parking, water, bathrooms, and camping options.

In this article, you will get to know about the following hiking trails in Wisconsin,

  1. Ice Age Trail – Devil’s Lake Segment
  2. North Country National Scenic Trail – Copper Falls
  3. Trail of Myths, St Croix Falls
  4. Eagle Trail, Peninsula State Park
  5. Breddy Bluff, Perrot State Park
  6. Gibraltar Rock Trail, Lodi

Let’s explore these hikes in detail…

1. Ice Age Trail – Devil’s Lake Segment

Ice Age Trail – Devil’s Lake Segment
Trail Distance11 miles

Devil’s Lake is a spectacular mountain retreat in the Baraboo Range south of Wisconsin.

The Ice Age Trail here begins in Parfrey’s Glen and has a secret canyon and waterfall. It then meanders through the center of Wisconsin’s most popular state park, partially encircling Devil’s Lake via the West and South Bluffs.

Rocky vertical climbs are among the most difficult mountain trails in Wisconsin.

The Ice Age Trail in Devils Lake has a length of 11 miles.


The hiking trails that cross some of the areas of Devil’s lake reward the hikers with some breathtaking wintery sceneries of the lake.

The trail is accessible from Baraboo, and you can expect to witness the beautiful forest ranges, amazing rock formations, and a plethora of wildlife.

Hiking through this path is one of the best things to do in Wisconsin.

2. North Country National Scenic Trail – Copper Falls

Copper Falls, Wisconsin
Trail Distance1.7 miles

North Country Trail (NCT) is one of the most appealing hiking trails in Wisconsin. 

Many hikers hike through the Doughboy’s Trail which is a short 1.7-mile trek that takes you to two of the area’s most beautiful waterfalls: Copper Falls and Brownstone Falls.

To complete the loop, you have to continue along the NCT along Bad River and the Tyler Forks before getting off near Brownstone Falls.

You will be offered incredible views of the landscapes when you climb a section of the NCT and see these two spectacular waterfalls!


Copper Falls in Copper Falls State Park is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin.

Hiking the route with an impressive view of the waterfall and scenic views of deep gorges along the long stretch of trail will leave you amazed.

Hiking through this trail is one of the greatest vacation ideas in Wisconsin.

Travelers can opt for camping at the backpacking campsite having an accessible log cabin.

3. Trail of Myths, St Croix Falls

Trail of Myths, St Croix Falls
Trail Distance2.2 miles

Trail of Myths is one of the stunning hiking routes in Wisconsin. 

Hiking in Northern Wisconsin isn’t complete without a visit to St Croix Falls. 

St Croix Falls, located on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, is home to some of the greatest treks Wisconsin has to offer. 

The 2.2 miles loop trail takes travelers through some panoramic views of the landscapes of small streams and creeks.

You can also click astounding photos while hiking through freshly fallen leaves.


You can also view different wild shrubs along the Trail of Myths.

The trail is an ideal spot to view numerous floras and faunas like the American red squirrel, porcupine, red fox, and white-tailed deer, bald eagles, hooded warblers, ruffed grouse.

The magical aura of the woods will make your journey more thrilling.

This moderate hike is ideal to visit during falls when the hiking trails are paved with foliage of different trees.

4. Eagle Trail, Peninsula State Park

Eagle Trail, Peninsula State Park
Trail Distance2 miles

A trip to Door County would be incomplete without a stunning nature hike.

The Eagle Trail in Peninsula State Park is supreme among hundreds of hiking paths, including the Ice Age National Trail and other nature walks at five state parks.

The Eagle Trail descends 200 feet from its starting at Eagle Bluff before following a rocky coastline that leads to the majestic Niagara Escarpment. 

You’ll get to explore tunnels, skip stones on Green Bay, trod through white cedar trees, and climb the large 75 ft high Eagle lookout tower along the route.

Because of the uneven surface braided with tree roots and rough terrains, this 2.5-mile climb is a difficult hike option.

It is the most visited path in Door County. 


As you travel, you’ll witness a variety of land, bluffs, and lake vistas and if you’re lucky, you could even spot a bald eagle nest! 

Visit the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, one of the iconic sites in Wisconsin.

The terrain is uneven and far from simple! 

Hiking is one of the nicest things to do in Door County in October because of the cold and pleasant weather and the opportunity to view an abundance of flora and fauna.

5. Breddy Bluff, Perrot State Park

Breddy Bluff, Perrot State Park
Trail Distance3 miles

Perrot State Park, on the Minnesota border, offers hikers some beautiful vistas in Wisconsin. 

A magnificent park with color, wildflowers, and steep paths is just upriver from Trempealeau. 

This double loop path includes two mountain climbs to Perrot Ridge and Brady Bluff, which provide stunning views of the Trempealeau and Mississippi Rivers. 

Experience the majestic view and wilderness of the surroundings from Brady’s Bluff. 

These are among Wisconsin’s top hiking routes, and it also offers one of the best viewing platforms of rivers and steep terrains. 


Brady’s Bluff Trail East is more than 3 miles long. 

It is steep and narrow, but you’ll be able to identify over 100 different varieties of native Wisconsin plants on this trail. 

The Trail along the west is 5 miles long and borders the Mississippi River and magnificent rock cliffs. 

This hike is quite enjoyable. 

These routes are far from a bucolic atmosphere, but they provide a heart-pounding thrill for hikers who appreciate a sense of athletic success.

6. Gibraltar Rock Trail, Lodi

Gibraltar Rock, Wisconsin
Trail Distance8.6 miles

The Gibraltar Rock National Park is an incredible hidden gem just west of Devil’s Lake State Park and is one of the nicest hiking routes in Wisconsin.

Gibraltar Rock is a flat-topped butte on the Magnesian escarpment that rises 200 feet above the surrounding terrain.

The butte, which is capped by a thin Platteville-Galena dolomite cap on St. Peter sandstone, provides panoramic views of the Wisconsin River Valley and Lake Wisconsin.

A large stretch along the rock trail is occupied by a dry-mesic forest of red oak and basswood and prairie lands.

Climbing up to the cliffs is rather short and basic, but the vista will astound you.

Nothing else in Wisconsin compares to this view of the surrounding areas.

You can feel the serene charm that will surround you as you hike through the paths.


The Gibraltar Rock National Park is part of the Ice Age Trail, but it may be reached independently via Highways 113 and 60 near Lodi.

The trek to the top is slightly over a mile from the parking area.

Gibraltar Rock is therefore one of Wisconsin’s most popular hiking destinations.

The place is also a popular romantic getaway in Wisconsin Dells and a major draw for the raptors as well.

These are some of the popular trails you can go hiking in Wisconsin.

There are many options for accommodation while you hike through these renowned trails. 

Chic cottages, logwood cabins, and cozy camps are easily accessible with the aid of Airbnb services.

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