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Bhatinda Falls (Jharkhand) - Things To Do, Best Time To Visit

Bhatinda Falls (Jharkhand) – Things To Do, Best Time To Visit

Bhatinda Falls is a beautiful waterfall that cascades over prominent rock formations. Moonidih Falls is another name for this waterfall.

This beautiful waterfall is a hidden gem near Dhanbad, Jharkhand.


Tucked amidst the beautiful greenery, this cascading fall attracts visitors from all over India.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Bhatinda Falls,

Let us explore the waterfall in detail.

How to reach Bhatinda Falls

To reach Bhatinda Falls, you must first travel to Dhanbad Railway station. The falls at a distance of 14 kilometers from there. It is a famous junction connecting all major cities.

There are several options for getting to the waterfalls from Dhanbad.


To get to Bhatinda Falls, visitors can take taxis or autos. Regular buses also run to this popular tourist attraction at regular intervals.

The nearest airport to Bhatinda Falls is Ranchi Airport. You can fly from any airport and disembark at Ranchi Airport. (Check Flights)

Then you can take a cab, bus, or taxi to arrive at Dhanbad. From there, you can go to Bhatinda Falls.

The natural beauty of Bhatinda Falls

The natural beauty of Bhatinda Falls

The falls, surrounded by lush greenery and rugged hills, is a captivating sight for onlookers. Nature lovers frequently come here to immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquillity of the area. The mesmerizing natural beauty of Bhatinda Falls draws a large number of visitors all year.

It is surrounded by thick vegetation and has a relaxing atmosphere. The falls are surrounded by massive boulders and are an awe-inspiring sight. They have an incredible charm and are known to infuse peace and serenity.

The waterfalls provide an ideal setting for a picnic, allowing you to enjoy a wonderful time outside the city humdrum. The water cascades in 3 tiers through low ledges of rock (small steps)and is not steep.


It is extended over a large area, and the white gushes of the waterfall slide gently into small pools through sparse vegetation and shrubs. The rhythmic sounds of the water are soothing to the ears.

A golden tinge over the water’s surface due to the casting of the sunlight is a magical view resembling molten gold from above.

Things to do at Bhatinda Falls

  1. Relax amidst the serene atmosphere near the falls.
  2. Arrange for a lovely picnic on the rocky boulders.
  3. Click selfies and photograph the dripping beauty of natural delights.
  4. Enjoy the cool splashes of water and soak your feet.
  5. Watch sunrises and sunsets over the rocky terrains.

Best time to visit Bhatinda Falls

Winter is the best time to visit Bhatinda Waterfalls. Because during the winter, the waterfall and the surroundings look more lively and mystical. You can also sit for long hours and relax near the falls.


They enchant nature and the peaceful ambiance and are sure to mesmerize visitors.

You can also visit here during the monsoons because a lot of water gushes through the falls. During this time, the area’s engulfing greenery and scenic beauty reach their peak.

Other attractions near Bhatinda Falls

Shakti Mandir, Birsa Munda Park, and Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary are some popular attractions near Bhatinda Falls, which you can visit.

The quaint destination, wrapped with alluring views of nature, will remove all your stress.

So you are planning a short trip to Dhanbad, you must visit Bhatinda Falls and explore the beauty of nature.

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