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Top 6 Cheapest Cities To Live In Spain In 2023

Top 6 Cheapest Cities To Live In Spain In 2023

Spain certainly is a place that entices everyone.

The most attractive cities in Spain ensure that travelers go through a memorable time here, whether it’s about exploring historical splendor, appealing natural beauty, a profusion of colorful festivals, or the lovely fun-loving people.


You can also live in this picturesque country at an affordable cost.

In this article, you will get to know about the following cheap cities to live in Spain,

  1. Valencia
  2. Granada
  3. Malaga
  4. Cordoba
  5. Murcia
  6. A Coruna

Let us explore each of these beautiful places.

1. Valencia

Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a great option to live in Spain. It is the third-largest city in Spain and has a population of about 800,000. It also has a bustling beach and a port area. It is one of Spain’s most populous and affordable cities.

Andalucia serves as the city’s capital.

This city looks more charming with the recent renovation of the old riverbank, which has been transformed into a sizable green park ideal for recreation.


The area has good bicycle routes, making it simple and inexpensive to travel around. There is a science museum and an aquarium among the city’s attractions. In contrast to other areas, like Iberia, summers are intolerable here. Therefore people here follow unique conditions of lifestyle.

Most city dwellers remain indoors during the summer, and you will be surprised to know they step outside around 10:00 PM. People go shopping, eat, and drink during this time of night. Therefore one can enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Valencia. 

The most important events held here are the well-known Feria de Abril and Semana Santa Rents. 

Estimated monthly living expenses in Valencia are around €950 per month* for a single person.

2. Granada

Granada, Spain

Granada is one of the most popular tourist destinations and a beautiful place to live in Spain. People who prefer cooler temperatures will find the city ideal.

It is located 250 km east of Seville.

Granada houses the Alhambra, the world’s most well-known fortress, and this location is also filled with many other historical centers.

It is one of the most beautiful European cities and boasts a unique flavor influenced by Arabic traditions, evident in the restaurants and shisha lounges. 

While staying in this city, You’ll discover a lovely, tranquil, and lively environment with beautiful streets and eye-catching buildings. Every resident of this region of the country is filled with some or other historical and sporting attractions. 

There are many entertainment options in Granada, similar to those in Valencia and Seville. In the winter, hikers love the Sierra Nevada Mountain, located on the outskirts. It is home to many beaches too.

The estimated cost of living in Granada is approximately €850 per month* for a single person.

3. Malaga

Malaga, Spain

If you are willing to live a luxury lifestyle yet want a cheap cost of living, then Malaga is ideal for you. This coastal city is a beautiful place to live and visit and boasts a rich history and culture. There are many pubs, clubs, and restaurants in this bustling metropolis with a port hub.

Additionally, it is inexpensive and suitable for anyone who wishes to relocate here. The city has lovely hotels and resorts in this region where tourists can stay while searching for Spanish real estate to settle down permanently.


The city is dotted by many beaches, which are among the most beautiful in the nation, and inhabitants can often engage in various sports here, including volleyball, beach football, and sunbathing.

Anyone wishing to relocate should consider this city because it offers an affordable cost and a high standard of living.

The estimated monthly cost of living in Malaga is €700 per month* for a single person.

4. Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba is referred to as the most intricate and cheap city to live in Spain. It was founded by the Romans and was called the “jewel of the world.” The city has an exciting historical and cultural background and offers numerous affordable living options.

The place is mesmerizing and houses major tourist attractions such as Mezquita-Catedral; it was built as a mosque in the 10th century but later was transformed into a cathedral.

As a resident here, you will have the opportunity to visit many places. You will also go through a great experience all along.

Apart from it, it is the highest navigable point of the Guadalquivir River. Therefore it serves as an iconic center for trading and shipping Spanish wheat and olive oil to Rome.

It is a city where you can save money because the cost of living in this city is quite budget-friendly.

The estimated monthly cost of living in Cordoba is €900 per month* for a single person.

5. Murcia

Murcia, Spain

Murcia is one of the long-known reputed cities in Spain. It provides one of the best beach vacation deals. In terms of the cost of living, the town is one of the cheapest places to settle down in the country. 

Murcia does provide a wonderful blend of beach life, cityscapes, and mountain vibes. The area is located along a stunning length of the Spanish Med, with beautiful beaches. It has Aguilas in the south and San Pedro del Pinatar in the north.


Parque Regional de Sierra Espua, one of south Spain’s less well-known reserves, is present in Murcia.

The city is a hub with a lot of opportunities. With roughly 500,000 people, this mid-sized city can sustain a lively nightlife and excellent shopping among its historic districts and plazas.

The estimated monthly cost of living in Murcia is €700 per month* for a single person.

6. A Coruna

A Coruna, Spain

A Corua is a charming city in Spain known as the land of flamenco and tapas. It is better known as a Mediterranean tourist destination.

Situated on the wave and wind-lashed shorelines of the Galician area in the northwest of Spain, it is more rocky and wild than the south, with a couple of undiscovered surf locations and deserted beaches where you can go on cliff walks and get away from the crowds of the city. There are some beautiful urban beaches, such as Playa del Orzán.

It also stands out as one of the most affordable cities in Spain. Local prices are substantially lower than those in Catalonia.

There are many things that you can hear about A Coruna. The town is rooted back to Roman Origin, with evidence of a magnificent lighthouse called the Tower of Hercules that is supposed to have been constructed during the reign of Emperor Trajan.

The city is a combination of boulevards, massive fusing light industry and fishing industries, and plazas. There are loads of attractions in this place where you can plan your vacations. 

These are some of the cheapest cities to live in in Spain.

So when you have got to know Spain rewards you with so many lovely options for staying, so why wait for? Make Spain your own country and travel endlessly to dive into charming attractions.

*The cost of living mentioned is an estimation based on various available sources and may vary.

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