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Baby chef kobe viral

This cute chubby-cheeked baby is trending on the internet with his sweet hustles. Who is he?

Recently some videos of an adorable baby chef are going viral with millions of views.

Who is the appealing baby celeb bringing smiles to millions of people with his baking and cooking videos?

He is a 1-year-old lovely baby chef Kobe, hitting the jackpot.

His mother Asley Wian says he is just enjoying preparing new recipes.

With a fairly little age, he is exploring the kitchen like any other master chefs.

His mother is bursting in joy because of his son’s popularity.

Wearing a bright red ratatouille and an apron, the child not only prepares dishes but is babbling and chatting, spilling the milkshakes and juices, taking a handful of food and gobbling.

These cute mishaps are adding extra charm to the videos.

He has a Instagram page with the name Kobe Eats ( @kobe_yn) with a ton lot of followers

Is this little angel aware of the fact that he is setting the social platform on fire and is already having more than 2 million followers?

Kobe genuinely loves to cook new dishes and his mother helps him with all the cook home stuffs.

Asley Wian says that as a parent, she is overwhelmed by her son’s popularity and raising the child where he is getting to learn with fun and encouraging millions is just more than pure blessings.

They are already getting tons of messages and love from fans across the world.

She also says that Kobe is tuning up with new skills, discovering new recipes and blends are making new memories.

The mess in the kitchen can be cleaned up but his popularity as the youngest chef is permanent.

He loves making more cheesy dishes because he too loves to eat them while cooking. His loyal dog siblings Kevin and Kelly accompany him all the time.

Watch his video: