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Top 5 Stunning Forts To Visit In Karnataka, India

Top 5 Stunning Forts To Visit In Karnataka, India

Forts are a reflection of Karnataka’s rich heritage and culture. They serve as a bridge to the past and a magnificent reminder of a bygone era. 

Several centuries ago, various kings constructed these forts, which stand for splendor in all its forms. Some have been restored, while others are in ruins.

These magnificent forts continue to be well-liked tourist destinations in the city and draw visitors from around the world.


They are renowned for their majestic architecture, exquisite designs, and formidable fortifications.

In this article, you will get to know about the following forts in Karnataka,

  1. Gulbarga Fort
  2. Chitradurga Fort
  3. Bellary Fort
  4. Badami Fort
  5. Bangalore Fort

Let’s see each of these in detail…

1. Gulbarga Fort

Gulbarga Fort is situated in the Gulbarga District of North Karnataka. Built in the year 1347, it is one of the finest examples of pre-Islamic architecture.

This place is known as the city of flowers as “Gul” means flowers and “berg” means leaf in Persian. It is also known as Kalaburagi Fort.

The Fort was initially built by Raja Gulchand and it became the capital of Bahmani. It was fortified in 1895 by Alauddin Bahmani and features a wide moat and high walls.


Additionally, there were 15 towers and 26 guns each of which was 8 meters long. The fort was constructed using careful planning.

A canal was built around the Fort to prohibit the enemies from entering the fort. The Bhima and Krishna River flows nearby.

2. Chitradurga Fort

Chitradurga Fort also known as the Chitaldoorg Fort is one of the prime historic places in Karnataka. This fort is locally known as Elusuttina Kote (meaning the fort of seven circles) and is one of the strongest hill forts in the country.

The Fort was constructed between the 11th and 13th centuries by the dynastic rulers of Chalukyas or Hoysalas in the Vijaynagar Empire. The Nayakas from Chitradurga, also known as Palegar Nayakas, extended the Fort between the 15th and 18th centuries.

The enormous Fort covers 1500 acres of land and It took over eight centuries to complete. It is a sizable fort that spans several hills and overlooks a breathtaking valley.

Chitradurga means “picturesque fort” in Kannada, and therefore offers stunning views of the surrounding hills wrapped in a peaceful ambiance.

There are many temples surrounding the fort that give a spiritual aura to it.

3. Bellary Fort

Bellary Fort or Fort Hill is located on the top of Ballari Gudda in Bellary. Hanumappa Nayaka, the Palegar chief, is thought to have built the fort during the Vijayanagara period.

In 1769, Hyder Ali took control of the fort from the Nayakas, and with the help of a French engineer, renovated and modified the fort.

The fort has a stunning architectural plan that draws most visitors from and outside India.

The upper fort on Bellary Hill has a citadel, a temple, soldier barracks, and deep wells for storing water.


There are two entrance gates on the western and eastern sides of the lower fort.

Deep pits are dug after a number of bastions to further fortify the lower fort (often filled with water and infested with crocodiles, to restrict the entrance of enemy soldiers.

The lower fort also has the Kote Anjaneya Temple where pilgrimages pray to Lord Hanuman.

If you visit Karnataka visit this fort filled with a rich legacy and interesting history.

4. Badami Fort

Badami Fort, Karnataka

Badami Fort is the prime archeological site and a popular historical monument in Karnataka. It is situated on top of a hill about two kilometers from Badami, in Bagalkot.

The old fort was built in the year 543 AD by Chalukyan King. Formerly known as Vatapi, Badami is a historically significant location with many historic buildings and was the main site of the residence of Chalukyan rulers.

When Tipu Sultan ruled Badami, the fort’s walls were rebuilt and several new buildings were added to the complex of the old fort.

The architecture of the palace is stunning. Nandi, Shiva’s Bull is the main center of attraction at the entrance.

The fort contains numerous impressive buildings built in the Chalukyan architectural style. These include sizable granaries, a sizable underground chamber, carved temples, watch towers placed in strategic locations, etc.

You can also enjoy a breathtaking view of Badami town from the top of the hill. You can also explore the Badami Cave Temples nearby.

5. Bangalore Fort

Bangalore fort was built as a mud fort in 1537 by Kempe Gowda, the founder of Bangalore, and was rebuilt in 1761 by Haider Ali.

Also known as Tipu Sultan’s fort, it has significant historical significance and is admired by all types of visitors, particularly history buffs.

This imposing structure has witnessed many historic events, including the struggle of the Mysore Kingdom against the British.

The fort’s walls are adorned with Islamic inscriptions and murals depicting Tipu Sultan’s contempt for the British.


The Rash-e-Zannat, which means the Envy of Heavens, is an abode of happiness that showcases the brilliance of Islamic architecture prevalent in India at the time.

The main attractions within the fort complex are the Summer Palace, Fort Church, and Ganpati Temple.

The fort takes you through the various architectural styles and its own share of history rooted deeply in the fascinating stone structure of the Mysore Rulers.

This popular historic monument never fails to captivate visitors.

These are some of the popular forts in Karnataka.

The architectural creativity and brilliance of these forts make them a must-visit destination in Karnataka.

You must capture these heritage treasures through your lens as well.

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