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Gandikota: The Grand Canyon of India - Camping, How to Reach

Gandikota: The Grand Canyon of India – Camping, How to Reach

India is the home to stunning architecture, jungles, history, places, heritage, culture, and geological formations.

The Southern State of Andhra Pradesh features a number of beautiful architectures and surprisingly has a lesser recognized gorge.


You have all heard about the world’s famous Grand Canyon in Arizona but Gandikota in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh is known as the Grand Canyon of India.

The Penna river cuts across the rugged and jagged red shades of Erramalai Hills.

Hence the stunning feature of the meandering river and the stiff walled rocks resemble the famous landmark of the US and hence is known as the Grand Canyon.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about the Grand Canyon of India, Gandikota,

Let’s see each of these points in detail…

History of Gandikota

Ganbdikoat is derived from the two Telugu Words “Gandi’ meaning “gorge” and “Kota” which means ”Fort”.

The fort was under the rule of many empires at that time. The region was a mix of many reigns namely the Viyanagara, Nayaka, Quli Qutub, and Chalukya, and also it was under British Rule.

Significantly, the Nayaka dynasty took control over the fort for approximately 300 years. 


Things to do in Gandikota

The spectacular gorge is the main attraction in Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh.

The masterpiece of nature is woven with a natural beauty that drives many tourists every year.

There are also many alluring attractions in this place which offer popular sightseeing visits.

The magnificent and historic Gandikota Fort beautifully settles itself on the top of the gorge which is a reflection of divine beauty.

If you are a nature lover or want to venture into adventures, the Gandikota Fort is an ideal place for you.

The breathtaking beauty of the serene place is away from city life and you can visit the offbeat destinations free from any crowds.

The photogenic backgrounds of majestic sunrise, sunsets, red caverns, and rock formations, and the mild water of the Penna River is perfect for clicking selfies and photos.


The mesmerizing landscapes and the affluent rich natural resources discover the unexplored beauty of the place.

The sunrise and sunset look magical from the viewpoint of the canyon. The divine rays emerging from the clouds will certainly leave you spellbound.

At night you can see the starry skies and Gandikota looks more charming and mystical.

The adjacent places of Gandikota are rich in temples, stunning architectural monuments, caves, and other attractions which are mentioned in the latter part of this article.

Adventurer lovers can have a wonderful experience of camping amidst the bright stars, gentle breeze, and nature’s sound.

Camping in Gandikota

A better and cheap option for solo travelers or backpackers can be setting up camps at the Pennar River.

The mild breezes and the wonderful atmosphere is perfectly experienced through camping activities.

Setting up camps can cost you INR 1599 per night.

Gandikota Penna Camping, Neha tents, and Moonstar Camping offer you the best camping opportunities and services at reasonable rates.


How to reach Gandikota

Kadapa District is well connected with the major cities of Andhra Pradesh like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vijayawada, etc.

By Plane:

If you want to reach by air, then you can reach there from Bengaluru International Airport as it is the nearest airport to Gandikota.

You can also take a flight to reach Bangalore and book a private car to Gandikota. You can also take a bus if you want.

You can also use services like Zoomcar to rent a car from the Airport.

Gandikotra is approximately 345 km away from Bengaluru airport.

You can also travel to Gandikota from Tirupati airport at Renigunta which is 220 km from Gandikota and takes approximately 4.5 hours to reach the destination.

By Train:

If you want to travel to Gandikota by train, then you can catch the trains of Jammalagadugu (18 km away from Gandikota), Kadapa (77 km away), and Tadiptari (85 km away).

Direct trains from Bangalore are also available.

By Road:

Traveling Gandoikota via Road is easy since it is well connected to megacities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Vizag through NH7.

You can reach Jammalagadugu or Prodattur and from there you can easily take a private cab or an auto to reach Gandikota.

The roads from Andhra Pradesh are well maintained and are excellent in condition.

Therefore you can have a smooth and satisfactory journey on the various linked roads and the state highways.

Backpackers and Bikers frequently travel to Gandikota.


Best time to visit Gandikota

The best time to visit Gandikota is in the months of August to January.

During the winter months, the weather is quite pleasant and you do not have to face the scorching heat of the sun.

Summers are generally hot and the temperatures can reach up to 45 °C. So during the noontime, do not forget to carry a hat to protect yourselves from the heat.

Traveling in spring and winter can enhance your overall experience of staying long hours on the canyons and give you a wonderful experience.

Places to stay in Gandikota

Gandikota expands over a large area of 10 acres of land and has a large complex that includes dining halls, 12 cottages, a dormitory, dining halls, a parking lot, and ample space for kids to play.

The APTDC Complex is a wonderful accommodation choice as the complex has air-conditioned rooms, comfy spaces, and satisfying amenities.

It is located on Gandikota road and you can make reservations on the phone to book accommodations in this complex.

The cost of staying per night is INR 1680/night.

Places to eat in Gandikota

There are plenty of places in Gandikota that will offer you good food along with a wide range of options for lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

Some of the ideal places to have your food in Gandikota are the Abhiruchi Family Restaurant, Gandikota Viewpoint, Royal Fort Hotel & Lodge, and Sri Lakshmi Narayana Bhawan.


After wonderful sightseeing, you can enjoy snacks or meals as you like.

Other attractions in Gandikota

The hidden Grand Canyon of India in Gandikota is extremely eye-soothing but the other prime attractions in Gandikota should also be included on the bucket list. 

  1. Belum Caves
  2. Gandikota Fort
  3. Owk Reservoir
  4. Yaganthi Temple
  5. Oravakallu rock Garden
  6. Kurnool Fort
  7. Jamia Masjid
  8. Raghunathan Swami Temple & Madhavaraya temple

Gandikota is really a place with diverse art, culture, structures, and natural architecture.

People who love adventures must visit the Grand Canyon of India and perform adventurous activities like rock climbing, trekking, and kayaking.

Gandikota has been in the spotlight for tourists and will continue to be an icon of natural beauty forever.

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