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Top 6 Famous Hill Stations To Visit In Malaysia 2023

Top 6 Famous Hill Stations To Visit In Malaysia 2023

Blessed with some of the most picturesque hill stations, Malaysia presents a soul-filling and adoring biodiversity.

You can spend loads of leisure time amidst these locations.


These are also great places to have some adventurous fun.

In this article, you will get to know the following famous hill stations to visit in Malaysia,

  1. Cameron Highlands
  2. Bukit Larut
  3. Kelabit Highlands
  4. Kundasang
  5. Bukit Tinggi
  6. Penang Hill

Let’s see each of these in detail.

List of hill stations in Malaysia

1. Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The highlands occupy an area of 712.18 sq. kilometers and are 120 mi from Kuala Lumpur. It’s well-known for its tea plantations, hiking trails, lovely gardens, orchards, museums, etc.

The dramatic features and a bountiful rainforest flooding with a great ecosystem make this hill station worth visiting.

Apart from the hypnotic nature and the misty hills, walking the trails and hiking are a few fun activities you can do here. The rugged terrain makes it more interesting, and the dense forest provides all the thrill.


Spend some time in Thompson falls, near the fresh water, and visit the vibrant butterfly farm. From there, go to the lavender gardens and later breathe some fresh air at the Boh plantation.

When you are done adoring nature, visit the time tunnel museum and go shopping at the local market filled with all the good stuff. Buy some of their beautiful clothing items and thing that you want, and never miss the local Malaysian cuisine. The food is delicious.

2. Bukit Larut

Bukit Larut, Malaysia

The hill station was initially known as Maxwell Hill and is situated in Perak. It is 180 mi away from Kuala Lumpur.

The place is peaceful, with a delightful atmosphere. You might enjoy some hiking and jeep riding at this phenomenal location. The hill station is also for those who love bird watching.

From Bukit Larut, you will see the beautiful hill town of Taiping. Walk downward to reach the adoring towns and explore all that they offer.

The elegant Taiping Lake Gardens offers a magnificent view of the hills. Next up is the All Saints’ church, Telegraph Museum, and Prestavest memorial park.

For some excitement, go to ATV Adventure Park and try out the activities provided there.

3. Kelabit Highlands

Located in the northeastern part of the country, the Kelabit highlands is a delightful holiday destination for relaxing and exploring at the same time.

The green-painted valleys and the adorable cottages in the locality looks like a painting that came to life.

Barrio is a stunning town located in Kelabit Highland. It is the birthplace of the Kelabit tribe. Visit the Bario Asal Longhouse and soak in the surrounding liveliness.


Hike up Prayer Mountain and make sure you plan it during the sunrise or sunset. The sight at these times is spell bounding.

Make a trip to the Penan settlement, and you will be thrilled to meet the nomadic people who are the last ones of the type existing on earth.

In between all these exciting travels, squeeze out some time to go to the Salt Spring and Batu Lawi. The biodiversity is splendid in these parts.

4. Kundasang

Kundasang, Malaysia

Kundasang is a picturesque hill station situated in the Ranau district in Sabah. Elevated at 6200 ft, its distinctive topographical terrain makes it famously known as ‘the New Zealand of Borneo.’

Adventure junkies should try climbing mount Kinabalu and glance at the breathtaking panorama.

Another site that has become very popular is the Desa Dairy Farm. Here you can savor the surroundings and get informed about milk processing. At the time of your visit to the farm, you can feed the baby animals with milk or grass. Isn’t it exciting!

Following after in the adventure list is riding an ATV through the lovely Kundasang. It’s a crazy, fun activity and a great way to explore nature. If you are interested, there is also a paragliding option that you might try.

A lot more places are there to indulge in when you are at this hill station. All are way too fascinating, I promise!

5. Bukit Tinggi

The serene small town of Bukit Tinggi is set in the Bentong district of Pahang. It is a diverse town alongside the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway. It is considered among the most famous hill stations in Malaysia.

Needless to say, how gorgeous the place is, it is jammed with tons of places to visit and look into. Plan a trip to Colmar Tropicale, the French village that displays the brilliant-colored castles, the cool and calm surroundings, and the fresh weather.


Travel 5 minutes from the French settlement, and you will reach the Japanese village. This stunning site consists of botanical gardens, a tea house, Koi ponds, and rock pools for lovely visitors. You will get to feel a piece of Japan at this place.

Explore the adventure park near Colmar Tropicale resort and visit Rabbit Park close to Berjaya hills. Make sure to ride the horses at the Berjaya Horse Hills Trail. The well-trained horses will give you a whole new experience of wild nature.

6. Penang Hill

Penang Hill, Malaysia

The hill resort is a set of peaks in the middle of Penang Island and goes by the name Bukit Bendara among the locals.

The hills proffer an extravagant aerial view of the city, and the freshness of the atmosphere is very rejuvenating.

Hop on the Swiss-designed Penang Hill Funicular Train at the base of the hill, and the train will take you through the rich greenery to the top. It’s an astonishing journey amidst nature and a whole contrasting experience.

Dive into the wildness of the 130 million years old rainforests at Habitat Penang Hill. Walking amid the forest, you will feel a new world in front of your eyes, welcoming you with warmth.

Visit some long-left histories and fasten a Love Lock on a fence at the open-air observation deck. There are a lot of cozy cafes that you might pop at to savor some of the local food items along with a beverage.

These are some of the famous hill stations to visit in Malaysia.

It is a diverse country that offers a lot to travelers.

Travel to the hill stations and reinvigorate yourself with all the warmth and peace these sites offer.

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