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Infosys vacates office in Bengaluru due to Coronavirus

infosys bengaluru coronavirus

The Infosys on Saturday decided to vacate one of its satellite buildings located in Bengaluru after one of its employees came in contact with a suspected COVID-19 patient.

The official statement read, “Infosys has taken a decision to evacuate one of our satellite buildings (in Bengaluru) as a precautionary measure, as one of our employees had been in contact with an individual with suspected COVID-19, to ensure safety of our employees and undertake a comprehensive disinfection exercise at our facility.”

The decision to vacate the building and ask staff to work from was home taken as a precautionary measure, Infosys said in a statement.

Besides this, Infosys has directed its employees to work from home. “There is no impact on our client deliverables as a result of this temporary evacuation,” the statement said.

The Karnataka government had advised IT companies and other professionals working in the air conditioned places to work from home for the time being.

This advice was given to stop the spread of the disease.

As on 14th March, Karnataka had reported six COVID-19 cases while the national figure was 106.

Three of the 6 confirmed patients work in the IT Sector.

Ten of these 106 confirmed cases of the CONVID-19 have been cured and discharged, while two (one each from Bengaluru and Delhi) have died.