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Koduru Beach (Nellore) - Timings, Best Time To Visit

Koduru Beach (Nellore) – Timings, Best Time To Visit

Koduru Beach is a beautiful and serene destination in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the best places to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Bay of Bengal, with its white and golden sands, rocky cliffs, and palm trees.


These features attract tourists and travelers from all over the country and the world. You can visit this beach to spend a few days with your loved ones and be away from the daily mundane life. You will find many adventures and attractions that will make your trip unforgettable.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Komudu Beach,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

Koduru Beach timings and entry fee

The timings of Koduru Beach are,

Everyday5:00 AM to 7:00 PM

No entry fee is needed to engross into such a remarkable spot.


The natural beauty of Koduru Beach

Koduru Beach is a popular destination for tourists who want to enjoy its stunning shoreline, which extends for miles.

The clear waters and the warm sun create a perfect setting for snorkeling. The beach also offers a spectacular view of the sunrise and sunset, as the sky and the sea change colors harmoniously.

The white sand is pristine and soft, and the rocky cliffs and palm trees add elegance to its appearance. The gentle sea breeze and the fragrance of the salty ocean will soothe your senses and calm your mind.

Things to do in Koduru Beach

Koduru Beach is a beautiful and serene beach that offers many attractions and activities for visitors. 

You can take a stroll through the stretched shore and enjoy the calm vibe. If you are a morning person visit during the dawn and sit by the waters to meditate or do yoga. The sound of the waves makes the atmosphere blissful and thus helps in unwinding. It is very refreshing to breathe in the essence of the ocean. The next thing you can do is admire the sunrise and feel relaxed.

In case you are not a morning person, do not worry. Drop by the beach during the magic hour and rejuvenate yourself. Witness the changing colors of the sky at the horizon when the sun goes down.

You can also enjoy water sports on Koduru Beach. You can also splash around in the water and have some fun with your friends or family.


Another thing you can do is enjoy some solitude. Give yourself some quality time and explore the area.

Close to the coast, there is the notable Velangani Matha Church. You can pay your visit and pray there. The church is very beautiful and has a peaceful atmosphere. You can also learn more about the history and culture of the place.

On the beach, there is a cemented structure that stands in the middle of the waves. You can stand under it and feel the water splashing on you. You can also climb up the structure and see a panoramic view of the beach from above.

Photography is another thing that you might get indulged in while at the beach. The place is picturesque and therefore you can snap some marvelous photographs.

Also, around the beach, there are stalls selling yummy fish dishes in case you want to have some.

Best time to visit Koduru Beach

The best time to make a trip to Koduru Beach is from November to February. During these months, the weather is pleasant and the sea is calm. You can also visit this place anytime for the rest of the year to create some memorable moments.

However, try to avoid visiting during the monsoon months as there are heavy rains that may spoil your mood.

Other attractions near Koduru Beach

AttractionDistance from Koduru Beach
Krishnapuram Beach12 kilometers
Mypadu Beach14 kilometers
Katepalli Beach10 kilometers
Nellore23 kilometers


These are some points you must know about Koduru Beach.

Now that you have learned about this incredible spot, pack up and plan your trip to Koduru Beach. You can choose the best time and mode of travel for yourself and your companions and book your accommodation in advance.

Once you are there, who knows, you might even be head over heels for the place.

Happy traveling!

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