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Kondeshwar Waterfall, Lake, and Temple (Badlapur)

Kondeshwar Waterfall, Lake, and Temple (Badlapur)

There are many enchanting locations in Maharashtra. Some are architectural and cultural hotspots, whereas some are breathtaking natural delights.

Along with a thriving urban settlement, Maharashtra is also blessed with some awe-inspiring waterfalls and temples.


Near Thane is a lovely waterfall called the Kondeshwar Waterfall, named after “Lord Kondeshwar or Lord Shiva.”

The beautiful waterfall makes its way through the Kondeshwar Temple and the uneven stacks of rocks. This makes it an ideal landscape in a beautiful hill station near Pune and Mumbai.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about the Kondeshwar Waterfall,

Let’s explore the beautiful waterfall, temple, and lake in detail.

Location of Kondeshwar Waterfall

Kondeshwar is a small and lovely picnic spot near Badlapur town in Thane District.

There is a lake named Kondeshwar Lake, formed by Bhoj Dam.

The Kondeshwar Temple is situated near the Kondeshwar Waterfall, close to the lake.

How to reach Kondeshwar Waterfall

Pune is about 70 km from Kondeshwar Waterfall, and you can reach there via Pune-Talegaon-Vadgaon Maval-Kamshet Road before you enter Kamshet town.

You must make a turn in the direction of Kamshet if you want to go to Kondeshwar Waterfall. This road leads to Jambhavali village, which is 19 km (40 mins) away from Kamshet.


It is a beautiful road with the Uksan Dam on the right side. After you arrive at the beautiful Uksan Lake you can easily reach the Jambhvali village. Take a rough road leading to the Kondeshwar temple parking lot.

The road to the waterfall is in excellent condition (although not extremely smooth) and is suitable for driving a car or a bicycle.

Mumbai is far from the Kondeshwar Waterfall. It’s better to travel from Pune.

If you are traveling from a different state, then it is better to disembark at Pune Airport and hire a private cab to reach there. (Check Flights)

The place is also accessible by railways. All you have to do is take a train up to Badlapur station and then hire a private taxi to reach the waterfall.

The natural beauty around Kondeshwar Waterfall

The area around Kondeshwar Temple is made up of a plethora of waterfalls. Many rivers flow through the hills and down to the temple.

People enjoy wonderful views of the lush green landscapes while climbing atop the hill through the trekking route.

The nearby Kondeshwar Waterfall will leave you in awe. During the monsoons, the flowing waterfalls and streams look majestic.

Make sure you do not miss the opportunity to experience this magnificent natural shower.


The waterfall emerges from a ribbon of the lush green hill a few kilometers away from the Kondeshwar temple in Jambhavali, Maharashtra.

Both the temple and the waterfall are situated close to each other. In a single visit, you can offer prayers at the temple and take in the cool stream of waterfalls.

Things to do in Kondeshwar Waterfall

Some of the best things to do in Kondeshwar Waterfall are,

  1. Soak in the peaceful and spiritual ambiance of nature.
  2. Experience the eternal beauty of Uksan Dam, Paddy fields, and windmills from the waterfall.
  3. Have a spectacular view of the Western Ghats. 
  4. Pray at the Kondeshwar Temple, seek the blessings of Lord Shiva, and watch the daily divine aarti 
  5. Click amazing pictures at the waterfall and in the backdrop of grey clouds and can arrange a lovely picnic too
  6. Soak your feet in the chilling water of the fall.

Best time to visit Kondeshwar Waterfall

It is preferable to visit the waterfall during the monsoon season because not only you can soak in the beautiful scenery, but the rain and the fog during this time look extremely magical.

The monsoon season makes the location mesmerizing. The hills are covered in a white veil of clouds and fog during the season due to the high elevation of the location.

Although trekking paths, and areas near the waterfall can be highly risky during the monsoons, it is during this time that nature shows its true colors.


You can also plan your visit during the other seasons of the year, to experience the bounties of nature.

You can also visit the temples as these are not submerged during this season.

Bike rides to this place are quite romantic throughout the year!

Places to stay near Kondeshwar Waterfall

The Jambhavali village offers both food and lodging. You can avail local homemade food here.

On weekends and during significant religious festivals, you can get food and water near Kondeshwar Temple.

Some important information

The Kondeshwar Temple and waterfall is barricaded to restrict entry for swimmers in the vicious area of the waterfall.

No one should cross the fence and go to the other side. Police officers are guarding the entry of people.

The downside of the barricade is safe until any flash floods occur. The small temples of Kondeshwar are submerged during monsoon and people are unable to access them.

To protect yourselves from the drizzles you can wear a raincoat. You must also keep extra clothing, food, and a flask filled with hot tea or coffee of your choice.

This is a religious place, so try to maintain the purity and holiness of the place and respect the faith and belief of the people.

Touring through the vibrant, fast-paced, and colorful state may give you all relaxation, joy, and liveliness you are looking for.

You may come across several historical monuments and waterscapes that will give you a chance to rediscover Maharashtra.


But if you are searching for peace and solace, grab some time, say a day or two from your mundane schedule, and visit this mystical Kondeshwar Waterfall to revive your soul.

I am pretty sure this beautiful waterfall won’t disappoint you at all. 

You will have to pass through the village tolls before reaching the temple, and visitors can park their cars at the base of the hilltop.

The route of the Dhak Bahiri trek is just behind the temple.

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