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5 Popular Markets You Must Visit in Dubai, UAE

5 Popular Markets You Must Visit in Dubai, UAE

Dubai, the most ambitious and rapidly running metropolis in the world, has grown massively in recent years. 

It is the dream destination for everyone.

This fast-growing urban community is home to people with distinctive business ideas who has a strong desire to settle there.


The city attracts experts from all around the world due to its pacing ideas, extravaganza living, and varied and rich culture.

It has everything from contemporary infrastructure to historic structures.

The royal metropolis of the United Arab Emirates has a lot more to offer, from diverse cuisines to the greatest shopping experiences.

In this article, you will get to know about some of the best markets to visit in Dubai,

  1. Souk-Al-Bahar
  2. Satwa Fabric Market
  3. Global Village
  4. Dubai Spice Souk
  5. The Market at the Beach

Let’s see each of these places in detail…

1. Souk-Al-Bahar

Souk-Al-Bahar, Dubai, UAE
LocationSheik Mohammed bin Rashid Blv, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE (Map Link)
Timings8 AM to 10 PM

Souk Al Bahar is an Arabic term that means “Sailor’s Market”.

It provides contemporary retail, entertainment, and waterfront dining experience to visitors and residents of Downtown Dubai.

The market is located adjacent to the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Fountain.


This souk has over 100 shops, 22 eateries, bistros, and parlors, and a breathtaking waterfront dock in front of the moving wellspring and Burj Khalifa Lake.

It rewards shoppers with antique rugs, traditionally crafted works, gleaming adornments, traditional outfits, Arabian fragrances, furniture, books, and fine arts.

Souk Al Bahar is the ideal place to dine with friends and family, and every corner of the market offers “must-buy” things to carry back home. 

2. Satwa Fabric Market

Satwa Fabric Market
LocationD90, Al Bada’a, Dubai, UAE (Map Link)
Timings8 AM to 10 PM

Dubai is, in fact, one of the most popular fabric marketplaces in the UAE.

The Satwa Fabric Market in Dubai is one such historic market, which is wealthy, and sells diverse items.

Buyers can bargain on various goods in this wonderful and distinctive Dubai market.

Many people love to visit this spot as they can buy clothes at a comparatively cheaper price than in other markets.

Not only fabrics, but you can also purchase gadgets, accessories, antiques, toys, comic books, perfumes, souvenirs, and many other items.

The Fabric Night market is also equally charming.

You may also find and taste your favorite cuisines and local specialties here.

Small dealers, distributors, and manufacturers dominate the market and have opened several outlets here.

3. Global Village

Global Village Market
LocationSheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road, Exit 37, E311, Dubai, UAE (Map Link)
Timings4 PM to 12 AM ( Saturday- Wednesday); 4 PM to 1 AM (Thursday, Friday, and public holidays)

Global Village delights visitors with various attractive things from different countries.

You can come here to explore some of the best things from all over the world at this one-stop destination.

The shopping hub also provides the greatest entertainment, shopping, and dining in Dubai.


If you want to visit any night markets in Dubai, Global Village will not disappoint you.

It also hosts an event and features a wonderland to keep you entertained.

With so much to offer, this is undoubtedly one of the greatest markets to visit in Dubai.

4. Dubai Spice Souk

Dubai Spice Souk
Location41 34th Street, DeiraAl Ras, Dubai, UAE (Map Link)
Timings8 AM to 10 PM

The Spice Souk in Dubai is a prominent spice market recognized for its unusual assortment of spices from all across the nation. 

This market is more popular amongst food enthusiasts and chefs.

The one who loves to experiment with different spices and flavors undoubtedly can visit this treasure trove.

Top-rated goods such as saffrons, oils, and the medleys of vibrant colored rich aromatic spices are incredible to watch and buy!

You may locate a large range of exported whole and powdered spices, create your own unique blend, and even purchase special gift packages for friends and family.

It is also one of those areas where you can get some fantastic spicy local foods to try.

5. The Market at the Beach

The Market at the Beach
LocationDubai Marina, Dubai, UAE (Map Link)
Timings8 AM to 10 PM

Location: Dubai Marina is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Timings: 8 AM to 10 PM

Dubai is well-known for its shopping, big architecture, and thrilling nightlife, but what makes it truly unique is that it considers the needs of all residents.

If you are not hyped about brands and generally prefer traditional antiques, The Market at the Beach is ideal for you! 


Inspired by Dubai’s traditional souks, this old-style market is one of the most wonderful and charming aspects of the fashionable Downtown area.

This market provides top-class variety and quality items all under one roof, from eateries to souvenirs, dry organic items to scents, from clothing to artworks.

These are some of the popular markets to visit in Dubai.

They not only provide a fantastic and authentic shopping experience at reasonable costs but also provide a source of entertainment and pleasure.

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