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Munroe Island Tour, Kollam, Kerala - How to reach, Boating

Munroe Island Tour, Kollam, Kerala – How to reach, Boating

Munroe Island is a beautiful cluster of islands in Kerala.

The unseen beauty in the backwaters lies approximately 28 km away from Kollam in south Kerala.

The island includes 8 small islands separated by small channels and lakes.


This place was named to honor Resident Colonel John Munroe of the former princely state of Travancore.

The island has a perfectly tranquil setting that will enhance your mood for sure.

The canals and narrow waterways in the backwaters of the Kallada River and the Ashtamudi Lake are the prime attractions of Munroe Island.

Munroe Island has incomparable beauty and hence it is called the “Hidden Venice Of India’.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about the Munroe Island,

So let us go through some more information about Munroe Island…

How to reach Munroe Island

Munroe Island is connected to the mainland with rail and road networks and is accessible by them.

By Train:

Munroturuttu is the best railway station to get down on to reach Munroe island

The best way to reach Munroe Island is by railway as the island has its own railway.


The Munroturrittu railway station is 20 minutes’ rail distance from Kollam Railway station.

It takes 2-3 hours from Trivandrum and Kochi railway station.

You can hire an auto-rickshaw from the Munroturuttu rail station to your homestay or accommodation.

By Road:

If you are traveling via road, then you can reach Munroe Island by hiring a taxi from Kollam railway station which is within a 26km driving distance.

The nearest Airport is Munroturuttu Trivandrum International Airport which is about 84 km from the island.

You can take a car from the airport and take the Adoor-Kollam Road from Highway no. 744 at Kundara. Then, take the Munroe-Chittumala road on the left to reach the island.

Another way of reaching Munroe Island is by shikhara or motorboat (through waterways).

You will be carried through the canals and lakes until you reach Munroe island.

What to see at Munroe Island

Sunset at Munroe Island, Kerala

The pristine beauty of the calm backwaters is an amazing sight to see on Munroe Island.

If you visit the island during the 10 days of the Onam festival, you can enjoy the dynamic Kallada Boat Race held during this time.

The place is also home to vivid flora, fauna, and exotic species of birds.

The panoramic view of the island villages has unparalleled beauty. The magnificent views of the sunset from the canoes in the backwaters are perfect bliss.

Don’t forget to capture those precious moments with your camera.


Things to do at Munroe Island

On Munroe Island, you can enjoy an amazing cruise, boating in a Canoye, and Kayaking in the inland waters.

1. Munroe Island Cruise

The morning cruise trip starts at 9.00 AM and the afternoon cruise trip begins at 2.00 PM.

The boat cruises charge around 600 INR/- per head (may vary).

2. Walk through the island

You can also walk through the island and nearby villages to experience the wonderful views and serenity of the place.

You can have a chat with the local communities who are involved in fishing, courier making, pisciculture, agriculture, and other village activities.

The secluded island has an exceptional natural aura.

Not only the calm waters will soothe your soul, but the rural people residing in the small cottages will also greet you warmly.

Backpackers, especially foreigners, find this place very attractive.

Munroe Island has gained some popularity after people started visiting the neighboring areas of Kovalam and Varkala.

3. Enjoy the canoe ride

Canoe Island

Another activity that you can do here is boating in a canoe.

You can feel the adventures run through your veins when you would sail through the zig-zag canals ending up at Ashtamudi lake.

The canoe ride charges 1200 INR for a 2-hour ride.

You can also visit the Munroe Viewpoint from where you can find boatmen who will take you for a canoe tour.

A single canoe can accommodate 4 people at a time.


The clear waters of the canals offer the perfect reflection of the mangrove Arches, and drooping coconut and palm trees.

What a heavenly site to perceive in the encompassing shallow backwaters while enjoying a canoe tour!

If you wish to take a canoe ride you can go for it in the early morning because the water is still and calm and the mornings are peaceful and you can see reflections in the crystal clear water.

The canals become crowded in the late evening. Therefore it is best to experience a canoe ride or boat cruise in the morning.

4. Visit the viewpoints

The S-Curve viewpoint or the Munroe viewpoint is an ideal destination where you can watch the divine views of sunsets and sunrises.

Witnessing the extensive beauty of the village life and cruising amidst the naturally formed mangrove arches is worth it.

Best time to visit Munroe Island

Munroe Island can be visited all throughout the year.

The best time to visit Munroe Island is from October to February, i.e., in autumn and winter.

The weather is pleasant during this time and this will make your travel experience better.

From March till May, hot and humid weather prevails in Kerala, and the monsoon arrives and envelopes the low-lying areas of Munroe Island.

You can also visit the place during the Onam Festival at the end of September or the beginning of October to view the exciting Kallada Boat Race.


Places to stay at Munroe Island

There are many places where you can stay on Munroe Island.

The Green Chromide is a homestay approximately 2.48 km away from the island.

There is an Ayurvedic center called Sarovaram Backwater Resort & Ayurvedic Spa where you can enjoy comfy and peaceful accommodation.

The Villagio Munroe and the Thodukayil Lakeside Homestay are some other homestays where you can choose to stay.

The homestays have budget-friendly rooms, well-behaved staff, nicely furnished balconies, wi-fi connectivities, and many other facilities.

The Vini’s Farm is also a luxurious island homestay and it is ideal for honeymoon couples who are searching for a peaceful stay.

If you are traveling in a group you can certainly enjoy the bonfire and outdoor sports outside the Vinis Farm. You can also eat delicious foods in these homestays.

One of the popular resorts on the island is the Munroe Island Lake Resort.

This is a wonderful resort with a truly mesmerizing ambiance. You can also rejuvenate yourself with yoga and meditation.

What to eat at Munroe Island

You can have delicious fish dishes like Tilapia, Lobsters, Crab, and Prawns.

The resorts and hotels will offer you amazing dishes that are served on a banana leaf in a traditional Kerala style.

There are small hotels and restaurants near the Munroe viewpoint where you can get cheap but delicious food.

After a canoe ride, you can recharge yourselves with the Munroe Mocktails that are effortlessly made by the locals with unique mocktail ingredients.

Other attractions near Munroe Island

There are many tourist attractions nearby Munroe Island which is worth visiting.

You can enjoy the captivating beauty of Kerala in many places located close to Munroe Island.

The place offers you to walk through the architectural remains of the traditional temples.

You can feel the sounds of nature once you visit the topmost attractions such as the Dutch church, John Munroe Bungalow, Museum, Perumon Railway Bridge, Ragu Munroe Art Gallery, etc.

The breathtaking beauties of this place will make the Munroe islands and the sightseeing places iconic for holiday destinations.

This place is still unknown to many people.

Once you have been there, make sure you utilize your time and energy to interact with the lovely cheerful people of Munroe Island and get to know about their culture and lifestyle.

Munroe Island will remain one of the best Instagrammable locations in India.

There are plenty of things to live and feel amidst the surreal nature.

Visit this backwater paradise in the traditional Kerala houseboats, feel the ultimate freedom of relaxation, get lost in the Keralian culture, and thrive with long-lasting memories!

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