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NASA’s Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars – See First Images

mars surface image

We all get curious and fascinated by the mystery of space. NASA along with other renowned space organizations has made it their mission to solve these amazing mysteries in our vast universe.


NASA has just achieved another grand milestone in the mission in understanding the cosmos. NASA’s Perseverance Rover has made its touchdown on Mars and has shared the first images of the red planet. 

This news is confirmed by NASA in a press release.

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Shortly after its Mars landing, the Perseverance Rover tweeted some photos of our neighboring planet. It’s that much capable!


The images in the tweet showed the surface of Mars up close. The tweet read: “Hello, world. My first look at my forever home.”

After the rover’s safe landing, the visual of the Mission Control was just amazing and beautiful! The six-wheeled robot started its journey or the Red Planet seven months ago and has traveled a 470-million-km journey from Earth.

Previously, many attempts have been made to land on Mars, but most of them failed to accomplish the task. The final 7 minutes are undoubtedly the most difficult and challenging part.

The last few minutes of these space trips are referred to as ‘seven minutes of terror’. This is because of the complications involved.

The main reason behind this is that the radio signals take too long to reach Earth, by the time we receive the signals on earth, the landing has already happened. This delay causes a lot of errors in the final few minutes.


But now, NASA’s Perseverance Rover has passed this phase and has landed successfully. It will now start to look for ancient signs of life on Mars.

NASA has said that the Perseverance Rover is also accompanied by a helicopter named Ingenuity, which will take the first-ever flight on another planet.

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