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5 Offbeat Destinations near Bangalore that You Must Visit

5 Offbeat Destinations near Bangalore that You Must Visit

Being packed with hectic work schedules is one of the difficult things to deal with.

The weekdays are terrible, and the weekends just pass off in getting some rest.


But eloping to the nearby offbeat destinations on the weekend can be a good way to revitalize ourselves for the next weekdays.

There are a lot of offbeat destinations near Bangalore including a diverse range of locations such as dams, hills, valleys, and towns that truly reflect the culture and showcase natural grandeur at its best.

In this article, you will get to know about the following offbeat destinations near Bangalore,

  1. Gudibande
  2. Doddamakali
  3. Bylakuppe
  4. Ramanagara
  5. Antara Gange

So let’s see a little bit more about each of these places…

1. Gudibande

Gudibande is a popular offbeat destination near Bangalore, Karnataka.

If you are planning a break from the mundane schedule, drive to this place with an ancient fort in India. This serene destination is surrounded by hillocks and lush greeneries.

From Bangalore, it hardly takes an hour or so.

The fascinating architecture of the fort and the wonderful aura in and around the place is bound to mesmerize you.


You can also take a look at the Gudibande Fort and lake nearby.

Exploring the quaint villages around the fort is a wonderful option too.

You can also experience the thrilling adventures of treacherous rock climbing and trekking in Gudibande Fort.

2. Doddamakali

Doddamakali is another offbeat destination with a beautiful natural landscape near Bangalore.

It is located at a distance of about 132 km but the place is unknown to a lot of people.

The pristine beauty of the lakes surrounded by green hillocks offers you the best camping options.

The bucolic charms of the natural surroundings are a perfect weekend getaway destination from Bangalore.

You can escape from the chaos of city life and set an unplanned trip to Doddamakali and rejuvenate yourself.

You can enjoy an array of exciting activities in Doddamakali like bird watching, wildlife spotting, and bonfires from your camps.

This route is preferred by bikers due to its euphoric atmosphere and scenic beauty on the way.

3. Bylakuppe

Bylakuppe has an old golden monastery that is considered a spiritual center in Old Mysore.

This place is also known as Indian Tibet. Many tourists may not know about this place.

The temple of Bylakuppe has a tranquil environment, with a plethora of Tibetan prayer flags, Buddhist monks, Buddha idols, Tibetian signages, and the huge arches of the monastery.

All these will give a feeling of peacefulness. Prayer wheels bordering the paddy fields are a spectacular view that soothes the eyes and soul.


Visitors often rotate the prayer wheels that are believed to provide prosperity.

If you are tired of the city blues, travel to one of the less explored paradises in India, where Buddha dwells with all its glories and charm, offering blessings to all devotees.

4. Ramanagara

The city of Ramanagara is located at a distance of about 50 km from Bangalore.

The huge rocks standing high up in the backdrop of white skies are a panorama to cherish.

The deep ravines provide excellent options for camping & trekking near Bangalore.

The euphoria of the atmosphere here beckons adventure seekers and nature lovers. With treacherous mountainous vistas, the place provides wonderful scenery that can be photographed.

You can visit this offbeat destination and enjoy hiking, trekking, and picnicking.

Let me tell you an amazing fact about the place. The famous Bollywood movie “Sholay” was shot in this place!

If you are fond of traveling, then you can also travel to the areas where sericulture is practiced.

Ramnagara is also known as the Silk Town or Silk City in India.

5. Antara Gange

Antara Gange is a beautiful offbeat place located South of Bangalore.

It is a lesser trodden mountain situated in the Shathashrunga mountain chains.

You can get an idyllic glimpse of the surroundings, mountain ranges, temples, and caverns.

The volcanic rocks, rugged caverns, and trekking routes offer immense joy to travel enthusiasts.


It is ideal for a day out and you can reach the top of the temple in Antara Ganges through more than 500 broken steps.

You can view the surreal beauty of nature during the nighttime as night treks are also available here.

Enjoy the mischievous tantrums of the monkeys surrounding the caves, temples, and rugged cliffs.

These beautiful offbeat delights near Bangalore will sure enlighten your mood.

They’re packed with beauty, culture, recreation, and everything you might want from a weekend getaway.

So pack your luggage for a wonderfully pleasant weekend vacation as you browse our collection of lesser-known tranquil places near Bangalore.

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