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Phe Phe Falls, Meghalaya - Trek, Camping

Phe Phe Falls, Meghalaya – Trek, Camping

Meghalaya, one of the north eastern treasures of India, is filled with floating white clouds, majestic waterfalls, lush valleys, and lovely communities.

Phe Phe Falls is one such beautiful waterfall located in Shkentalang, Meghalaya.


This waterfall is situated in Meghalaya’s West Jaintia Hills District, adjacent to the little village of Jarain.

In this article, you will get to know the following details about Phe Phe Falls,

Let’s see each of these points in detail…

How to reach Phe Phe Falls

The breathtaking Phe Phe waterfall is 20 kilometers from Jowai on the route to Krangsuri Falls.

To go to the falls, take sumo or a cab to Jawai from any of Shillong’s taxi stands.

After arriving in Jowai, you can take any vehicle or cab to Phe Phe Falls.

The waterfall is right on the route that links Jowai and Dawki.


Things to do at Phe Phe Falls

There are plenty of things to see and do in Phe Phe Falls. If you are in search of solitude then this place is perfect for you.

Undoubtedly this place is a heaven to explore.

Camping along the river, kayaking in the river, and hiking to the Phe Phe falls are some of the best options to do at Phe Phe Waterfalls.

When requested, adventure activities such as waterfall rappelling can also be performed.

1. Exploring the wilderness of nature

Phe Phe Falls, Meghalaya

The location of the Phe Phe Falls makes this waterfall more exciting.

Its breathtaking beauty in the backdrop of blue shades of sky and the ribbon of hills makes this place a popular tourist destination in Meghalaya.

The two-tier waterfall plunging into the azure pool of water is a perfect setting for photography.


You will feel delighted to immerse your feet in the cold water of the pool.

You can also spend an entire day keeping your eyes closed listening to the rhythm of the flowing water and feeling the breeze touch your face gently.

2. Camping at Phe Phe Falls

The Phe Phe adventure camp is located 20 km from Jowai.

The campsite is spectacular and tents and other essential stuff will be provided to you to enjoy a memorable camping trip.

You can also get access to cabins, small cottages, miniature huts, and pitching tents for a comfy stay.

Clean and hygienic bathrooms are attached to the cottages on the campsites.

The campsite is located along with a small teal-colored serene stream.


The crystal clear water is a beautiful site to set your eyes on.

You can also carry binoculars to have a wonderful view of the river and the secluded campgrounds.

Staring at the night sky and enjoying bonfires are perfect ways to enjoy your camping.

3. Trekking to Phe Phe Falls

From the campgrounds, you can head towards the Phe Phe waterfall.

It takes approximately half an hour to reach the waterfalls.

While trekking you will come across breathtaking landscapes, wild floras, and serene lakes.

You can also hire a kayak to cross the stream to reach the opposite side of the campground.

You will be introduced to a unique carnivorous plant that you have already read about in science books, yes the rare pitcher plants!


While trekking to the destination you will be transported to a heavenly realm amidst the lap of nature.

Although I would like to tell you that don’t go too near to the fall as the area near the second tier of the waterfall is quite slippery and risky.

So It is better to have an amazing view of the landscape from a distance.

Best time to visit Phe Phe Falls

The best time to see Phe Phe Falls is from September to April.

The weather remains pleasant during this time.

It is however open throughout the year.

Phe falls, unlike other waterfalls in Meghalaya, are perennial and never dries up. 

Places to stay near Phe Phe Falls

There are adventurous camping sites near the stunning and amazing Phe Phe Falls where you may simply stay while enjoying nature.

You may live your ideal camp life here, sleeping beneath the stars and night sky, having fun around the blazing fire, and resting in the lap of nature.


You can choose from different types of lodging,

  1. INR 2500 approximately for a Cottage (Wooden House with Attached Bathroom) (Fits 2)
  2. INR 1500 approximately for a cabin (a small wooden house without an attached bathroom) (Fits 2)
  3. Tents cost INR 1000 per person approximately.

The prices include Dinner & Breakfast.

(Prices may vary with season)

Tourist attractions near Phe Phe Falls

There are many beautiful places to visit near Phe Phe Falls.

Umden, Sua Ludong Waterfall, Kuden grim Living Root Bridges, Mawphanlur, and Nongkham Island are some of them.

1. Umden

The silk weavers’ village of Umden in Meghalaya is located in the Khasi Hills’ Ri-Bhoi district.

The Khasi hills surround this lovely town.

Even the road to this picturesque town, Umden, is breathtaking.


2. Mawphanlur

Mawphanlur is like a dreamland, and the settlement is encircled by crystal-clear water.

It is well worth a visit. The water bodies here provide numerous options for various water activities.

3. Nongkhnum Island

A vacation to Meghalaya would be incomplete without a visit to India’s second-biggest river island, Nongkhnum Island.

This location is similar to Majuli but it is remote from civilization.

4. Sua Ludong Waterfall

Sua Ludong is another beautiful waterfall in Jarain, Meghalaya, located around 6 kilometers ahead of the Paradise Adventure Camp.

5. Riwai Living Root Bridge

Riwai Living Root Bridge is a natural root bridge located in the Riwai hamlet near Mawlynnong in Meghalaya.

It is about 3 kilometres from Mawlynnong Bus Stop.

This place is one of Meghalaya’s natural wonders and one of the top locations to visit in Mawlynnong.


Make sure to visit all of them.

The Phe Phe Falls is therefore one of the finest locations to discover solitude in Meghalaya.

Don’t forget to click amazing photos to share on your social media accounts.

The Phe Phe falls will make you fall deeply in love with nature and you will never be able to forget the memories for the rest of your life.

So in this upcoming autumn, visit this treasure trove of natural delights.

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