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Top 8 Places to Visit in Geneva, Switzerland

Top 8 Places to Visit in Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland and is famous for its myriad of amazing sights.

The city is full of charming old buildings, museums, parks, international organizations, etc.


It is indeed a fantastic place with lots of things to see and do.

In this article, you will get to know about the following places to visit in Geneva,

  1. Lake Geneva
  2. St Pierre Cathedral
  3. Jardin Anglais (English Garden) & Parc de la Grange
  4. Geneva Botanical Garden
  5. Ariana Museum
  6. International Red Cross & Red Crescent Museum
  7. Musee d’Art et d’Historie
  8. Palais des Nations

Let’s explore each of these places in detail…

1. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is undoubtedly one of Geneva’s main attractions. 

Its incomparable backdrop of snow-covered Alps serves as the setting for the most romantic city views. 

The city’s motor launches, known as Mouettes Genevoises, which have been transporting passengers between the quays around the lake since 1897, may take you anywhere in the city.

You can also take one of the regular boats that connect Geneva with Lausanne, Montreux, and other lakeside cities.

These cities are some of the most well-liked tourist destinations close to Geneva, and from here you can explore the picturesque Lake Geneva. 

You can consider taking a tour of one of the historic paddle steamers if you wish to feel the tranquil ambiance of the lake or if you plan 0f go on a romantic date.

The pristine lake is also the perfect place for lakeside dining, kayaking, or world-famous golf courses.

2. St. Pierre Cathedral

St. Pierre Cathedral

St. Pierre Cathedral (Cathédrale de Saint-Pierre) is a Romanesque church at the highest point of Geneva’s old town.

The cathedral is the most significant place of worship in Geneva. It was built in 1150 as the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre.

The majority of the architecture, which was constructed between 1160 and 1252, is in the Gothic style, while a lovely Neo-Classical front was built in the 18th century.

The two main towers, which date back to the thirteenth century, are the prime highlights of this cathedral.


A passageway connects the two towers, making it feasible to mount both of them without having to descend to the ground level.

Additionally, you can get stunning views over the lake and the town from the top of the tower. You can also have a breathtaking view of the Alps. 

In 1895, a tower that had been damaged by fire in the fifteenth century was replaced with a metal spire over the crossing. 

In contrast to many other cathedrals and churches, the inside is quite simple and unadorned.

People primarily come to view the beautiful architecture on the exterior and for religious purposes.

3. Jardin Anglais (English Garden) & Parc de la Grange

English Garden, Geneva

Jardin Anglais is a wonderful little park created in 1855 and is a favorite spot for many visitors. 

It is present alongside the waterfront and is an ideal spot if you want to relax, rejuvenate and have a good time sitting back in the cozy sun.

The most fascinating thing you will find here is the Horlogue Fleurie-which is a flower bed clock.

The clock ticks its way around the charming flowerbed. 

It was made to honor the best watchmakers in Switzerland.

The beautiful flower beds, and manicured garden with trimmed shrubs, and colorful floras add to the beauty of the garden. 

You can stroll through the lovely winding paths and admire the beauty of the flowerbeds. 

The house gardens and the delightful landscape is bordered by beautiful statues of famous Genevans.

4. Geneva Botanical Garden

Geneva Botanical Garden

Geneva Botanical Garden (Jardin Botanique) is an iconic landmark and a wonderful Botanical Garden located southeast of Ariana.

It is situated between Avenue de la Paix and the Chemin deI’Imperatrice. 

This popular Botanic Garden of Geneva was established in 1902. 

The Botanique has numerous species of trees and plants. It also has gardens, greenhouses, and a conservatory encompassing an area of 28 hectares of land.


The place also has an alpine Garden that features plants from the higher altitudes of Switzerland. 

It also homes one of the largest herbariums in the world with over 6 million plant specimens.

A smaller area also shelters fallow deer and other wild species.

5. Ariana Museum

Ariana Museum is one of the popular museums in Geneva. 

It was established by Gustave Revilliod between the years of 1877 to 1884 and was named after his mother “Ariana”. 

The museum has a wide collection of 25000 ceramic and glass works from Switzerland, the Middle & the Far East, and elsewhere in Europe.

The object displayed there clearly depicts the history of ceramic arts, their formation, and the glazing process from the Middle Ages through the 20th century.

It also houses the private collections of the founder Gustave Reviliod.

There are combinations of Neoclassical and New Baroque architectural styles with stunning galleries, vault ceilings, and colonnades.

The Museum is the main center of the International Academy of Ceramics.

6. International Red Cross & Red Crescent Museum

The International Red Cross Museum is a must-visit destination in Geneva.

It was opened in 1863.

The main aim of the ICRC is to protect human life and alleviate the suffering of common people.

It undertakes the mission to overcome the three prime challenges and the modern crises of Defending Human Dignity, Restoring Family Links, and Reducing Natural Risks.


The humanitarian aid organization has these three separate areas titled under “The Humanitarian Adventure”.

You can also stroll along the museum and see various artifacts and historic documents.

7. Musee d’Art et d’Historie (Art and History Museum)

Art and History Museum

Musee d’Art et d’Historie is one of the iconic destinations in Switzerland.

The grand museum has several collections from the merger of several regional museums.

The private collections include fine arts and archaeology with a wide collection of weapons, art treasures of Greece and Rome, antiquities of Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean antiquities, Egyptian funerary art, and Etruscan and Roman pottery.

The antiquities and finds from Geneva and the surrounding area date back to the Iron Ages and Palaeolithic eras.

Beautiful paintings by Genevan artists of the 18th and 19th centuries also adorn the galleries.

You can also see various arts from the Renaissance and Gothic periods in the art galleries which include Swabian, Flemish, and Italian artworks of the 16th to 18th centuries.

8. Palais des Nations

Palais des Nations

Palais des Nations is a large complex of marble buildings in the European Headquarters of the United Nation built in 1938.

The grand building holds numerous intergovernmental meetings every year and is considered the most influential place.

It is the second most significant United Nations Office after the headquarters in New York.

If you visit this place with a tour guide, you will come to know about the work that is carried out here, about the League of Nations, and witness the artworks and interiors.

Palais De Nations impresses its visitors with the large assembly Hall that can accommodate more than 2000 people for the meeting purposes of the organization.

The two heavy gilded bronze doors brought by Napoleon from Italy, the wall and ceiling, and the library are some of the prime attractions of this building.

You can also get spectacular views of the Alps from the lobby.

The charismatic appeal and the magical beauty of these tourist attractions in Geneva will gift you with the best moments of your life.


These are some of the popular places to visit in Geneva. So don’t miss visiting them on your trip to this beautiful city.

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