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Top 6 Famous and Iconic Places To Visit In Norway

Top 6 Famous and Iconic Places To Visit In Norway

Norway, the land with a magical sky, has always been on people’s wish lists.

All get thrilled to look at the night sky, waiting for a stroke of luck to work on the appearance of the Northern Lights.


Well, that is not the only thing Norway offers. There is more to it.

In this article, you will get to know about the following places to visit in Norway,

  1. Lofoten and Nordland
  2. Tromsø
  3. Bergen
  4. Oslo
  5. Jotunheimen
  6. Lillehammer

Let’s see each of these sites and cities in detail.

List of beautiful and iconic places to visit in Norway

1. Lofoten and Nordland

Lofoten, Norway

The archipelago is known for its striking beauty and Svolærgeita pinnacle reaching high in the sky.

This traditional district, situated in the county of Nordland, is brimming with dramatic sceneries of mountains and beaches along with the mystical northern lights and midnight sun.

Lofoten also goes by the name Lofotveggen, which means closed wall. The dreamy land is for the ones who love adventures. Here you can do activities like hiking, climbing, skiing, fishing, kayaking, cycling, and Arctic surfing.


The atmosphere and the surrounding are mesmerizing, and you might also visit the Lofotr Viking museum, which consists of a Viking longhouse reconstruction.

Visit Vesterålen, one of the most beautiful destinations, for a whale experience. You can take a guided whale safari and enjoy the wildness up close.

In Nordland, do not miss the drive between Trøndelag and Bodø. It is a one-of-a-kind scenic drive around the globe. There is much more to explore in Nordland, and the amusement will increase with each place.

2. Tromsø

Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø, a beautiful city in the Tromsø municipality in Troms of Finnmark, is located 349 kilometers north of the Arctic circle. The place has a more delightful warmth than most other places in Norway.

The area has been occupied for a living since the ice age ended. The richness both in history and modernity is a very charming combination.

The city center has magnificent historic wooden houses that also reflect modern architecture. The tromsø cathedral, polar museum, and many other structures and spots portray the glorious past.

Coming to the present, there’s the Arctic Cathedral, Polaria Aquarium, and the Tromsø Museum, displaying the culture and nature of Northern Norway.

Hop on the cable car and go up to mount Storsteinen and get the magical view of the entire city and its splendid nature.

The midnight sun and the aurora borealis are seen from this city. It feels like a whole fairy tale book has come to life and is displayed in front of your eyes.

3. Bergen

This city on the southwestern coast of Norway is seen in many Insta posts and is a stunning place to explore. Located in Vestland county, Bergen is the second largest city in Norway.

Also known as the “city of seven mountains,” the main attraction goes towards the Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf. The location features vibrantly colored wooden houses which display life from the Middle Ages and are worth visiting.

Some museums are renowned worldwide and hold a fantastic collection of history. The old fortress of Bergenhus is a charming structure and a highlight from medieval times.


While you are in the city, go hiking in Mount Ulriken. You can also avail of the Ulrekin cable car to look into the surreal beauty.

Bergen is nicknamed the “Fjord capital of Norway.” This is another reason to explore the splendid natural waterways. Go on a cruise tour into the dark blue waters with the enthralling nature enveloping it.

There are numerous other enchanting sites to go to, along with all the warm cafes and restaurants serving Norwegian delicacies in the city.

4. Oslo

It is the capital and the metropolitan area of Norway. The city was a part of Viken and was founded at the end of the Age of the Vikings.

The quirky locality, nature, museums, and so many other things make the city so diverse. The Vigeland Sculpture Park holds 650 sculptures in serene nature, and they are made out of Granite, Iron, and Bronze. The most famous sculpture in the park depicts the ‘cycle of human life.’

You can also find the Frogner Museum and Oslo City museum here. A charming and luxurious rose garden is also situated.

Next up is the Akershus fortress, which is a castle from the medieval era that was turned into a royal residence in the 17th century. It’s lovely, and you can get a proper guided tour here. That way, you will be able to know a lot more about the Norwegian past and all the cultures linked to it.

Apart from all these, you will get to see a lot more once you reach Oslo.

5. Jotunheimen

Spread throughout 3499 sq. kilometers, Jotunheimen is the most extensive alpine land and includes the most elevated mountain in the Scandinavian region.

The Jotunheimen national park wraps most of the mountainous area of Jotunheimen and is a habitat of picturesque rivers, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, and incredible biodiversity, including a large reindeer population.


Hiking and fishing are very popular in this region and can be enjoyed along with the surrounding mystic features of the landscape.

While you are at the national park, look out for the spots that have the remains of the stone age hunting campsites near the lakes Russvatnet and Gjende. A 1500 old arrowhead of the Vikings was also found at this park.

6. Lillehammer

Located in the Innlandet county of Norway, the town covers up to 478 sq. kilometers. The appealing wooden houses at the town center overlook a part of Lake Mjøsa and the Lågen river, along with the enveloping mountains covered with white snow.

The town consists of several ski resorts and the fun Hunderfossen Adventure Park for several crazy activities.

The terrain of Lillehammer is fantastic, with all the elevated mountain peaks, lush forests, and a beautiful ecosystem. The views, thrills, and adventures are never ending with more cycling, skiing, hiking, and horseback riding.

The town is famous for the local artists and their unique art and will leave you in awe when you see the culture and the local life.

Before leaving the place, do visit the Norwegian Olympic Museum.

These are some of the best places to visit in Norway.

To enjoy and traverse a lot more into the depth of this country, travel to these iconic locations and dive into all the possibilities you want to cherish.

It has more than the places mentioned in the article. You can discover them when you reach the land. I’m sure you will have the thrill of a lifetime!!

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