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6 Famous Road Trips To Go On The United States West Coast

6 Famous Road Trips To Go On The United States West Coast

The USA West Coast has some of the most impressive routes that provide an odyssey to remember. Be it in the states of California, Oregon, or Washington.

Eventful travel is what we need sometimes, and going through the cities, small towns, or along the coast can be refreshing.


In this article, you will get to know about the following road trips on the west coast of the United States,

  1. San Diego to Los Angeles
  2. Mammoth Lake to Bridgeport
  3. San Diego to Palm Springs Loop
  4. Los Angeles to Yosemite
  5. Explore California’s coast
  6. Seattle to the San Juan Islands

Let’s see each of these in detail.

1. San Diego to Los Angeles

La Jolla

The road trip from San Diego to Los Angeles can last for 2-3 days or even a day, depending on how much you want to adore the charming spots on your traveling journey.

Starting the journey from San Diego, the first lovely site that comes your way is the village of La Jolla. Pine trees and the rugged terrain of the coastline make it a spot to relax. 

Drive out of La Jolla and move towards the Northeast of San Diego, and you will reach Escondido. The place is looped with craggy hills and a pleasing atmosphere.


From this oldest city, the roads will take you to Carlsbad, followed by Temecula. Each of these places is very distinct in its characteristic nature. The beaches, vineyards, buildings, and many other simplistic attractions are inviting.

Next up, watch the dolphins at Dana point, and go on cruises for whale watching. The waves are crisp and calming.

Stop at Anaheim and make a trip to Disneyland. Get involved in all the fun and excitement and eat to your heart’s content.

As you advance towards LA, drop in at Long beach and absorb all the freshness of the ocean. Relish the sunset and then might visit the Museum of Latin American Art to appreciate some displays.

2. Mammoth Lake to Bridgeport

June Lake Loop

Mammoth Lake, in California, is a picturesque spot, and you can enjoy several activities here. Mountain biking, hiking, and swimming are some activities you can do if you are road-tripping in the summertime. In the winter months, go snowboarding and skiing.

Drive your way out to the following site, June Lake. Dip in the lake, rejuvenate yourself, and be engrossed in the beauty and magic of the natural surroundings. There are lots of activities to perform, but that solely depends on the time of your visit.

Another spot in your journey before you approach Bridgeport is Mono Lake. This one’s the perfect location for a photographic sunset in the lap of the mountains.

Arriving at Bridge port, the small town is charming, located in the core of Eastern Sierras. Do visit every hot spot in the area along with the off-road destinations. Take a few days to cherish your trip and explore the sites.

3. San Diego to Palm Springs Loop

Carlsbad Coast

The route between San Diego to Palm Springs consists of some of the most stunning geographies. The experience is diverse in this part of California.

Spend time exploring San Diego while you’re there to explore all the intriguing places.

Carlsbad comes in your route while you proceed with your journey. The coastal stretch attracts attention to surf in the wild waters at the Tamarack Surf beach. Do visit the Legoland California Theme Park.


Driving out of Carlsbad, the next place is Temecula. Here vineyards wrap the city, and the heart is filled with history. Taste the luxury wines while looking into the city’s past. Try some of the yummy local foods to acquire all the energy for the upcoming stops.

Riverside is 45 minutes away from Temecula. The March Field Air Museum and Riverside Metropolitan Museum are must-visit places. It’s interesting to look into all the work.

After that comes Oak Glen. You can visit the country stores and munch on some delicious Apple pies and caramel apples. It is an enchanting place to relax and enjoy before reaching the Palm Springs loop.

Tons of places are there to experience in Palm Springs. Explore all of them and relish each point in your journey.

4. Los Angeles to Yosemite

Bakersfield, United States

The road from Los Angeles to Yosemite is thrilling and romantic. Shadowy mountain at a distance, pines and palm trees, mesmerizing landscape, and the fragrance of the atmosphere feels heavenly.

After leaving LA, the first spot that comes is Bakersfield. It is the ideal place to get some fresh farm products. After that, you might visit the Bakersfield Museum of Art and the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History and Science.

Eat some yummy meals at any local restaurant and then drive for an hour to reach Visalia. The town is lovely and adoring with all the history and charming locality. Hike at the Kaweah Oaks Preserve, and later on, you can drop by Bravo Farms Vintage Cheese Factory.

Following is the agricultural city of Fresco. The city is buzzing with a lively atmosphere, and the attractions are fantastic. To admire some exotic nature, pop at the Deutsch Cactus Garden. Then there is the Kearney Mansion Museum and many other quirky locations. 

After Fresco, there is Mariposa Grove, where you will find Wawona Tree, The Bachelor and Three Graces, and numerous other indulging areas. Yosemite National Park, your final location, comes after a travel of 20 minutes.

The national park offers a diversity of scenes and sites that are excellent to look at and mind-boggling. The heavenly place is like a picture that came to life. Engross yourself in the natural serenity and relish in that free space.

5. Explore California’s coast

Coast of California

The rugged Lost coast of California is amongst the routes with the most magnificent views, hikes, landscapes, surreal old-fashioned towns, along with wild camping sites.

Your journey toward the least explored parts of California starts in Eureka. The historic coastal town is picturesque and situated near the Pacific coast Highway and the Redwood National Park.

After driving for a while, you reach Ferndale, the entree to the lost coast. This charming town and the locality feel like the past times. Pop at the small stores and restaurants and enjoy some local vibes.


Next on your way comes Mattole Road Loop. The scenes are epic with the fresh air and the sun rays on your face. Stop and relax by the road, feel the rustic outdoors and click tons of pictures.  

The long stretch of farmlands and miles of green land transforms into rocky terrain, and after that, the view of the blue pacific comes into sight just after traveling for a while.

Driving out through the road loop, Petrolia comes, and after that, Mattole beach and the camping site. Proceeding with the traveling, the lost coasts 24 miles trail is seen ahead. Hiking through the trail is an experience in itself.

Spend some time at Honeydew. It’s an excellent place to be at. Humboldt Redwood State Park and Shelter Cove are the other sites in the Lost coast route.

6. Seattle to the San Juan Islands

Oyster Dome, Washinton

Before reaching the San Juan Islands from Seattle, you will come across five spots to make the most of your road trip.

After looking and playing around in Seattle, drive up to Mt. Vernon. Shopping and beer tasting are a must here. Head towards Skagit County for an epic drive through the lush trees and a scene of the San Juan islands.

Go for a hike at the Oyster Dome trail and might even visit the Larrabee state park for some sober times.

Absorb in some of the views of the shades of blue at the deception park state park while walking on the trails. The beauty is unreal and very captivating.

After all the excitement, proceed towards the Anacortes Ferry terminal, take a ferry and move towards the group of Islands. You can go around the stunning Lopez Island, then Orcas and San Juan.

All three are imposing and apparent in their natural ways. They are all brimming with activities, sceneries to quench the thirst of your soul, and some good food to savor.

Road trips are always fun and fulfilling, what do you say? So, if you are craving adventure and food, pack your bags and hit the road.

Start a journey towards any of the mentioned enthralling paths and explore while you move ahead.

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