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SBI shortened bank branches’ timings. Here are the new working hours

sbi banking times

State Bank of India, one of the largest public sector bank in India have shortened their working hours temporarily due to the ongoing lockdown in India.

This is also done in order to maintain social distancing and as a precaution to stop the spread of the COVID-19.

SBI Managing Director P K Gupta said they have reduced the time slots for banking hours across the country in all of its branches in consultation with state governments.

“In many states, we have restricted timings of our branch opening. Like in some states, it is 7-10 AM, in some states it is 8-11 AM and in some 10 AM to 2 PM,” PTI quoted PK Gupta, Managing Director, Retail Banking, SBI.

The State Bank of India is also providing masks and sanitizers to its staff who are attending the Office and also those who are in administrative departments are working on alternate days.

The banks are open to the general public but various non-essential services have been suspended for the time being.

A distance of 1meter is also needed to be maintained if you are standing in a queue. SBI is also running mobile ATM services in various cities so that people don’t have to visit ATM branches to take out their money.

Banking services like passbook updates, counter cheque collection has been restricted in SBI as well as many other banks.

The National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) has also urged everyone to use digital payments as much as possible during this time to reduce social contact.

The banks have also requested their customers to use digital and online means to carry out the banking needs of the customers as much as possible.

They think this will help limit the spread of the Coronavirus to a great extent by social distancing.

As of 26.03.2020 more then 700 has been affected by the virus and it has taken the life of 15 people.