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Top 8 Things To Do In Interlaken (Switzerland) During Winter

Top 8 Things To Do In Interlaken (Switzerland) During Winter

The Swiss Alps offer some picturesque sights and thrills. Interlaken, or as it is famed with the name ‘Adventure capital of Europe,’ is the place for you if you are craving some adrenaline rush.


This is amongst the best destinations to cherish the winters at.

In this article, you will get to know the things to do Interlaken during winter,

  1. Sledding at night
  2. Go around Mürren
  3. Explore Lauterbrunnen
  4. Ice skating and Snowboarding in Interlaken
  5. Kayaking
  6. Visiting the Bern Christmas market
  7. Winter Hiking
  8. Adventures at Grindelwald

Let’s see each of these in detail.

1. Sledding at night


Who doesn’t like sledding in a snow wonderland, right? Well, this one at Interlaken is at night as well. Without any experience, you can enjoy this activity during the day or at night.

Axalp or Neiderhorn Mountain sledding packages are available for you to access. While sledding down the mountain, you will get the magical night view of the mystic Brienz Lake.


Night Sledging can also be enjoyed at the Eiger Run. It’s a thrilling activity, especially during the nighttime under the shimmery star-filled sky.

The sled can be rented at the rental stores if you don’t have your own. Wear something to keep you warm as the weather outside at night remains freezing. The place fills outstanding, and when the air hits while you are on your sled moving down, it feels like heaven.

2. Go around Mürren

Murren during winter

Murren is a place for the ones who love winter sports. It is the spot for snowboarding, snowshoe hiking, skiing, and other such activities. The sports paradise is 1650 meters elevated and is the perfect place for all these sports.

Move up a bit more to look at the splendid Schilthorn Mountain. You can stroll around to feel the heavenly atmosphere and experience an ideal winter.

Make sure to go on the train ride from Interlaken Ost to Lauterbrunnen. From there, make your way through the astoundingly charming scenic route, that is, to Grütschalp and Mürren.

The Swiss skyline looks breathtaking, with the mountain ranges covered with snow, pines, and conifers. Walk through the “Thrill Walk” and absorb the experience of a lifetime.

Before leaving, see the settings of the 007 films and get all the thrills at Mount Schilthorn.

3. Explore Lauterbrunnen


The small valley of Lauterbrunnen happens to be one of the most famed spots in Switzerland. The beauty is a treat to the eyes and souls of the visitors.

The Staubbach waterfall in the valley is one of the eminent falls in the globe. Apart from that, there are the most stunning hamlets, which are tiny and the cutest. 

Wondering around the place and witnessing the waterfall gushing down from the mountaintop is mind-boggling. There are 71 more waterfalls at this destination to admire.


Lauterbrunnen may or may not be snow-covered, but the place seems out of the world. It feels like a piece of heaven. From there, you might travel to Wengen, another winter fairyland. Although when it is snow-covered, try hiking, skiing, and paragliding over the snow-wrapped valleys and mountain ranges. Numerous other activities have endeavored here.

4. Ice skating and Snowboarding in Interlaken


Open-air Ice Skating is as good as it sounds. It’s more fun to be on the ice and have some thrills.

Ice Magic is the place to get onto the ice ring and twirl around. It is situated in the center of Interlaken. You can rent skates if you don’t have your own. The crazy joyous atmosphere inside the place makes it worth visiting.

You can even try Bavarian curling and go for some punch or mild wine along with the fantastic surrounding.

After relishing some good like at Ice Magic, go to the nearby areas for snowboarding. Brienz Axalp mountain, Schwanden-Sigriswil, Diemtigtal valley, Mount Niederhorn, etc., are many sites perfect to be with friends and family for a great time.

Winter sports are in plenty in this area. You can get some lessons if you are not familiar with these sports.

5. Kayaking

Lake Brienz

Go Kayaking around during the winter months? Well yes! If you want to get to Lake Brienz, you will have to choose kayaking, as cruises are not in access during winter.

It’s an exotic experience to be in Lake Brienz and move through it while witnessing the mystical landscape. The turquoise water and the snow-covered land give you an excellent view.


Guided tours are available, and you can get your kayak and engross yourself in this team activity. In the whole area, few people are around in the wintertime, so you get the place all to yourself.

You can opt for snowboarding and skiing on the slopes surrounding the lake. This is because they are usually empty and are the ideal site to escape the bustling slopes.

6. Visiting the Bern Christmas market

Christmas Decor

If you have planned to visit during November and December, you will be lucky to see and feel the extraordinary Christmas of Bern. The place feels like a Christmas land with all the pieces of stuff you can imagine for Christmas.

Go around the whole market and shop all you can.

Numerous markets are there that you would be able to visit. Buy some lovely Christmas gifts for your near and dear ones and gobble on some delicious foods. Do not forget all the warm beverages sold in the stalls there.

The festive atmosphere wraps the place like a warm shawl, with the cool breeze caressing your cheeks.

One of the stunning markets is the Stars Market, situated at the “Kleine Schanze” park. The whole area is embellished with star trinkets and decorations. Many stalls sell traditional staff, trendy items, foods, beverages, handmade pieces, etc.

Spend a good time in the markets at this time of the year.

7. Winter Hiking

Winter hiking in Switzerland

Showy treks along the trails in the Interlaken region are great fun and refreshing. The splendid scenic landscape along the paths looks mesmerizing.

Explore all that you can while hiking. Hikes at Mount Männlichen is one of the magical walks, and this will lead you to the Männlichen summits from the Männlichen gondola. The summit’s elevation is 2343 meters, and the panorama from this point is like heaven.


While hiking, beauty absorbs you, and the experience is once in a lifetime.

Make sure to put on your hiking boots and rent all the equipment required from the sports shops.

8. Adventures at Grindelwald


Famed as the “Top of adventure,” the summit of First is sited in the northern part of the Grindelwald hamlet close to Interlaken.

The summit is brimming with numerous thrilling activities to lose yourself in. The picture of the sight from the First is divine, with the view of Mount Eiger and the Bernese Alps masked in pines and snow.

Snowboard and ski on the pistes that are stretched for kilometers. Go hiking from First up to Bachalpsee.

Apart from the First cliff walk, trying the First Flieger and riding the snow bikes are other options. ‘Velo Gemel,’ or the wooden snow bike, is fun to move down the Eigergletscher or the Eiger Run. The experience here is iconic.

These are some things to do in and around Interlaken during winter. Enjoy as many places and events as you can at this place.

Plan a perfect vacation during the winter and explore this part of Switzerland. Try out all the crazy adventures and rejuvenate yourself by enjoying the Swiss food and views.

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