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Top 10 Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit in Iceland

Top 10 Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit in Iceland

Iceland, the island of fire and ice, has gained popularity at the top of travelers’ lists worldwide.

It attracts both nature lovers seeking a unique experience and thrill-seekers. 

In this sparsely populated country, you may find active volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, glaciers, ice fields, and fjords.


It is a dream destination for people around the world who love to explore the wilderness of nature. 

In this article, you will get to know about the following places to visit in Iceland,

  1. Blue Lagoon
  2. Waterfalls in Iceland
  3. Skaftafell Ice Cave
  4. The Northern Lights
  5. Reynisfjara Black Sand beach
  6. Askja Caldera
  7. Kirkjufell Mountain
  8. Hallgrimskirkja
  9. Raufarhollshelir Lava tunnel
  10. Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Let’s see each of these places in detail…

1. Blue Lagoon, Grindavik

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon is a well-known tourist destination in Iceland known for its surreal view of tranquil blue waterscapes. 

This amazing geothermal spa nestles in the town of Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula,.

The superheated water of the lake is fed by lava vents present nearby.


Visitors believe that the milky blue waters of this location, which include minerals, silica, and algae, might genuinely relieve and heal skin diseases like eczema.

If you want to take a dip in Blue Lagoon you have to book your slot prior to your visit. 

Due to the immense popularity of this destination, slots are often sold out.

2. Waterfalls in Iceland

A waterfall in Iceland

The Dettifoss Waterfall exemplifies the true beauty of nature in its unadulterated form. 

It is located north of Vatnajokull National Park. 

The waterfall surges over 45 meters with a width of 100 meters and is considered one of the most valorous waterfalls in Europe. 

You can reach the waterfalls through the road on the eastern side of the river Jokulsa.

Selfoss is another small waterfall that is one kilometer upstream of the Dettifoss with a plunge of around 10 meters.  


There is also another waterfall, called Svatrifoss, near Dettifoss that looks stunning in the backdrop of black basaltic hexagonal columns that hang down as pipes and the green wild shrubs and moss. 

Hafragilsfoss waterfall is also a pretty waterfall surging 27 meters down a deep canyon.

Some other popular waterfalls in Iceland include Seljalandsfoss, Haifoss, Aldeyjarfoss, etc. (Know about the popular waterfalls in Iceland)

3. Skaftafell Ice Cave

Skaftafell Ice Cave, Iceland

Visitors can have a wonderful experience in this country if they are planning to visit the unique destination here, i.e., the Skaftafell Ice Cave.

These ice caves have been naturally carved by the river water formed by the glacier underneath them. 

Thanks to the artistic creations of nature that rewards all the visitors with a spectacular view of its glory! 

Not less than a fantasy world, these caves are bountiful blue ice formations with black volcanic ash trapped in between, creating a ribbon effect against the blue ice.

Although these crystal caves can truly be a treat to the eyes during the spring and winter.

During the summer, the caves become wet and slippery due to the melting of water, so you should visit there under a trained guide. 

4. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

The Northern Lights, Iceland

Although this is not a tourist destination, this is a breathtaking magical phenomenon in the night sky and can be enjoyed from Reykjavik in Iceland. 

This is something one should not miss in Iceland. 

The night sky gets brilliantly illuminated by a swath of green neon lights, sometimes a lot more different neon colors as if some angel has waved her magic wand all across the sky spelling magic charms.


The reflections of these northern lights on the glaciated pools of water make the place looks like paradise. 

The appearance of the Northern Lights is unpredictable. 

If you are staying at Reykjavik to have a glimpse of this natural wonder, the lodging operators may give you information about nightly predictions and can make overnight calls.

They also often arrange for countryside tours to make you witness these charismatic heavenly attractions. 

5. Reynisfjara Black Sand beach

Reynisfjara Black Sand beach, Iceland

Soft sand beaches with golden sands are common, but have you ever wondered how stunning a black beach looks? 

Yes, Reynisfjara black beach is such a unique black-sand beach located in Iceland. 

It is one of the most popular black sand beaches in the world.

The wonderful appearance of the jet-black sands and rocky sea stacks witness the milky wild waves of the Atlantic Ocean approaching it. 

The rocky and black-colored sea stacks are believed to form due to the volcanic eruption and formation of basaltic rock. 

You can see many sea birds like fulmars, guillemots, and puffins enjoying their round trips over the ocean. 

You can drive to the beach from Reykjavik and it almost takes 2.5 hours to reach there. 

The backdrop of extended shores of black sand, sea stacks, and rumbling waves is ideal for Instagram-worthy pictures. 

Many popular movies like Star Wars are filmed in this location. 

6. Askja Caldera

Askja Caldera, Iceland

Askja caldera and geothermal pool in the Dyngjufjöll Mountains are located in the northern part of Vatnajökull National Park.

This is an active volcano that you will come across in Europe. 

The size of Askja is 50 square kilometers. 


Askja was partly formed due to a volcanic activity that destroyed the roof of the primary volcano’s magma chamber. 

The surrounding mountain range was developed during volcanic activity. 

Turquoise water fills the crater and the entire scenery of the crater looks truly mesmerizing.

7. Kirkjufell Mountain, Grundarfjördur

Kirkjufell Mountain, Iceland

Kirkjufell mountain is located near a charming fishing village called Grundarfjördur, on the Northern Coast of the Snaefellsnes peninsula.

It is almost a 2.5mile drive from Reykjavik.

The beautiful village is surrounded by breathtaking views of Mt. Kirkjufell.

This landmark shrouded with scenic beauty is a striking tourist destination in the country. 

You can see various waterfalls and small streams near the mountain. 

Another spectacular thing which you can see here is the stunning Northern Lights. 

Eyrbyggja Heritage Centre hosts exhibitions that display various information about the whole peninsula. 

8. Hallgrimskirkja

Hallgrimskirkja, Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja is an iconic landmark and is one of Iceland’s top attractions. 

A striking feature of the church is that it is the tallest building in the country. 

The architecture of this popular edifice was inspired by the Basalt Rock formation or the Black Falls.


The top of the 73-meter-high tower of the church will reward you with sweeping views of the surrounding landscape and the wonderful city. 

The beautiful tower looks more magical during the evening when it gets illuminated.

You can access the elevator to reach the top at a minimum charge to get the best panoramic view of the town.

There is a beautiful statue of Icelander Leifur Erikson, the first European to discover America around AD 1000. 

9. Raufarhollshelir Lava tunnel

Raufarhollshelir Lava tunnel

Iceland is a hotspot for natural wonders and a visit to this land of ice and fire can introduce you to various exciting views of nature. 

Raufarhollshelir Lava tunnel is one of the longest lava tubes in Iceland. 

At an elevation of 4461 ft, you can have a thrilling experience of entering the cave and exploring the lava rock formations and the beautiful cavern walls, that have been formed below the earth’s surface. 

Under a guided tour, you can walk through the tube or tunnel from where lava flowed almost 500 years ago from the Blafjoll Mountain Range. 


As the magma solidified, the thick crusts of the lava channel were formed resulting in the formation of the lava tubes. 

Outside the lava tube, green moss has completely wrapped the rock formations creating beautiful greenery all around.

You must wear sturdy boots if you are visiting this lava tunnel during winter due to wet and icy conditions.

10. Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon is one of the most attractive destinations in Iceland.

The pristine lagoon is covered by large chunks of the glacier that has been separated and floats on the water body. 

The floating ice has sizes ranging from small pebbles to as big as the size of a vehicle.

You can enjoy a boat ride in this picturesque lagoon to have a magical glimpse of the glacial cave formations, two surging waterfalls, charismatic views of the mountains, and the glacial river flowing along.

These are some of the popular places to visit in Iceland.

The desolate landscapes which are also the natural attractions of Iceland will make you feel at the top of the world.

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