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Top 8 Beautiful Villages and Small Towns to Visit in Italy

Top 8 Beautiful Villages and Small Towns to Visit in Italy

Italy has always been on almost everyone’s bucket list. However, most people only know of the famous place.

There are so many hidden gems in this country that will drive any travel enthusiast crazy.

Italy has a number of beautiful and picturesque villages that you can visit.


Whether it’s a vacation or a wedding, a honeymoon, or maybe solo travel, these places will provide you with all the satisfaction you need.

In this article, you will get to know about the following villages you can visit in Italy,

  1. Atrani
  2. Dozza
  3. Varenna
  4. Cefalu
  5. Portofino
  6. Vernazza
  7. San Gimignano
  8. Pitigliano

Let’s see each of these places in detail…

1. Atrani

Atrani, Italy

Atrani is a beautiful village located in the east of Amalfi. This small place is packed with beauty and thrill.

This place is situated along the river Dragone. The river is named Dragone as it was believed that a fierce dragon would hide there.

Atrani holds its own traditions, colors, and antiques.

The place is absolutely breathtaking with the houses facing the sea, and the balconies decorated with flowers, imparting their own dazzling colors.

The temperatures are perfect for a date or if you wanna go solo, you can enjoy the beautiful ambiance of the place.


Exploring the streets and the churches, along with the beauty of the village and the blue sea in front of your eyes will provide you with an extra thrill.

The authenticity is extraordinary here. This coastal fishing village will give you pleasure like no other.

Relaxing on Atrani’s black sand beach with some local food and the mesmerizing scenic backdrops provides you with serenity.

The coastline, central square, lovely locals, perfectly medieval architecture, trattorias, and golden Italian sunset will always bring you back to this southern part of Italy.

2. Dozza

Dozza, Bologna, Italy

Dozza is a medieval village located just to the south of Bologna. It is a distinctive place with the best-preserved heritage in it.

The fairy-tale land holds its own magic.

Strolling around on the charming streets, spending some quality time in a café, and ordering the best local food available with a drink, are some of the things that this village offers and will drive you deeper into its beauty and history.

Dozza is known for the festival of painted walls. 

Every two years in September, this festival is held, where you will find famous national and international artists painting their way permanently into the walls of the houses. 

The beauty is sure to mesmerize you in some way or the other.

The colorful streets, the aged fortress, and the enveloping vineyards will take you back in time and clear your mind, of everything.

This hidden gem is just 25 km from Bologna and just 6 from Imola. So, if you are planning of visiting any of these two places, make sure you find and explore Dozza on your way back.

3. Varenna

Varenna, Itally

I don’t think there is any place more colorful than Varenna you could come across. This tiny sweet village owns its own authenticity and charm.

The peace, the buildings, the romantic walks along the Passeggiata Degli Innamorati, magnificent churches, lush gardens, relaxation by the lake, and the view from Castello di Vezio will make your trip worthy.


The picturesque beauty will steal your heart anyways, along with some good food and the airy weather with its magical perks.

Visiting this place will give you the experience of living like the locals, and enjoying the colors, styles, flavors, and much more as you go on unfolding this village.

4. Cefalu

Cefalu, Italy

Cefalu is a coastal village in the northern part of Sicily, Italy. This Mediterranean beach place is quite famous for its ancient medieval touch.

The turquoise water washes up to the golden sand and gives the feel of paradise. 

Just below the topographic mountains, there stand the stone buildings and the streets entwined to take you up to the soothing waters. 

You will witness the fishing boats coming up and going back into the depth of the water giving you a different experience.

For much more fun, climb onto the top of the phenomenal La Rocca to see the views which will remain in your heart forever.

After all the hard work, settle down with some smoky grilled seafood, and homemade Italian pasta with a mesmerizing view of the countryside in front of you.

This small place has a lot to offer, all you have to do is grab as much as possible. 

5. Portofino

Portofino, Italy

The crystal-clear water and the beautifully arranged harbor are some of the reasons people love to visit Portofino.

This coastal village is near Rapallo and is located in the northwestern part of Cinque Terre.

This mystical place has archaeological importance along with a great landscape and way too much fun and relaxing.


People from all over the world come to this coast to enjoy a great vacation by the waters, enjoying the weather and the freshness of the place.

Take a look at the history and try the flavors of Focaccia al Formaggio, Mussels, Pesto Genovese, wines made locally, and much more.

6. Vernazza

Vernazza, Italy

Vernazza is a five-centuries-old village located in the northwestern part of Italy and makes up the Cinque Terre.

The vivid houses envelop the marina beautifully and you will get to look at the Santa Margherita di Antiochia Church with its bell tower, and the gorgeous cupola garnishing it. 

Vernazza is considered to be “the most beautiful village in Italy”. 

Apart from the church, you can explore the Doria castle, Santurio Nostra, Signora di Reggio, Convento Dei Padri Riformati di San Francesco, Piazzetta del Porto, and many more places.

After experiencing the places and the charms, treat yourself with Fritto Misto, Polpo con Patate, Tegame Alla Vernazza, Antipasto ai Frutti di Mare, and to wash it all down take a Negroni, Aperitivo.

7. San Gimignano

San Gimignano, Italy

San Gimignano is another village from medieval times, mostly known for its fine towers settled on the hilltop. 

The view will make you understand the skyline concept. 

Located in Tuscany, this is another beauty that this state holds.

You get to feel, smell, and explore a medieval village with all its colors and customs preserved.


Goth lovers will find this place more interesting, as one would find structures embellished with the gothic style of architecture, that too from the medieval period. 

The narrow historic streets, the lush green valleys, the tall structures, the locals, authentic Italian food, and the perfect weather will make you feel at home. 

Caffe Delle Erbe, Pastecceria Armando e Marcella, and many more cafes will give the exact taste of Italy.

8. Pitigliano

Pitigliano, Italy

Also known as “little Jerusalem”, Pitigliano is situated in Tuscany, Italy. The name is due to the Jewish population in this village. 

If you are thinking of looking deep into Italy and its old culture, this becomes the right place.

The Museum of Palazzo Orsini, Vitozza, Pitigliano Centro Storico, and several other places will provide you with the satisfaction of visiting amazing places. 

The local life will still be your heart for once and all. Food, as always will be amazing and soul-filling.

These are some of the popular and beautiful villages located in Italy.

Plan a vacation to these villages, and you will not have any regrets. 

These places are full of relaxation, fun, exploration, food, the best quality wine, and of course a great quality time with your loved one or with just yourself if you are traveling solo.

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