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6 Famous Waterfalls To Visit Near Bangalore (Karnataka) 2023

6 Famous Waterfalls To Visit Near Bangalore (Karnataka) 2023

Waterfalls never disappoint us with the feel of a piece of heaven. Every one of them finds their own story to tell when we are near them.

Several waterfalls near Bengaluru will win your heart. They will provide you with the serenity you are looking for with a few adventures.


In this article, you will get to know about the following waterfalls to visit near Bangalore,

  1. Muthyala Maduvu Falls
  2. Hogenakkal Falls
  3. Chunchanakatte Waterfalls
  4. Shivanasamudra Falls
  5. Chunchi Falls
  6. Thottikallu Falls

Let’s see each of these waterfalls in detail…

1. Muthyala Maduvu Falls

Distance from Bangaluru43 km
Best time to visitOctober to April

The waterfall is situated amid hills and is an attractive tourist spot near Anekal. It also goes by the “Pearl Valley.”

It overlooks the mountains and gives a mystic view of the surrounding.

The water tumbles downwards through the flora and gives an illusion of pearl strings, therefore the name Pearl valley. The sound of the water and the birds chirping provides natural music.


A Shrine of Lord Shiva is located near the fall, where prayers are done every morning. Trekking is another activity you can do after visiting the temple.

It’s refreshing to get out of the city for a while and appreciate the charm of the landscape.

2. Hogenakkal Falls

Distance from Bangaluru127 km
Best time to visitOctober to February

Sometimes mentioned as the “Niagara Falls of India,” Hogenakkal Falls is situated on the river Kaveri.

The water gushes through the forest filled with medicinal herbs. As a result, most inhabitants believe that the water has healing properties and that taking a good dip in the water can be beneficial.

The carbonated rocks at this site are primeval in Southern Asia and one of the oldest on earth.

Boating is done in the dry season, and it’s exciting to sit in the coracles and go around the water through the leaves and the rocks. There are areas for swimming and bathing too.

It’s also the best spot for sunrises and sunsets. It is also a great place to chill for a day, gobbling on some freshly caught fish.

The combination of rocks, water, flora, and misty air makes the place divine.

3. Chunchanakatte Waterfalls

Distance from Bangaluru190 km
Best time to visitAugust to November

Located in the western ghats, the water of Chunchanakatte Waterfalls imparts a yellowish hue. It is believed that the color is related to Hindu mythology.

So, the story goes like this, at this place, Goddess Sita bathed, and till today the water is missed with holy powder and turmeric, all of which are used for pooja. This belief makes the place interesting, along with the scenic views and lush greenery.


Just beside the fall is Lord Kodanda Ram Temple which you can visit along with the falls.

It’s a lovely spot to visit with your family and friends, or even a solo trip would be great. The scene is a treat to the eyes.

4. Shivanasamudra Falls

Gaganachukki, Karnataka
Distance from Bangaluru130 km
Best time to visitSeptember to February

Shivanasamudra Falls is a segmented waterfall created due to the splitting of the Kaveri River by the island of Shivanasamudra. The two divisions are Gaganachukki and Bharachukki.

It’s amongst the most attractive tourist places in Karnataka. A large number of tourists visit this place and appreciate its grandeur.

As the current of the water is fast, swimming is prohibited. However, Coracle rides are available at the spot. This is an activity by which you can enjoy the water from much closer and is quite adventurous.

Apart from the waterfall, you will find many historic temples with intricate architecture. You can also find the first Hydroelectric powerplant in Asia located here.

If you make a trip to these falls, visit the Dargah viewpoint and capture lots of pictures of this place.

5. Chunchi Falls

Distance from Bangaluru84 km
Best time to visitOctober to February

The cascade falls from a height of 50 feet into a pool surrounded by rich greenery and rocks and is formed on the Arkavathi river.

It’s a great picnic destination not too far away from Bangaluru. Dipping the feet in the cold soothing water and enjoying the surrounding can always be a good experience.


Nera the waterfall, you can also explore the Sangama, Arkavathi dam, Kudlani Doddi Falls, and Mekedatu.

It is an ideal getaway with anyone you want to go out with for 1-2 days. It’s fun, relaxing, exciting, and entertaining.

6. Thottikallu Falls

Distance from Bangaluru34 km
Best time to visitOctober to February

Thottikallu Falls, known as Swarna Mukhi, is located off Kanakapura Road.

It comes alive during the monsoon season. So, if you want to visit to relish the place, the best time to plan the tour is just after the monsoon ends. It’s a calm and peaceful place amidst nature to spend some time in and to get rejuvenated.

There is also a shrine at the entrance of the falls. The Muneshwara temple is set below the shade of a huge tree, and people worship the temple before proceeding toward the waterfall.

It’s a good place for walking and trekking. So keep enough water with you for these activities.

These are some of the famous waterfalls to visit near Bangalore.

They are the ones you would love to go to get out of the occupied life and get some fresh air.

So pack your DSLR and get on the road to experience some of the loveliest waterfalls close to the heart of Bengaluru.

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