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6 Beautiful Waterfalls To Visit Near Pune (Maharashtra)

6 Beautiful Waterfalls To Visit Near Pune (Maharashtra)

Waterfalls are the epitome of life, growth, beauty, and spontaneity.

They never fail to astound us whenever and however we see them. It’s always something different for every waterfall.


Pune is such a city that is neatly wrapped with waterfalls having different heights, histories, shapes, and tranquillity. Exploring each of them is a thrill in every possible way.

In this article, you will get to know the following waterfalls to visit near Pune,

  1. Thokarwadi Waterfalls
  2. Chinaman Waterfall
  3. Kune Waterfall
  4. Kataldhar Waterfall
  5. Umbrella Waterfall
  6. Tamhini Waterfalls

Let’s look into each of these natural masterpieces and get amused by their uniqueness.

1. Thokarwadi Waterfalls

Distance from PuneJuly-September
Best time to visit66 km
Entry Fee₹100

It’s one of the serene places to visit if you are craving a road trip. The area is filled with lush greenery, and waterfalls come alive in the monsoons.

You’ll see several waterfalls while on the backwaters of the Thokarwadi dam.

The view in front of you is mountains on one side and backwaters on another side of the dam. The roads are beautifully wrapped around the water, giving the place a characteristic look.


All the waterfalls you see can be reached through private farmlands and therefore are chargeable.

The one named Thokarwadi waterfall is a natural waterfall that is beautifully made to trip down on staircases giving it a view of perfection. It will also provide you with an Instagram picture-worthy location.

You can comfortably drive to this place as the roads are good with some mesmerizing scenic beauty. Trekking is also an option there.

2. Chinaman’s Waterfall

Distance from PuneMonsoon season
Best time to visit100 km

It was known as the Mahabi falls before the Chinese took care of it, and therefore the name became Chinaman waterfall.

Some mention that the name might have also come from the Chinese prison nearby, where the Britishers used to incarcerate Malay and Chinese prisoners.

Whatever the story may be, it’s a mesmerizing place to be at.

The water gushes down from 500 meters, and the rich flora covering it provides an ideal picturesque look.

The rich history behind the beauty we see in recent times makes the place more attractive.

You can also bring your picnic basket and enjoy a picnic at the base of the fall.

3. Kune Waterfall

Distance from PuneSeptember-November
Best time to visit70 km

It flows down an elevation of 200 meters, and this three-tiered waterfall has the Sahyadri waterfalls as its background.

The fall is split into two parts. The highest drop is about 100 meters.

This spot attracts a large number of tourists, and there’s an option for bathing and swimming as well. Here you can get drenched as much as you want.


There is a church along the way to the falls, so you can pay a visit and walk down to the water.

It is now on private property. You can watch the falls from a certain distance, and it’s worth a visit.

4. Kataldhar Waterfall

Distance from PuneMonsoon season
Best time to visit75 km

Located near Lonavala in the Pune district, this waterfall comes to life during the monsoon season.

You will have to trek to the Kataldhar waterfalls through the Ulhas valley. There you will also find an eye-shaped cave. From this cave, you will be able to see the Rajmachi Fort. This is one of the most iconic places, as it seems to have come out of a book of fairy tales.

The elevation of the waterfall is about 350 ft and provides a perfect view. The cave behind can also be explored when the water flow is less.

It’s not a famous waterfall, and a few people visit. So to reach it, you need to trek. This characteristic makes the place quite quirky and peaceful to be at.

5. Umbrella Waterfall

Distance from PuneAugust – November
Best time to visit175 km

This is one of the most scenic waterfalls in the whole state of Maharashtra.

The water from the Wilson Damn falls on the perfectly placed natural rocks, and the fall takes the shape of a beautiful white umbrella.

It flows amidst the lush greenery and gives a breathtaking view.


The Pravara River is attached to a tiny footbridge, and by crossing, you can get the joy of looking closer at the falls.

The place is very relaxing and refreshing, and it’s a great destination to get away from the busy life schedule.

The beauty is undoubtedly astounding.

6. Tamhini Waterfalls

Distance from PuneMonsoon season
Best time to visit53 km

Located at the Tamhini Ghat, this place is like a piece of heaven that has just become real.

The area has multiple waterfalls, also called Valse, lakes, and thriving forests. Several waterfalls rush down together and meet at the base forming a pool.

Sightseeing, picnicking, trekking, and swimming are some activities you can enjoy while visiting the place.

You can also sit by the pool, dip your feet in the cool water and enjoy the serenity of nature.

These are some of the famous waterfalls to visit near Pune.

If you want to take a vacation, you’ll not have to do much but check in at a hotel in Pune and plan trips to the places mentioned above accordingly.

Adventures will begin as soon as you hit the road and take the flavor of all that is offered to you. Nature has an unending amount of fun.

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