7 Best Beach Towns in California, USA

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There are many beautiful coastal towns in the state of California. Here is a list of some of them...

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a popular beach in California. The tempting beauty of the beach shorelines, restaurants, & famous shopping destinations create an amazing atmosphere on the beach.


Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara in California is a charming beach town with the outstanding beauty of turquoise water and tempting ocean breeze. You can enjoy kayaking & whale watching on the beach.


Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is an ideal destination in California if you want to spend a beach vacation. You can enjoy many fun activities here like surfing or hike on the trails of the coastal canyon.


Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is another beautiful beach town in California. People come here to revitalize in the mellow beach & the shimmering waves. You can also enjoy boat tours & whale watching here.



Malibu is a picturesque town that lies between the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica Mountains. You can travel to Malibu if you are searching for solace. Enjoy sunbathing & snorkeling in here.



This famous coastal town, located in California, is an excellent fishing destination. You can enjoy shopping & many waterfront activities here. You can also dine in some amazing restaurants.


Long Beach

Long beach is another popular beach town in California. The beach hosts many community events and amazing entertainment shows. You can visit a number of tourist attractions in the city.


Thanks for reading the story! These are some of the best beach towns to visit in California.

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