7 Best Places to Visit in Arizona, United States

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There are many beautiful places to visit in the state of Arizona. Here is a list of some of them...

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited destinations in the United States. You can experience adventures and thrills along with some spectacular views while exploring the place.


Horseshoe Bend

The Horseshoe Bend is one of the spectacular landmarks in Arizona. The natural curve resembles a horseshoe structure. The Colorado river makes a sharp bend in this location.



Sedona is another popular destination in Arizona. The place offers perfect hiking trails and awesome 360-degree views of the red rocks. The place is also known as the Geological Wonderland. 



Phoenix is a beautiful city in AZ & is known for the natural architecture of red sandstones nearby. The city appears amazing in the year-long sunshine & is called 'The Valley of the Sun’.


Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is an arch-gravity Dam built on the Colorado River. It is built on the border of Arizona and Nevada. It's one of the highest dams in the world and supplies water for irrigation.


Monument Valley

This valley is a destination with unique geomorphological and natural structural features like sandstone mesas and buttes. The Monument Valley is a part of the Colorado Plateau.


Antelope Canyon

The Antelope Canyon is one of the incredible natural landmarks in AZ. The beautiful Vermilion Cliffs are carved out of sandstone due to the actions of wind & water for many years.


Thanks for reading the story! These are some of the best places to visit in Arizona state.

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