7 Best Places to Visit in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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There are some beautiful places to visit in the city of Tulsa. Here is a list of some of them...

Tulsa Route 66

Route 66 is undoubtedly the most famous highway in the US. The most spectacular spot along the route is a smiling blue whale in a pond on the west side of Route 66 in Tulsa.


Tulsa Botanic Garden

This Botanical Garden is one of the stunning destinations in Tulsa. The garden blooms with exotic species of flowers. The serene landscape and greenery make it a unique garden.


Woody Guthrie Center

This center is dedicated to one of the most influential songwriters & artists in American history, Woody Guthrie. There is a wide collection of instruments, arts, & books here.


Prayer Tower

A spectacular tower & a tourist destination in Tulsa, Prayer Tower has a unique architecture that draws tourists. There is a 60 ft tall praying hand statue on the campus made of bronze.


The Golden Driller

It is a 75 ft tall steel statue of an oil worker in Tulsa. The structure is one of the tallest statues in the US. It was built to honor the men working in the Petroleum Industry.


Philbrook Museum of Art

This is a popular tourist destination in Tulsa. The museum was founded in the year 1939. The pristine beauty lies in the wonderful gardens and lawns surrounding the museum.


Downtown Tulsa

Downtown Tulsa is the ideal spot where people enjoy vibrant city life. The destination is popular for entertainment and workplaces. You can enjoy dinners, coffees, music, & dance here.


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