Top 7 Natural Wonders to visit in New Mexico, USA

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There are some amazing natural wonders in the state of New Mexico. Here is a list of some of them...

White Sands National Park

This national park has the world’s largest gypsum dune chain. You can walk, hike or roll down the sand dunes for fun. The sand remains cool on the feet throughout the year.


Capulin Volcano

This is one of the fascinating natural wonders that offers you a magnificent 360-degree view of nature. You can drive up the spiral road to reach the top of the cinder cone.


Bandelier National Monument

This beautiful natural setting has beautiful houses carved out of the rocks. You can also visit the Frijoles canyon, Main Loop Trail and Alcove House here.


Bisti Badlands

This is one of the stunning landmarks in New Mexico. You can photograph the most peculiar & unpredictable rock formations here. The pinnacles & canyons have different shades of color.


Rio Grande Gorge

This gorge is located near Taos and makes a pretty beautiful landscape along with the flat green fields and the Rio Grande River. You can take amazing photos of it during sunsets.



The Shiprock present amidst the desert plain is a sight to behold. The peak of this rock is 7000 ft. & can be seen from far away. It's also called winged rock & climbing is prohibited here.


Tent Rocks

This landmark has been formed by the remains of ash, tuft, and pumice from a volcanic eruption. The hoodoos and pinnacles against the backdrop of blue skies look amazing.


Thanks for reading! These are some of the natural wonders to visit in New Mexico.

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