7 Best Places to Visit in Glacier National Park, USA

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There are many beautiful places to visit in the Glacier National Park. Here is a list of some of them...

Go-to-the-sun Road

Go-to-the-sun road is one of the places with the best views in the Glacier National Park. You can drive through the park in the this 2 lane highway & enjoy the scenic landscapes.


Trail of the Cedars

This is a small loop hike in Glacier Park. You can hike on the boardwalk that passes through the fragrant, old red cedar wood forests &  enjoy the breathtaking views.


Lake McDonald

The breathtaking views of Lake McDonald mesmerize everyone. This is the largest lake in the park and offers a bunch of activities like boating, hiking, horseback riding &, etc.


Logan Pass

Logan Pass is another mesmerizing destination in Glacier National Park that you must visit. The incredible scenery of the wildflowers, fountains & lakes is the prime attraction of here. 


Grinnell Glacier

This is a beautiful destination in Glacier National Park. You can enjoy hiking the trail to this place and reach the high vantage points to get the best views of the landscape.


St. Mary Lake

This is a breathtaking spot in Glacier National Park. It is an ideal place for outdoor recreational activities. You can enjoy the boat tour & the scenic beauty of this tranquil lake.


Two Medicine Lake

This is one of the quaint & serene places in the Glacier National Park. You can enjoy camping along the lakeside & spot a number of wildlife here such as the moose & mountain goats.


Thanks for reading the story! These are some of the best places to visit in Glacier National Park.

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