7 Best Places to Visit in Joshua Tree National Park, California

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There are a number of popular places to visit in Joshua Tree National Park. Here is a list of some of them...

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is bordered by Joshua Tree's unique rock piles. Several other wild plants, like junipers and pines, can be found in this unusual topography in the park.


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Keys View

It is a popular viewpoint area in the park and stands at an elevation of almost 5,000 feet. You can enjoy spectacular vistas of the Salton Sea and the San Andreas Fault from this point.


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Cholla Cactus Garden

This garden, decorated with various cholla cacti, is a must-see attraction in Joshua Tree National Park. This place is surrounded by mountains, valleys, and the desert floor.


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Ryan Mountain

It is about a 5500-ft mountain and has a pretty strenuous trail, offering stunning panoramic vistas of the jagged rocky outcrops and Joshua tree forests surrounding the peak.


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Keys Ranch

This is a brilliantly preserved testimony to the inventiveness of the US's early pioneers. It features ranch houses, antique carriages, mining equipment, and a variety of other artifacts.


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Cottonwood Spring Oasis

It is one of Joshua Tree National Park's most breathtaking and surprisingly underestimated sites. It is one of the best spots in the park for birding and spotting wildlife.


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Twentynine Palms

This place is home to the Parks administrative and corporate offices. It is also one of the park's most picturesque locations and a great location for photographers.


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These are some of the best places to visit in Joshua Tree National Park.

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