7 Popular Places to Visit near Mumbai, Maharashtra

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There are many beautiful tourist destinations near Mumbai. Here is a list of some of them...

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

These caves are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are popular tourist spots in Maharastra. It largely consists of small caves that were utilized as a retreat by Buddhist monks.



Mahabaleshwar is a popular hill station near Mumbai and is a Hindu pilgrimage site from where the Krishna River starts. It is often referred to as the "Land of Strawberries".



Shirdi is the religious home of Sai Baba. He is said to have arrived at Shirdi in 1858 & spent the next 60 years here till he reached redemption in 1918. You can visit here with your family.



This is another popular hill station near Mumbai, known for its picturesque valley views and multiple sunset and sunrise locations. It gets its name from the five hills that surround it.



This is the most visited hill station in Maharashtra. it consists of numerous waterfalls, lakes, and hills around it. it is also a popular place for camping, and other adventure activities.



Matheran is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It is often known as the "cutest small hill station in India," and is a great place to enjoy the sunset & sunrise views.


Tadoha National Park

This is Maharashtra's oldest & largest National Park. This National park," also known as the "Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve," is one of India's 47 project tiger reserves.


Thanks for reading! These are some of the popular places to visit near Mumbai.

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