7 Popular Street Food to try in USA

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There are a lot of street food that you can try in America. Let's have a look at some of them...


Taco is a very delicious street food of San Francisco. A tortilla with yummy and cheesy fillings inside makes Taco a perfect street food to relish. 



Boston's special grilled cheese sandwich with extra cheese fillings is one of the famous street foods in the US. The bite of the sandwiches with oozing cheese melt the heart of the people. 


Hot dogs

Hotdogs are one of the delicious street foods found in the USA. The mouth watering sausage served in the split bun makes an unique combo which delights the mood. 


Papas Rellenas

Golden brown, soft, & warm papas rellenas are conventional Peruvian street food stuffed with potatoes. It is a type of croquette consisting of mashed potatoes with meat fillings.  



X-Tudo is also a popular Street food in the USA. The tall burger includes non-veg patties, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, ham, cheese, sausages, mayonnaise, and fried potato sticks.  



Anticucho is a meat dish which consists of small pieces of sliced and grilled meat. Its one of the most popular street food in USA and is made with beef heart.



Arepa is a golden brown crispy bread commonly stuffed with a variety of cheese, shredded beef, onions and avocado. This street food is generally paired with some beverages. 


Thanks for reading the story! These are some of the popular street foods to try in USA.

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