Top 7 Natural Wonders to visit in Alabama, USA

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There are some amazing natural wonders in the state of Alabama. Here is a list of some of them...

Stephens Gap

It is one of the most visited caverns in the Southeast. It features a gorgeous 150-foot pit that cavers adore and a massive walk-in entry that attracts several hikers and photographers.


Little River Canyon National Preserve

This is a very popular tourist spot in the US. Its forested uplands, waterfalls, pools, & sandstone cliffs offer a wide range of leisure options for visitors.


Cheaha Mountain

This is the highest point in Alabama which rises 2,407 feet above sea level. Here you can enjoy several activities like camping, hiking and biking, and breathtaking mountain views.


Cathedral Caverns

The Cathedral Caverns also called "Bats Cave" is a very popular & spectacular cave that features a frozen waterfall, a huge stalagmite forest, & unique stone formations.


Russell Cave National Monument

Russell Cave is Alabama's third-longest mapped cave and an archaeological site in the US. It has one of the most comprehensive records of ancient civilizations.


DeSoto Falls

DeSoto Falls is a spectacular waterfall that drops more than 100 ft. It is one of Alabama's most popular tourist attractions & one of the best places to visit during early spring.


Noccalula Falls

Noccalula Falls is 90 ft tall and one of the most attractive scenic spots in the state. Visitors can explore the beautiful park, and lovely trails and enjoy camping near the falls.


Thanks for reading! These are some of the natural wonders to visit in Alabama.

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