7 Best Waterfalls to visit in Alabama, United States

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There are many beautiful waterfalls in the state of Alabama. Here is a list of some of them...

DeSoto Falls

This is a spectacular waterfall that drops more than 100 feet. It is one of Alabama's most popular tourist attractions and the best place to visit during the winter or early spring.


Little River Falls

This is a gorgeous waterfall with a height of about 45 feet. It is also one of the most well-known waterfalls in Alabama and is also a great swimming spot during hot summer days.


Noccalula Falls

Noccalula Falls is 90 feet tall and one of the most attractive scenic spots in the state. Visitors can explore the beautiful park, lovely trails and enjoy camping near the falls.


Caney Creek Falls

Caney Creek Falls is considered to be the most beautiful waterfall in Alabama. This waterfall is surrounded by lush greeneries & rocks making it an ideal location for photography.


Holmes Chapel Falls

 Holmes Chapel Falls is a spectacular waterfall in Bankhead National Forest, Alabama. You can reach the main waterfall after a rather flat and scenic trek along the creek.


Chewacla Falls

Chewacla Falls is a beautiful man-made waterfall with a drop of about 30 ft. You can visit the place over the holidays and enjoy boating, fishing, & swimming.


High Falls

This is a stunning 35 feet tall waterfall flowing on the Tennessee River. This place is an ideal location for photographers especially during the rainy season when it is in full flow.


Thanks for reading! These are some of the best waterfalls to visit in Alabama.

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