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6 Beautiful Beaches To Visit Near Cardiff, Wales

6 Beautiful Beaches To Visit Near Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff, the capital and the largest city situated in Wales (UK), is also known as the “City of Castles” or “City of Arcades”.

This city is a popular tourist attraction all over the world especially known for its spectacular beaches, shopping malls, excellent cuisine, and a lot of entertainment.


In this article, you will get to know about some of the beautiful beaches which you can visit near Cardiff in Wales are,

  1. Barry Island Beach
  2. Penarth Beach
  3. Rest Bay Beach
  4. Pebble Beach
  5. Three Cliffs Bay Beach
  6. Ogmore-By-Sea Beach
  7. Sandy Bay Beach
  8. Sully Beach

So let’s know a little bit more about each of these sea beaches…

1. Barry Island Beach

Barry Island Beach, Wales
LocationBarry, Wales
Distance from Cardiff11 mi

Barry Island is a small charming coastal town and a very popular tourist attraction all over the world.

Barry Island beach is situated in the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales.

It is a beautiful sandy beach with a modest slope into the ocean, making it an ideal beach for swimming on Barry Island.

Barry Island beach became very popular globally for the famous TV show “Gavin & Stacey”. It is nicknamed “Whitmore Bay” and is a perfect place to visit during the summer holidays.


The Island beach features 24 brightly colored beach huts with spectacular views of Whitmore Bay.

This white, sandy Blue Flag beach is also well-known for its amusement parks, shops, and restaurants.

You can sit and relax on the shores and enjoy the spectacular views of this amazing beach.

2. Penarth Beach

Penarth Beach, Wales
LocationVale of Glamorgan, Wales
Distance from Cardiff6 mi

Penarth is a very popular seaside resort and gorgeous town situated in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.

Penarth beach is the nearest beach to Cardiff. It is a modest yet very attractive beach.

If you enjoy outdoor coastal adventures, Penarth beach is ideal. Swimming is sometimes discouraged, but there is still plenty of enjoyment to be found for tiny adventurers.

Here you can walk along the shores of the beach and enjoy the views of amazing sunsets.


Penarth Beach is ideal for children to play on, and is also ideal for its coastal amenities such as cafés, piers, children’s playgrounds, and Alexandra Gardens which are placed right behind the beach.

This beach is known for fishing and fossil hunting.

Other than all these it is also a great spot famous for its old Victorian charm, scenic pier, and lush green parks. It is ideal for visitors to visit this place during the summer months.

3. Rest Bay Beach

Rest Bay Beach, Wales
LocationPorthcawl, Wales
Distance from Cardiff30 mi

Rest Bay is a golden, sandy, clean beach situated in the suburbs of Porthcawl.

It is just 30 miles away from Cardiff surrounded by The Royal Porthcawl Golf Club and low cliffs.

This beach is a great place for surfing and numerous other water sports due to its great waves.

Other than water sports this beach is also famous for fishing and swimming which makes it a perfect holiday destination for visitors.


There are many rock pools in Rest Bay where you can find plenty of marine species.

Rest Bay does have a café, although Porthcawl’s town center is approximately a mile distant for more amenities.

Porthcawl features a promenade with great views of the sea that is dotted with restaurants, cafes, shops, and hotels.

Rest Bay is an ideal picnic spot and also a perfect place for relaxing on the warm sand.

4. Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach, Wales
LocationBarry, Wales
Distance from Cardiff12 mi

Pebble Beach, also known as Cold Knap Beach is located near Glan Hafren in Barry.

It is about 12 miles from Cardiff, Wales, and is a very beautiful tourist spot.

You can see fascinating stone-carved structures here. It is a tranquil beach ideal for lounging and sunbathing.

It is not known to many people but this beach still attracts a lot of crowds during the summer season as the local people staying near this place love to visit this beach.


This spectacular rocky beach with a stunning view is bordered by hilly hiking trails.

It’s mainly popular among visitors for crab fishing and fossil hunting and is also a perfect place for swimming and surfing.

There are also several restaurants and cafes located nearby where you can enjoy awesome seafood.

There are also a few paths for walking, cycling, and running near Pebble Beach.

5. Three Cliffs Bay Beach

Three Cliffs Bay Beach, Wales
LocationSwansea, Wales
Distance from Cardiff50 mi

Three Cliffs Bay is a beach in the City and County of Swansea, Wales, on the south coast of the Gower Peninsula.

The bay gets its name from the three sea cliffs that protrude into it. This beach is around 40 to 50 miles from Cardiff, a little far away but worth visiting.

Three Cliffs Beach is a picturesque, sandy beach that is flanked by three limestone cliffs and has a stunning coastline of dunes, salt marsh, and rock pools.


It is a very scenic section of the Wales Coast Path and an excellent site for a picnic.

Stunning 360 views from the cliffs and the Pennard Pill stream running through the beach are the most photogenic destinations here.

The Three Cliffs Beach is famous for its walking trails and good artisan food. The views of this beach are just breathtaking and its beauty cannot be described in words.

6. Ogmore-By-Sea Beach

Ogmore-By-Sea, Wales
LocationGlamorgan Heritage Coast, Wales
Distance from Cardiff25 mi

Ogmore-By-Sea is famous for its broad golden sands and lush rock pools and is one of the most popular beaches for visitors along the Glamorgan Heritage Coast, Wales.

It is a charming destination that is about 20 to 25 miles from Cardiff and takes less than an hour to reach there.

Here you will find fossils and rugged rocks along the beach.

You can also spot animals on the River Ogmore, or take a walk to uncover the mysterious Norman Castle and the huge sand dunes at Ogmore.

During the low tides, this beach features a large, flat sandy bay with lots of area for boisterous dogs to run around.


This beach has a variety of facilities which makes it an ideal destination to visit during vacations.

It is known for being one of the cleanest in the region, and it is popular for a range of activities like swimming, surfing, fishing, and walking.

Ogmore-By-Sea beach also offers nice amenities including parking, restrooms, lifeguard patrol throughout the summer, and generally an ice cream truck and other food & beverage vans.

7. Sandy Bay Beach

LocationPorthcawl, Wales
Distance from Cardiff30 mi

Sandy Bay, also known as Coney Beach, is a well-known broad, sandy beach with a gently sloping inclination.

It is situated in the southeast of Wales and in the Cardiff Capital Region near the center of Porthcawl.

This beach is famous around the world for its stunning views, and you can sit here and relax while watching the incredible views of sunrise and sunset.

Coney Beach is a famous surfing and swimming spot with an entertainment arcade nearby, making it a popular vacation destination for people from all over the world.

There is a small cliff on the eastern side of the beach with rock pools that can be explored during the low tide.

Visitors can also spend their time shopping, eating in traditional eateries, and learning about the town’s history at the museum. Overall, a worthwhile destination to visit with family and kids.

8. Sully Beach

LocationVale of Glamorgan, Wales
Distance from Cardiff8 mi

Sully beach is a pebble beach and a very beautiful tourist spot. It is located in the center of Sully Bay on the Glamorgan coast, between Penarth and Barry.

This is a tranquil beach ideal for lounging and sunbathing. Instead of sunbathing, you can also enjoy several fun activities like hiking and fishing.

It is not popular among visitors but this beach still attracts a lot of crowds during the summer season as the local people staying near this place love to visit this beach.


You can see fascinating stone-carved structures here along with magnificent views of the horizon.

Sully Beach offers a lot of open room for exploration. So plan your Weekend getaway to this beach and soak in the quaint coastal ambiance of the place.

These are some of the popular sea beaches near Cardiff, Wales.

These stunning sea beaches provide some of the greatest getaway destinations in Wales.

You can escape to these locations to relax and spend some time in solace.

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