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Divar Island, Goa - Places to visit, Ferry details

Divar Island, Goa – Places to visit, Ferry details

Goa, as we all know, is one of the favorite destinations for many tourists inside and outside India.

The state beholds a unique charm with its beaches and islands. Divar Island is one such incredible island on the Mandovi River in Goa.


It is a home to rich culture and heritage as well.

With flourishing beauty and culture, the island is a perfect destination for people who are in search of tranquility and solitude.

Divar Island was abandoned in the past because of the plague epidemic that spread affecting many residents of Goa.

Now the island is a popular tourist destination with incredibly beautiful monuments and scenic beauty.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Divar Island in Goa,

Come let’s explore these points in detail…

How to reach Divar Island

Divar Island in Goa is well connected to all the megacities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

To reach Panjim you have to reach Goa Airport. The distance between Panjim and Goa Airport is 12 km.

Divar Island is in close proximity to Panjim (or Panaji). It is located at a distance of 10 km from Panaji.

Divar Island in Goa can be reached only by ferry services.


The south side of the island is connected to the Viceroy’s Arch in Old Goa by a ferry service.

You can also get a ferry from Old Goa near the Basilica of Bom Jesus to Divar Island.

The East End of the Island can be reached from Naroa in Bicholim Taluka District.

Navelim/St. Pedro Terminal connects to Ribandar and the Piedade Goltim Terminal connects between Divar and Old Goa. 

Things to do on Divar Island

Divar Islands is an exceptionally beautiful Island in Goa. You have a lot of things to see and do on Divar Island and the other adjacent places.

On Divar Island, the exquisite view of the islands and the architectural ruins of the historic temples and monuments are mesmerizing.

1. Attend the carnivals

The most iconic things to see on Divar Island are the carnival festivals across the small Divar Divisions.

Potekar and Bonderam are the major festivals that are held in Divar and you can certainly visit the island during this time.

These festivals are celebrated in August.

If you visit Divar Island during the grand festivals you can enjoy and vibe with the local communities, who dress up in vibrant colored dresses.

The people venture around the villages dressing up in different costumes. The festival of Potkar resembles Halloween.

In November Feast of our Lord Redeemer festival is celebrated on Divar Island.

The festival is celebrated with great fervor and a grand traditional feast is arranged on that day.

Lord Redeemer House is now a chapel and many people come to see the miraculous picture of the Lord to get their wishes fulfilled.

2. Explore the vintage locations

Divar Island is surrounded by astounding views, serenity, and landscapes. The Island is bordered by vintage houses of Portuguese architecture.

The spectacular view of the churches and the green paddy fields on Divar Island makes the island more pleasant.


The enchanting beauty of the narrow streets adds to the beauty of this place. You will feel the charm of the place miles away from city life.

The calm paradise is an ideal destination for people who are in search of tranquility and peace.

3. Explore the villages

Not just the island, the ruins of history are clearly imprinted on this island.

Pidadae is the largest village on Divar Island.

This village is home to churches and chapels dating back to the era of the Kadamba Dynasty which was once home to a Hindu Temple.

You can also visit the Matthias Church which is a 400 years old Portugal Church in Goan Village (Malar) that celebrates the popular Bonderam festival every year.

The beautiful village of Naroa is a holy site that had the Saptakoteshwar Temple of the Kadamaba Dynasty.

The temple was destroyed and the only historic evidence left are some of the Christian Shrines and the Naroa Fort.

Other attractions on Divar Islands

There are many fascinating attractions near Divar Island.

Not only on Divar Island, make a visit to the pristine beaches of Goa as well.

Koti Tirtha Tali and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary are the prime local sightseeings in and around Divar Island.

Do not forget to take a camera and click lovely pictures of these significant places. Calangute Beach and Anjuna Beach are some of the popular tourist attractions in Goa.

Plan a trip to the Aguada Fort, famous churches and chapels, and most importantly the stunning Dudhsagar Falls.


Best time to visit Divar Island

You can visit this Island all around the year.

But I would recommend you to visit these places, especially during the celebrations and grand festivals in August and November.

The entire place looks mesmerizing during the festivals and the weather during the autumn and winter remains mild and favorable to sit, relax and enjoy the island ferry ride too.

Places to stay at Divar Island

There are many villas, hotels, and resorts near Divar Island from where the island is easily accessible.

The Villas are exceptionally beautiful.

Portuguese villas like Casa Dos Silveiras, and Wow Romantic Villa offers a luxurious stay in Divar.

Casa Dos villa is well connected to Divar Island by ferries operating from Ribandar and Old Goa.

The Wow Romantic villa has beautifully designed architecture with spacious bedrooms and other relevant services.

Two wells are there in the garden area and you will get a delicious alfresco breakfast here.

These gorgeous villas are ideal to chill out with a big group of family and friends. 

Doubletree resort in Panjim is a wonderful resort offering spectacular views of the Mandovi River. The deluxe suites and the guest rooms are very comforting.

You will also get complimentary refreshments during the stay.

There are other resorts too like the Vivanta Goa, Crown Goa, and many more splendid resorts near Divar Island.

Places to eat on Divar Island

Divar Island is famous for the authentic dish called Urak which is a type of cashew Fenny.

It is also found in some places in the Goa.

The yummiest food item in Goa cuisine is the “prawn Rava Fry” and the “Crab Xacuti”. Do not miss out on the mouth-watering street food called the “Ras Omelet”. 

The best restaurants on Divar island are Rock Inn, Copperleaf Porvorim, Spice Goa, The Caravela Cafe, and Bistro where you can find awesome seafood and other Portugal and authentic Goan dishes too.


Divar Island is an ideal destination for those who love history & culture and are nature lovers.

The blessings of nature draped in Divar Island are perfect to spend your holidays. The incomparable beauty of the place will give you wonderful memories for a lifetime.

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