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Top 5 Beautiful Bioluminescent Beaches In India

Top 5 Beautiful Bioluminescent Beaches In India

The beauty of nature lies in its deep-rooted secrets. There are some strange but beautiful things that nature reveals at times that leave everyone puzzled and awestruck!

Bioluminescence is one such phenomenon where the water glows brilliantly in blue. Just as if someone has beautified the shoreline with blue pearls.

There are a few beaches in India where you can find this phenomenon.


Bioluminescence takes place through a chemical reaction that produces light energy within an organism’s body just like a firefly.

If you see such blue neon bulbs on some beaches, consider yourself lucky and make sure to click some good pictures!

In this article, you will get to know about the following bioluminescent beaches in India,

  1. Havelock Beach
  2. Bhangra Beach
  3. Thiruvanmiyur Beach
  4. Betalbatim Beach
  5. Juhu Beach

Let’s see each of these in detail…

1. Havelock Beach (Andaman & Nicobar)

You must have heard about the unique creature of Andaman- the Coral Reef! 

Almost everyone is aware of this. But today I will tell you why you should plan your trip to Havelock island and beach. Only to chill, relax?

No, something more magical than that. It is on Havelock Island, you will see the bioluminescent blue seascape glowing and sparkling.


The tiny marine organisms known as phytoplankton, which illuminate the ocean surface at night, are the source of this ethereal glow.

The best time to see this light show is on moonless nights when you can either go bioluminescent kayaking or just stroll around the island.

One of the most magical experiences you’ll ever have is this night kayaking trip.

Just after dusk, you can paddle over the magnificent sea that is glowing and sparkling with bioluminescence. The sea water gets illuminated by each stroke of your paddle.

Bioluminescence is most active from the months of November to February.

2. Bhangra Beach (Lakshadweep)

One of the rarest glowing beaches in India, Bhangra Beach in Lakshadweep can fulfill your dreams. 

It is one of India’s most amazing bioluminescent beaches.

The presence of phytoplankton, which emits blue light, gives the ocean the appearance of a “blanket of stars”. Just like Vincent Goghs ”the starry night”!  Sounds appealing? Indeed, it does.

This is nature at its best, enchanting you with its magical qualities, not some artificial lighting!

You’ll agree that nature possesses some amazing and breathtaking elegance that can make you fall in love with the unusual creations of God.

Lakshadweep’s Bagram Beach is a prime example of this. You simply cannot miss this because it is a mesmerizing natural phenomenon.

3. Thiruvanmiyur Beach (Tamil Nadu)

In the lovely state of Kerala, the coast From Kovalam to Thiruvanmiyur beautifies itself with the mini blue lamps of nature.

The ebb and flow of the beach water are accompanied by a mysterious blue glow, which is a very uncommon sighting among the locals.

When it was first noticed in August 2019, the internet was immediately flooded with videos about this unusual phenomenon.


Locals in Chennai could not believe their eyes.  Yes, the beach was glowing.

When they witnessed the wonderful sight of the glistening sea at Thiruvanmiyur beach, the locals were unaware of the fact Chennai had glowing beaches.

Just think, how rarely this phenomenon occurs on Thiruvanmiyur Beach in Chennai, and those who can see this consider themselves lucky.

For many locals and villagers, this scientific phenomenon is some kinda divine charm just like the shooting stars! 

4. Betalbatim Beach (Goa)

How can Goa be out of the list of beaches and that too is not a part of a charming phenomenon called “bioluminescence”? 

A stunning beach in South Goa, Betalbatim Beach is often inhabited by thrill-seekers. You’ll be surprised to know that, in addition to being a great place to relax, it also has something else to offer. A beach with unusual glowing water!

Blue pearls lines up the beach as the darkness surrounds. 

At night, Betalbatim Beach shines brilliantly. Well, the bioluminescence gives the waves a glittery appearance under the starry night. 

When the water is agitated, the bioluminescence shows a more magical effect, and when the water gets steady, it quickly dims.

It’s time to reconsider your thoughts if you thought this place only exhibits blue bioluminescent waves.

Surprisingly, a neon green glow is also given off by the tidewater.

On a full moon night, the ocean and the sky bow to the beauty of this natural fluorescent light that nature shows.

5. Juhu Beach (Maharashtra)

Juhu Beach, which is one of Mumbai’s most popular attractions, is renowned for its captivating views.

This beach is popular for its bioluminescent features that add to its distinctiveness. When the waves hit the shore, neon blue lights make the beach look adorable.

Both locals and tourists are immensely drawn to this natural and unusual occurrence.


Visit Mumbai’s Juhu Bioluminescent Beach if you really want to have a glimpse of some of the rare occurrences of nature.

At around 9:30 pm, you can visit the shores of Juhu to see this magic. 

The sublime beauty of the beach at night will make you feel delighted. 

These are some of the popular bioluminescent sea beaches you can visit in India.

Some of India’s beaches are truly miraculous, in terms of beautiful seas, thrilling water activities, ultramarine oceans, and palm groves.

A starry night with the angelic beauty of the beaches will certainly enhance the bond and chemistry between you and your partner. 

Just don’t miss the opportunity to sing to your beloved “Hum Tum Kitne Pas Hain Kitne…….”!

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