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Top 8 Beautiful Villages and Small Towns to Visit in Greece

Top 8 Beautiful Villages and Small Towns to Visit in Greece

Greece is a wonderland and a paradisiacal location on the globe.

The beautiful place is festooned with islands, infinite sand beaches, gorgeous sunsets, and even historic landmarks.

Whether it is the historic Acropolis or the classic Greek villages with their whitewashed houses set against the glistening sea, Greece has it all.


The country also contains several other distinctive hamlets, some of which are situated amidst mountains, close to medieval and ancient ruins, and ones that are loaded with vibrant art and architecture.

Visitors can explore a variety of architectural styles, depending on the landscape and historical development of each location. Of course, Cycladic architecture is the most recognizable type.

In this article, you will get to know about the following beautiful villages and small towns to Visit in Greece,

  1. Oia
  2. Apeiranthos
  3. Molyvos
  4. Lindos
  5. Pyrgi
  6. Chora
  7. Alonnisos
  8. Asos

Let us explore some of these pretty villages in Greece…

1. Oia (Santorini)

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Oia is undoubtedly the most scenic village on Santorini, and some people even say it’s the most beautiful in all of Greece!

It is also Santorini’s most popular village.

The village looks out over the volcano and the island of Thirassia from atop a striking cliff.

The settlement was probably established in the 15th century, and there are still some Venetian castle ruins nearby.

Although Oia is known mostly for its breathtaking sunsets, it is also renowned for its true Cycladic beauty, whitewashed homes, maze-like streets, and fantastic hotels.

Windmills and galleries were established by several artists who settled there after falling in love with the place.


Every evening, hundreds of people assemble to view the sunset over the Aegean Sea and photograph Greece’s majestic sunset.

You can also see a lot of adorable homes with traditional architecture and sun-drenched patios when strolling through Oia. The renowned blue-domed cathedrals and other chapels are also equally charming. 

2. Apeiranthos (Nexos)

Apiranthos (Apeiranthos) is a tiny mountain village which is situated on Mount Fanari on the island of Naxos. The settlement of Apiranthos or t’Aperathou is situated 28 kilometers from the island’s capital Chora and 600 meters above sea level at the base of Mt. Fanari. 

Visitors and cultural enthusiasts can stroll along the stone streets and ancient structures.

You can visit any of the town’s five museums, which include the Natural History Museum and the Archaeological Museum, which house interesting ancient artifacts.

The Cycladic islands of Apiranthos have a unique ambiance due to the Venetian towers, charming streets, old two-story houses, and marble-paved alleyways with arches above them.

The majestic Zevgolis Tower, constructed on a rock in the 17th century, may be seen near the village’s entrance. In addition, it serves as the starting point for a tour of the marble-strewn lanes, which leads to the square filled with cafes.

3. Molyvos (Lesbos)

Molyvos, Lesbos, Greece

Molyvos is a hamlet that cradles the picturesque harbor on the shore of the sparkling Aegean Sea.

The main streets of Molyvos are made of cobbled stone and covered entirely by wisteria and are often shaded by vines.

The main charm of the village is the hilltop castle and the Ottoman Baths of Mithymna, which were formerly Greek hammam and is now a museum.


The village of Molyvos is made up of stone houses that surround the castle and follow the coastline to one of Greece’s most picturesque bays.

Those who wish to relax and love to get cozy sunbeams can choose to have a wonderful lazy time on the rocky and craggy beaches.

The spectacular first view that you would receive when you come around the last bend when traveling through Petra and along the coastal road will surely amaze you.

4. Lindos (Rhodes)

Lindos, Rhodes, Greece

Lindos is a unique village to explore because of its blend of antique and old architecture.

In Greek Mythology it is said that King Tlepolemus of the Dorians, a legendary hero who also appeared in Homer’s Iliad and commanded nine warships of the Greek navy, built Lindos in the 10th century BC.

The Temple of Athena Lindia, which dates back to the 6th century B.C., and the Castle of the Knights of St. John, which belongs to the 14th century, are located beneath the renowned mountaintop acropolis of the settlement of Lindos.

Predictably, Lindos is rich with historical landmarks and breathtaking natural attractions.

The old town of Lindos is as sophisticated as any of its type, even though the Acropolis of Lindos receives most of the attention. 

The tranquil village of Lindos, with its recognizable terracotta roofs and whitewashed walls, is home to numerous old churches and vibrant tavernas that welcome all kinds of tourists.

5. Pyrgi (Chios)

Pyrgi, also known as Greece’s painted town, is one of the most stunning settlements on the island of Chios and is located near Mastihochoria. It is a very beautiful and amazing location.

 Here the buildings are decorated with geometric designs and vibrant themes and this unique art form is known as Xysta, which employs lime, volcanic sand, and cement as the main decorative agent.


This “painted village” from the Middle Ages is well-known for its angular façade. Pyrgi received its name from the village’s main medieval tower, which is still present and has well-maintained original architecture.

The picturesque village is made up of winding stone-paved alleys, magnificent churches, distinctive architecture, and balconies brimming with flowers and sun-dried tomatoes. 

There are lodging options, cafes, and top-notch pubs in the village too.

6. Chora (Ios)

Chora, Ios, Greece

The pretty village of Chora in Naxos is constantly bustling.

This ancient village, with its traditional white-washed Cycladic homes and marble-lined streets, is more alluring. 

This little village has The Portara, a massive doorway to the ancient temple of Apollo that was started to build in 522 BC but was never completed. It is the area’s most well-known landmark. 

According to legend, if you stand at the doorway and make a wish, you will have your wish fulfilled. 

The sunsets from this place are fascinating and attractive. 

Chora embraces visitors with a plethora of small lanes, arches, and a 13th Century Venetian Castle. 

There are attractive beaches, top-notch restaurants, and sunset bars just waiting to be discovered beyond the old town’s historical walls. 

It all contributes to a truly great small town.

7. Alonnisos

Alonnisos, Greece

Of the inhabited Sporades, Alonnisos is the wildest, most remote, and less trodden. It rises from the sea in the lush green hilly slope, with stands of Aleppo pine, kermes oak, mastic and arbutus shrubs, vineyards, and olive and fruit trees, all interlaced with fragrant and wild herbs. 


The east coast is dotted with alluring aquamarine bays and pebble-and-sand beaches, while the west and north shores are steep and rocky. 

The entire region is enclosed by the pristine 2260-square-kilometer Alonnisos National Marine Park.

8. Asos (Cephalonia)

Asos, Cephalonia, Greece

Asos is a little, enticing village 36 kilometers north of Argostoli. 

It is currently one of Greece’s most lovely locations with a soothing and cozy atmosphere. 

The settlement of Asos is situated on a tiny peninsula and is dominated by the remnants of a 16th-century Venetian castle, reflecting a lovely and welcoming ambiance.

The natural beauty of Assos is made up of classic buildings, serene surroundings, and pebbly beaches. 

Old churches, attractive walks, and colorful homes with pink and white blooms may all be seen by taking a stroll around the lanes. 

Most of the guests are drawn to the little taverns that are located on the quayside and overlook the bay. 

It takes a while to get to the castle since you have to pass through an archway in the middle of an olive tree forest. It’s indeed an intriguing and energizing journey.

These are some of the beautiful villages and small towns to visit in Greece.

Nothing can be a perfect place to relax and rediscover yourself in the hypnotic rustic charm of Greek villages. The dreamland will surprise you with all the delights that you are awaiting.

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