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5 Best Ship Cruises In India You Can Go On

5 Best Ship Cruises In India You Can Go On

Planning for a long vacation to witness the vast gorgeous oceans, rivers, and lush green surroundings of India?

Well! you may board a luxury cruise that will take you to some of the country’s unexplored exotic spots.


In this article, you will get to know about some of the top luxury cruises in India,

  1. Oberoi Vrinda Cruise
  2. River Ganges Heritage Cruise
  3. Lakshadweep Cruise
  4. Goa Cruise
  5. Sunderban Luxury Cruise

Let’s see each of these cruises in detail…

1. Oberoi Vrinda Cruise

Cruising through Kerala backwaters

Oberoi Vrinda cruise will take you across Kerala’s beautiful water stretches, traveling via Vembanad Lake and the Alleppey seas.

You can experience the rich cultural programs as well as nighttime performances while enjoying all of the amenities onboard.

You will be offered authentic Kerala cuisines, seafood like Crabs, salad, and wine on the menu here which are being prepared by renowned master chefs from the country.

The Oberoi Vrinda motor ferry offers visitors a lovely view of the backwaters in Kerala.

You can Visit the renowned backwater sites in Kerala while cruising on this beautiful floating villa.


The Oberoi Vrinda is a fantastic way to explore the tranquility of the neighboring villages and the heavenly touch of God’s Own Country.

Endure the luxury services such as Ayurveda massage, parlor, relaxing deck, bar, and deluxe cabins for the night while staying at the Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda.

You may enjoy your breakfast on the deck while basking in the sun and observing the pristine beauty of nature.

While cruising you can get to see classical dance performances, Lord Buddha Statue at Karumadi, Chambakulam Snake Boat race yard.

Explore the traditional local homes called “Tharavad”.

2. River Ganges Heritage Cruise

The Ganges river provides spectacular vistas of religious pilgrimage sites, Howrah Bridge, and its surrounding beauty.

The cruise includes 32 large accommodations and a vast eating space that can accommodate up to 80 passengers.

It also includes a big kitchen serving regional food.

This 260-kilometer-long luxury cruise journey will take you to some of the most popular tourist destinations.

The powerful Ganga symbolizes grace and eternal existence. This is one of the reasons why explorers visited different areas of the nation across the Ganges for millennia.

Ganga Voyager, which is the height of elegance and luxury, offers vacation experiences across the Indian Subcontinent.


The award-winning river cruise has its own style and will provide you with immense comfort. There are amicable staff members on board to ensure that your voyage is carefree and filled with happy memories.

Along with traveling along the Ganges, the cruise has a variety of activities planned for you. It provides a variety of pleasures for all ages, from sunbathing to relaxing evenings on the deck.

The skilled chefs prepare great cuisines in the multi-cuisine dining area on the main deck, to ensure that your voyage aboard Ganges Voyager is fulfilled by wonderful food.

Their bartenders prepare unusual beverages on the sun terrace.

While the luxury sail takes you to popular sites, you may also appreciate the sights and notable landmarks.

3. Lakshadweep Cruise

A cruise ship to Lakshadweep

The Lakshadweep Islands are well-known for their adventurous water activities, so if you are looking for something exciting, this trip is for you.

There are a variety of cruises that operate in this area.

During the voyage, you will be able to visit many popular destinations and learn about the local culture of the communities.

On some of the islands, you may go turtle watching, coral reef watching, or bird watching. You can also rent jet skis and water scooters for some thrills and adventures.

Water sports and adventure junkies will have a fantastic time here. It is possible to do anything from water swimming to deep-sea fishing.

Only ten of the 36 islands are inhabited.

Many islands can only be visited during certain times of the year on cruises.

4. Goa Cruise

A cruise ship in Goa

Goa is undoubtedly one of India’s most popular cruise destinations.

You’ll be able to see the gorgeous golden sunset along the beaches as the water vessel sails over the dazzling waters of the Mandovi river.

On the trip, you’ll be served a variety of beverages as well as exquisite treats.

Enjoy the royal delicacies as well! While you surpass the beautiful scenery You could even spot dolphins.


A cruise in Goa allows you to discover the diverse scenery, turquoise waterways, and spectacular sunset vista.

In Goa, cruises range from modest evening cruises to extravagant and romantic dinner cruises, backwater cruises, and casino cruises. All of these typically begin near Miramar Beach in Panjim.

The Goa cruises offer you voyages throughout the day based on the time of day, sunset, and moonlight.

You can also book the Goa cruises online.

You may select the ideal package for you based on your needs and the amount of time you wish to spend on the boats.

5. Sunderban Luxury Cruise

Sunderbans is the world’s biggest Royal Bengal tiger reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

An amazing Sail through mangrove ecosystems and local communities to witness interesting traditional theatrical performances by the inhabitants.

The Sunderban Cruise provides lodging in the form of Super Deluxe Air-Conditioned rooms outfitted with cutting-edge conveniences.

The ship has 32 rooms divided throughout its four decks.

These staterooms are divided into four categories: Under Deck, Main Deck, First Deck, and Sun Deck.

The rooms have a temple, books, novels, magazines and newspapers, a tea and coffee maker, and an emergency kit.

The huge windows in the apartments provide breathtaking views of the surrounding areas, which are tucked with small coastal towns and natural greens.

The terrace restaurant on Vivada Cruises M.V.


The Paramahamsa vessel can accommodate up to 80 guests.

It serves cuisines from all around the world and has a kitchen where delicious delicacies are prepared for travelers.

The skilled cooks have a selection of multi-cuisine dishes, the houseboat will undoubtedly thrill your taste buds.

The fresh cuisine will enhance your eating experience.

The exquisite delicacies paired up with the impressive destination can make your cruise tour more memorable.

Exploring the sublime beauty of nature on royal cruise voyages can be a lifetime experience that may hike up your excitement in your journey.

Relaxing on the decks, clicking pictures of sunsets and sunrises, and enjoying views of vast waterways are moments to cherish forever!

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