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Does "The Family Man" season 2 exceeded the expectations?

Does “The Family Man” season 2 exceeded the expectations?

The Family Man season 1 set a high benchmark score after its release. Every single person enjoyed it a lot. So it did set a high expectation bar for season 2.

When the trailer of The Family Man season 2 was released, it faced some criticism. Despite all of these, the second season was released on Amazon prime video on June 4, 2021.

Man!! What a season it is.

First of all collaboration with the Tamil industry gave it some beans. Hats off to Samantha Akkineni. She proved what a terrific performer she can be if given the right role.

In most of the movies, directors used her as an eye-candy of heroes. But the directors of family man Raj and DK tried to experiment with her, and their gamble paid off. Samantha Akkineni’s character ‘Raji’ is something of another level.

Screengrab from The Family Man 2

Introducing the Tamil industry gave this web series a huge expansion. Manoj Bajpai’s lead characters Srikant Tiwari and Sharib Hashmi’s character JK Talpade are as glorious as they were in the first season.

Besides them, all other characters are extremely well-picked and they did an outstanding job.

All the comic relief, emotional kick, intense action sequences are well plotted and merged together.

The storyline is so well organized and gets so intense that it will force you to binge-watch the entire season in a single night.

So, yes, this season of family man exceeded our expectations. It even set a higher bar of expectation for the next season as well.