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6 Best Hill Stations To Visit In Odisha (India)

6 Best Hill Stations To Visit In Odisha (India)

Odisha, situated in the eastern zone of India, is full of flabbergasting beauty and pristine nature. The coastal state has many hill stations that are settled in the untouched mountain ranges.


We mostly know about the coastal towns of Odisha, like Puri, but it also has many famous hill stations that you can visit. So let us see and enjoy a few of the places and rivet the pure happiness.

In this article, you will get to know about the following hill stations to visit in Odisha,

  1. Chandragiri
  2. Daringbari
  3. Dhenkanal
  4. Mahendragiri
  5. Niyamgiri
  6. Tensa Hills

Let’s see each of these places in detail.

1. Chandragiri


The hamlet of Chandragiri, or Jirang, is situated in Mohana, in the district of Gajapati. Placed in the lush valley wrapped in mountains, the place is famed for the Buddhist monastery and the Tibetan community. It is often referred to as ‘Mini Tibet.’

The pleasing terrain is enfolded in gushing rivers, rolling hillocks, well-crafted mountain slopes, dense tropical forests, and an invigorating atmosphere. The history of the hill station stretches back to the 1900s when refugees came with Dalai Lama into Exile after escaping the invaded Tibet by the Chinese.


Due to the past, the place now has Tibetan settlements and influence. When you visit, you will find Tibetan woolen clothes, other pieces items, and lovely Carpets. Chandragiri is also known for its seasonal fruits, horticulture plantations as well as the vibrant cultural activities of the Tibetans.

So many spots like the Jirang Valley, monasteries, stupas, The Bonus Khasada Fall, etc., are there to be contemplated here. The entire region is untamed and is incredible to look at.

2. Daringbadi

Daringbadi, Odisha
Elevation915 m

Also called the “Kashmir of Odisha,” the quaint hill station is in the district of Kandhmal. Perched at an elevation of 915 meters, the name Daring Bari comes from the name of a British officer, Daring Saheb, who was in charge of the region back then.

Stippled with waterfalls and rich pine woods in the valley, the place has spectacular scenic beauty. The slopes are covered with coffee estates and pepper gardens. It is an ideal place to bask in the summer sun amid the natural bounty.

The dense rainforest of the eastern ghats is also seen here in the hills. Several appealing places are there to explore, like Lover’s Point, Hill View Park, Spice Garden, Doluri River, Badangia waterfall, Belghar Sanctuary, and many others.

The beauty is endless, along with some interesting activities, like bird watching, wildlife safari, trekking, visiting the plantations, rock climbing, bungee jumping, etc. The list goes on. Do enjoy some of the local flavors of the hill station.

3. Dhenkanal

Elevation80 m

Lying on the east coast of Odisha, at the Paniohala Hills, the lovely hill station is known for its cultural and historical blend. The place has a history dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

The warm comfy sunrays, green valleys, sweet aroma of the ripened plums, dense woodland, and gushing waterfalls fill up the hill station. It also has a few mythological sites, like the Kapilash temple, with a Kalinga style of architecture. This site is trusted to be the second ‘Kailash.’


Next is the Saptasajya, and according to mythology, the Pandavas of the epic Mahabharata spend their days of 12 years of exile in this region. If you are intrigued by these myths, visit the places and learn more about them.

Drop by the parks and sanctuaries, rich flora and fauna will welcome you warmly. Ride the boat in the River Mahanadi, and you may come across a group of Ghariyals swimming at the periphery.

Do not overlook the handicrafts village with splendid stone carvings, masks, puppets, patta chitra, metal works, silver filigree, and all other different types of art. The cultural importance is evident in these parts.

4. Mahendragiri

Elevation1501 m

The hill ranges of Mahendragiri are placed in the Eastern Ghats of the state in Ryagada, district of Gajapati. It is the second most elevated peak in Odisha, and the Mahendratanaya river surges down the mountain.

The region is famed for the lush growth of Red Sandel Wood. This hill station has mythology related to the Ramayana and Mahabharata. It has temples, beautiful water cascades, and many other popular tourist spots.

Nature feels so close when you come to this hill station. Go trekking and click a ton of pictures in the wild. The green hills can be seen, covered with clouds. Below them are the rolling meadows having rich vegetation.

If you love exploring, go and see the ancient ruins and temples that have had consequences since ancient times. A jungle safari is a must if you are at Mahendragiri.

5. Niyamgiri

DistrictKalahandi and ‎Rayagada
Elevation1509 m

The southwestern part of Odisha has the Niyamgiri Hills in the Kalahandi and Rayagada districts. The lush biodiversity of the region imparts immense significance.  

Here you will find a whole sequence of thick forests and wildlife sanctuaries. The place also has vulnerable wildlife and the Dongria Kondh tribal community. The hill station is charming, with the bounty of the natural environment and the ranges wrapping around the place.


Witness the sights from the hilltop, go around sightseeing, and shop as much as you want. Wait to get mesmerized by the enchanting sunset on the horizon of the mountains, and feel the cool breeze of the higher altitude.

Relax and chill in the mountain vibes and gobble on some of the traditional and local delicacies of the region. You will find Glasses of Mandia Jau made out of ragi, fish, yams, and sweetmeats made from jaggery, ragi, and rice. The food list is never-ending.

6. Tensa Hills

Elevation704 m

In the district of Sundergarh lies the hill station of Tensa. The blissful hamlet is brimming with forests, hills, and iron mines. The place also has nature camps where you can have a wonderful stay in the wild.

Watch towers are there for the magnificent panoramas of the dense verdant woods and the lofty hills. Different seasons attract you with distinctive views and sceneries.

If you spend your holidays during the monsoon months, the moisture-filled clouds touch the hill station giving a magical view. The winters have clear blue skies and the shiny sun imparting all the warmth.

The green meadows over a large region and the exotic area also have some popular picnic spots where you can adore nature and celebrate a joyous day with your loved ones. Here you will find a perfect mixture of history and culture standing beautifully in the middle of nature.

These are some of the famous hill stations in Odisha that you can plan to visit in your next holidays. The locations are serene and sublime and will offer you rejuvenation and relaxation.

There are also a lot of sites for thrill-seekers and explorers. Pack your stuff and get on the road to reach any one of the destinations.

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