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Top 6 Hilltop Towns To Visit In Italy | Best Italian Hill Stations

Top 6 Hilltop Towns To Visit In Italy | Best Italian Hill Stations

Italy is full of surprises, be it the culture, vibrance, joy, heritage, or food. Everywhere you set your eyes, wild nature will engulf you in it.

Not only are the famed cities and islands, but the nation also offers some of the most spectacular hilltop towns in the world. Let us traverse a few hilltop towns that will make you fall in love with Italy all over again.


In this article, you will get to know about the following Italian hill stations,

  1. San Gimignano
  2. Brisighella
  3. Assisi
  4. Pitigliano
  5. Spello
  6. Urbino

Let’s see each of these in detail.

Best hilltop towns in Italy

1. San Gimignano

San Gimignano, Italy
Elevation324 m

San Gimignano shows off a beautiful skyline consisting of Medieval towers. It is in the province of Sienna and takes up an area of 138 sq. kilometers.

The town’s history dates back to the 3rd century BC when the village of the Etruscan people was sited in place of San Gimignano. The fine towers with splendid medieval architecture can be seen even today, and so do the walls that encircle the place.


The magnificent place offers so much beauty in terms of churches, towers, nature, and museums. The view from the top of the town is magical. The countryside, the lush nature, and the horizon afar feel like a fairytale.

Walk through the paved medieval streets, explore the history hidden in the museums, look at the architecture and paintings of the churches and towers, savor some delicious local delicacies along with the special gelato, and do not forget to taste some of the finest wines in Italy.

2. Brisighella

Brisighella, Italy
Elevation115 m

The small hamlet of Brisighella is located in Northeastern Italy. It is a commune in the Ravenna province of Emilia-Romagna. It sits perfectly in the valley of River Lamone, surrounded by three other hills.

It is situated between the cities of Ravenna and Florence and carries loads of history. The ancient town is enveloped with walls constructed to serve as a shield. Rocco Manfrediana, the castle, and the clock tower were built for military purposes.

There is a lot more from the past, but this Italian region is brimming with vineyards, olive trees, stunning sights from the top of the hill, parks, churches, etc. Try some of the high-quality local olive oil freshly squeezed from the fruits.

Drop by the rolling vineyards and enjoy some time in nature, walk on the stone paved paths to feel the time of the past as well as adore the vibrant pastel houses on the side of the streets. Taste the local foods while you are on your adventure spree.

The place holds staggering beauty. Smell the fragrance of the atmosphere, and cherish the sights in front of your eyes.

3. Assisi

Assisi, Italy
Elevation424 m

Central Italy’s hilltop town is Assisi, where Italy’s patron saint, St. Francis was born. The settlement is situated in the Umbria region. It is one of the most famous sites for pilgrims from all over the world.

The medieval town is a gem in the country with all its spectacular beauty and serene atmosphere. The impressive culture and architecture make the place a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Breathe in the stretched lavender fields and take a tour around it. Take home some special lavender oil as a memory of this spell bounding place. Visit the Basilicas and all the other sites having the past winded them.

Eat like a local and taste all the flavors specific to the site. Go shopping, and buy as many items as you want. If you love some thrill, then hiking up to Monte Subasio is probably a great idea. The scenes from the trails are unforgettable.

Before leaving the town, admire the sceneries from Rocca Maggiore, located at the top of the hill. The entire town of Assisi can be viewed from there, and it’s magical.

4. Pitigliano

Pitigliano, Italy
Elevation313 m

Also known as ‘Little Jerusalem,’ Pitigliano is a picturesque old town in the Grosseto province of Tuscany. This quaint town is placed perfectly on a sturdy rock that stands as tall as 300 meters.

There are canyons surrounding the elevated town, which are formed by the rivers Lente and Meleta. The town’s story dates back to 3500 years since the Etruscan period.

Tour the town and look into its antiquity. So many stunning structures and sites are there to describe the past and all the architecture on them. Hiking trails are available for you to reach all these ancient locations.

The alleys and the Jewish quarters are perfect for a local experience and can be seen while taking a stroll. The cathedrals, unique Vie Cave, museum, Jewish Synagogue, etc., can be seen throughout the beautiful town.

Nature wraps the place and displays its exotic charm. The flavors are the town are excellent and can not be missed. Taste the area’s white wine with a distinct flavor and crisp notes. End your trip by viewing the scenes from the town’s top with some good food.

5. Spello

Spello, Italy
Elevation280 m

It is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy and is in the Perugia province. It is sited on a sloping ridge and gives a spell-bounding sight of the Umbrian plains lying towards Perugia.

In the past era, the town was populated with the Umbri people. Later on, in the 1st century BC, it was turned into a Roman colony and was called Flavia under the rule of Constantine the Great. The entire town was constructed with stones and still holds those aspects from the early times.


The complete hamlet is adorned with different colors of flowers, from the stone-paved streets to balconies. You will find the vibrance everywhere. The town also hosts Infiorata, a flower festival specific to Spello, and is famous all over the globe.

Stroll through the alleyways and breath in the scenic views of the houses embellished with flowers, and look at all the historic churches and museums, along with all the other past attractions of Spello. Dive through the other landmarks in the town and witness the panoramic view of the surrounding from the top point of the place.

Savour something good in the restaurants and cafes in the area, and drop by a bar to drink something of your choice and chill with your loved ones.

6. Urbino

Urbino, Italy
Elevation451 m

The walled town of Urbino is snuggled on a high hillside in Central Italy. It is in Italy’s Marche region in the Pesaro and Urbino province.

The township is winded with tons of history and is also the birth town of the famous artist Raphael. It has seen numerous settlements before falling under the church’s rule. The hilltop town has incredible nature, and steep alleys, with captivating views of the surrounding vista.

So many spots are waiting to welcome you, including Raphael’s house and his paintings, palaces, cathedrals, museum, etc. all the attractions are mindboggling to look at, and you also get to absorb the times from the past.

The simple yet delicate flavors of Urbino will win over your heart. From fresh cheese, sweet bread, prosciutto, etc., to mouth-watering meat sausages, fresh pasta, and excellent wine. You can have it all.

Treasure your time in Urbino, chill and relax, take in all the local fun, and do not miss out on an exploration.

These are some of the famous hilltop towns in Italy. Unbelievably beautiful! Isn’t it?

Don’t wait anymore. Pack up all your essentials, and get on the road to travel to any of the magnificent hilltop hamlets of your choice and spend some time living like the locals.

Indulge in all that these places hold. We hope this article will help you to figure out your travel destination.

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