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6 Beautiful Islands To Visit In Italy | Best Italian Islands

6 Beautiful Islands To Visit In Italy | Best Italian Islands

Italy is a diverse nation with all sorts of natural beauty. Every island of the country shows off its unique charms and specialties in terms of nature, culture, houses, history, and food.

They are some of the best locations for you to explore if you are in Italy. These islands are the perfect destination for relaxing by the elegant blue sea.


The country has a spot on every traveler’s travel list, so let’s explore some of the beautiful islands this European country offers.

In this article, you will get to know about the following islands in Italy,

  1. Capri
  2. Elba
  3. Ponza
  4. Burano
  5. Procida
  6. Sardinia

Let’s see each of these in detail.

1. Capri


The island of Capri is located off the Sorrento Peninsula, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, in Italy’s Campania Region. The rugged terrain of the island makes it much more magical.

The main town, Capri, is the island’s population center. Marina Piccola and Marina Grande are the two famous harbors on the island. The island has many natural sites, luxury hotels, fashion and shopping, and more.

Tons of places are there to visit on the island. Starting with Faraglioni, the rock structures that stick out of the blue waters have become a symbol of Capri. The stunning view of these formations can be enjoyed from Via Tragara.


Next on the list is the Gardens of Augustus, or as Italians call it, Giardini di Augusto. The lovely garden is brimming with all sorts of Mediterranean flowers and plants. Walking through the back, you will get a stunning view of the sea and the enveloping greenery.

You might also access a boat trip around the island or visit its highest point, Monte Solaro, for a magnificent view of Capri. A lot more is to be seen while you are on the island, such as The Natural Arch, the streets of Via Camerelle, etc.

Do taste the island’s local cuisines, along with some Gelato at Buonocore Gelateria. The delicious flavors of the island are mouth-watering.

2. Elba


Elba is a serene Mediterranean island in Tuscany and is the largest of the Tuscan Archipelago. It is famed for its beaches and photogenic sites. The place is a mixture of adventure as well as relaxation. Shades of blue are seen in the waters, along with the surrounding hills and lush greenery.

You can go paddle boating at Fetovaia and sun bask at the beach. After some rest, explore the Fortress at Volterraio. This structure dates back to the times of the Etruscan civilization. Following this are the wrecks at Pomonte beach. It is the site for snorkeling, and you will see the wrecked ship, Elviscot.

The views from the island are mystical. Villa San Martino is an intriguing spot, as this was the place where Napoleon lived while he was at Elba. Numerous other sights are there to impress you on this island.

Savour on some of the sea foods and other local dishes while your stay at Elba. Schiacca Briaca and Porchini mushrooms are a must, other than wine and chestnut, on the island.

3. Ponza


The Italian Island of Ponza is in the Tyrrhenian Sea, south of monte Circeo. It is the largest of the Pontine Islands in the Lazio region.

The island has quite a bit of history attached to it. In the old times, the island was known as Tyrrhenia. Ponza also has 5000 years old roman temples and several other archeological sites. It is also surmised that the island of Aeaea, home of the Goddess Circe in the Odyssey (ancient Greek Poem), is the island of Ponza.

The Blue Grottoes make the place more prominent. There are Serpent Grotto and the Roman Gallery, a tunnel connecting Ponza town to the beach of Chiaia di Luna.


The island offers so many intriguing sites. Ride on the Gozzo boats and go around the caves of Pilate, being on the vibrant blue waters. Next on the list is Frontone Beach. The serenity, white sand, and staggering view will make your day.

While on the island, you should drop by the three Roman Cistern of Dragonara. The wide corridors into the tuffs are beautifully intact and will leave you in awe. Visit the vineyards at Cape Fieno and taste some of the wine at Antiche Cantine Migliaccio.

The splendid panoramic views are everywhere on the island. Much more is there to be seen but do not forget to eat to your heart’s content in your travel. The Linguine c’o fellone, cicerchie soup, stuffed squid, etc., are available to fill up your stomach and the heart.

4. Burano


Burano is a Venetian Island in the northern part of Italy. It is one of the most magical islands in the country, famed around the world for its vividly colored homes and remarkable needlelace works.

The rainbow-colored houses are mirrored on the water canals flowing through the town, making the place astoundingly beautiful. Explore the island by taking a walk, and don’t forget to capture some beautiful pictures. Make sure to be at the Casa di Bepi Sua.

Then there is the leaning tower of Burano, which elevates up to 53 meters and is under the Church of San Martino Vescovo. This is another picture-perfect site. There are eye-catching churches in the area that should not be missed and do look at the beautiful architecture of the churches.

Know about their brilliant lace work and buy some souvenirs having the work on them. Savour on to something delicious like Risotto de gò, trattoria buranella, etc.

(Click to know more about the things to do in Burano)

5. Procida


Between Cape Miseno and Ischia island, and in the Bay of Naples, this Flegrean island of Procida is situated. In 2022, the island was named “Italy’s Capital of Culture.” It is flushing with historic sites, tranquil beaches, untamed nature, pastel houses, and cafes.


The traditional houses in the towns near the sea display their vibrant orange, red, pink, and yellow. Walk to the oldest fishing village, Marina Corricella. It is a beautiful place to be and witness the local life.

The next highlight of the island is Terra Murata followed by the black sand beach of Pozzo Vecchio. Enjoy each of the sites and make the most out of your travel. Do not miss out on the good pastries and coffee at the local shops.

6. Sardinia


This Mediterranean Island has quite a bit of mystery. It is on the western side of mainland Italy, and after Sicily, it is the second largest island.

Sardinia is famous for its captivating rock structures, marvelous beaches, aquamarine waters, and rugged landscape. You can take a tour of the Nuraghe Su Nuraxi. The mystery you will find here is the stone ruins of the Bronze age in the shape of beehives.

Following the ancient site is Alghero and the Emerald coast, or Costa Smeralda, known for its emerald-colored waters of the sea. North Sardinia also has some of the most virgin beaches with the backdrop of rock formations and cliffs.

Apart from all these, several other historical sites, churches and castles, and small hamlets will impress you equally.

These are some beautiful islands to visit in Italy. You can spend a serene vacation on these islands.

Italy will make you fall in love with it and surprise you every time you visit. Sketch out a trip and make a list of places you want to drop by. Take in all, and strike them off of your list.

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