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Top 8 Things to do in Burano (Venice) Italy 2023

Top 8 Things to do in Burano (Venice) Italy 2023

Venice is adored by thousands of tourists from all around the world. This is due to its uniqueness and beauty. It is a dream destination for so many.

The Venetian island of Burano also offers a lot in terms of natural charm, food, culture, history, and of course, the people there.


There is happiness and peace in every corner of the place, so let us see all you can do while visiting Burano.

In this article, you will get to know about the following things to do in Burano,

  1. Stop by the Leaning Tower of Burano
  2. Indulge in Burano’s lace History
  3. Walk through the lanes of the rainbow-colored homes
  4. Go shopping
  5. Admire the sunset at Pescaria Vecia
  6. Explore the Churches
  7. Drop by Casa di Bepi Sua
  8. Traverse the water canals

Let’s see each of these in detail.

Best things to do in Burano

1. Stop by the Leaning Tower of Burano

Leaning Tower of Burano

The bell tower of Burano is one of the interesting sites on the island. It was constructed in 1714 inside the Chiesa di san Martino Vescovo complex.

The structure elevates up to 53 meters and is slightly inclined due to the sinking of the land it is built. When you visit, you will see a cross on the top. The neoclassic architecture of the tower is stunning to look at.


It is amidst the vividly colored houses, and this characteristic imparts the historic structure an excellent look. The tower can be easily seen from a distance. Get inside and explore the Leaning Tower of Burano and its surrounding.

Reaching the tower will be easy as it is just behind the Church of St. Martin Bishop.

The lofty bell tower and the picturesque background with colorful houses, nature, the blue sky, and canals in the front make the sight admirable.

2. Indulge in Burano’s lace History

Burano’s needlelace work dates back to the 1500s when it gained fame in the Republic of Venice. The island is known worldwide for its works of art with threads.

Legends say that Venetian lace originated when a sailor, deeply in love, gifted a Venetian girl with mermaids lace, trina delle sirene, a marine plant. Mesmerized by the beauty of the plant, the girl eternalized it with fine threads.

The process of lace making was with needles in traditional times. Now, it has evolved and has made the end product expensive. However, it is worth looking into the entire making.

The island has several shops selling souvenirs made of lace. Check the prices before buying, as the cheap pieces of lacework are not authentic. Dive much deeper into the history and the process to enjoy the whole thing.

3. Walk through the lanes of the rainbow-colored homes

Rainbow-colored homes in Burno

The vivid rainbow-colored houses are the island’s main attraction. They can be seen from the waters of the sea. The colored houses have some stories behind them.

Starting with the first, the story goes like this, Burano’s fishermen, due to fog and mist, couldn’t find their houses and found a solution for painting their homes bright. That way, it became easy for them to locate it when they returned.


The second story is that each color of the houses signified different families on the island. The surnames of many were the same, and therefore they would call each other by the specific colors of the houses. Isn’t it intriguing?

Many more stories are there to be found. Visit the island to explore all of them and get spellbound by the view of the vivid houses, along with the paved streets, nature, and the canals mirroring the houses in the water.

If you are wondering about the colors, it ranges from canary yellow to lobster pink, from fiery red to vivid blue, and the rest you will have to witness while walking amidst the colored fairyland.

4. Go shopping

Market in Burano

The prime area for shopping is Galuppi street. The name of the large square is given after Baldassarre Galuppi, the Venetian composer whose statute stands in the center of the square plaza.

The street is fringed with several stores and shops selling different items specific to the island, including items made of lace, clothes, and other souvenirs.

If you are hungry while shopping, eat at the local restaurants and cafes, serving seafood and pasta. Bussolai Buranei, a special dessert of Burano, is a must-try. Also, try the Venetian butter cookies you will get at all the bakeries here.

So many other local food items can be enjoyed with wine at Galuppi square.

Shop for ornaments, clocks, bags, jewelry, and other stuff, along with the lace pieces as gifts for your loved ones. Go around every shop belonging to the local artisans and discover all the small accessories you might want.

5. Admire the sunset at Pescaria Vecia

Pescaria Vecia was a fish market along the docks of the island. The entire space is renovated and is turned into a site where the nature admiring people can meet up and enjoy their time there.

The splendid horizons from the dock, along with the calm waters splashing by the shore, is a perfect sight. Numerous birds come down to the waterfront for the food offered to them.


The entire atmosphere is serene and magical. If you want a dreamy view of the sunset, visit during the magic hour, when the sky changes its color showing off different shades of orange, yellow, and red mixed in blue and black.

The orange sphere sets on the horizon, reflecting its colors on the cotton clouds. It is a scene to please your eyes and soul. The romantic sunset above the Venetian lagoon is worth witnessing.

6. Explore the Churches

Next up, there are the churches that will attract you to them with their marvelous architecture. The first historic church you might visit is the Church of St. Martino. Standing on the main square of Burani, the thousand-year-old Roman Catholic church holds baroque-style architecture.

The interiors are adorned with beautiful works of art, and three aisles are separated into neoclassical columns, Corinthian capitals, and supporting arches.

Following this, there is the Santa Barbara Chapel, which is just next to the Church of Saint Martino. It has significance in orthodox and catholic churches and is titled after Saint Barbara.

The simple architecture gives a friendly vibe to the whole place, and the small bell tower beside the structure adds charm.

Here will find a few more churches with splendid architecture and a lovely environment, and they will not disappoint you in any way.

7. Drop by Casa di Bepi Sua

Amidst all the rainbow houses on the island of Burano, Casa di Bepi Sua stands out the most due to its stunning geometric patterns covering up the house’s walls.

The story of the house goes like this, Giuseppe Toselli, a man working at a cinema hall, started selling candies after it shut down. This gave him the title of ‘Bepi Sua.’ After that, he painted his house and hung a white sheet over the facade to make it an outdoor cinema for the neighboring children.


You will see patterns of different sizes and shapes, including triangles, squares, circles, etc. All are painted in bold colors, giving the house a distinctive look.

It becomes a stunning background for pictures and photographs. The house is known for its beautiful colors and works and can be seen in different postcards. It has become a pretty famous site in Burano.

8. Traverse the water canals

Canals in Burano

Canals are one of the incredible features of the island. They are lined with all the colored houses and look lovely as the reflections of the colors make the water vivid. 

Walking by the canals through the paved roads and absorbing the atmosphere is a very soothing experience.

You will see the boats standing by the side of the canal in the water. Breathe in the freshness and sit in the water to cherish the sight.

Stand on the wooden bridge over the canal and lick on some delicious gelato. Take pictures by the waters with a perfect backdrop of the vibrant homes.

The canals on the island impart a different aura to the whole place and make it more admirable. 

These are some of the things to do in Burano. It will win you over with all its exciting elements.

Visit the Italian island without a second thought and get lost in the place’s splendor. Enjoy and explore as much as you can.

We hope this list of things will help you to relish your trip perfectly.

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