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6 Majestic Waterfalls To Visit In Norway

6 Majestic Waterfalls To Visit In Norway

Norway has numerous scenic and charming waterfalls, and each of them is distinct in its way.

The country attracts visitors from all over the globe and portrays its most magical scenes and streams of water.


It has some of the world’s highest waterfalls cascading down its dramatic landscape. 

In this article, you will get to know about the following waterfalls that you can visit in Norway,

  1. Kjosfossen Falls
  2. Langfossen
  3. Tvindefossen
  4. Steinsdalsfossen
  5. Vøringsfossen
  6. Henfallet

Let’s see each of these in detail.

List of famous waterfalls in Norway

1. Kjosfossen Falls

Kjosfossen, Norway
LocationAurland Municipality
Height738 ft 225 meters

The waterfall cascades down from an elevation of 738 feet and is situated in Vestland. It has won the title of the “king of waterfalls” in Norway and holds a beautiful pear shape.

The view is astounding with the gushing white frothy water. The lush green nature and the rocky terrain wrap around the place, and the flowing water creates a roaring sound while moving over the rocks.

While at the site, you will see beautifully dressed women dancing near the Kjosfossen to traditional Norwegian music. The land’s magic increases with these performances and makes you taste the culture of Norway.


To reach the waterfall, you will have to access the Flåm line. The line passes directly through the upper part and front of the falls. Therefore it gives you a different experience of seeing the waterfall from an angle.

Go close to the waters and feel the drops on your face. Do carry a raincoat in case the spray of water is high.

2. Langfossen

Langfossen, Norway
LocationEtne Municipality
Height612 meters

Langfossen is declared one of the “best in the world.” The elevation goes up to 2008 ft. It is situated in the municipality of Etne, Vestland county.

The water descends into Åkrafjorden and imparts a majestic look to the surrounding.

The atmosphere here is stunning, and picnic areas are close to the waterfall. You can find local food, baked goods, handicrafts, and many other things here.

If you love hiking, this is your spot. The trails are beautiful, along with the scenery surrounding them. The waterfall being the fifth tallest in Norway, it’s way too thrilling to walk up the mountain and enjoy the view from the top.

Cruising at the Åkrafjorden is another option to look at the white falls from a new direction. Moving through the fjord and cherishing the gushing water gives you a lovely experience.

The Rocky Mountains, dark blue fjord, green trees enveloping the landscape, and the waterfall amidst all these are like a page of a fairy tale book.

3. Tvindefossen

LocationVoss Municipality
Height116 meters

The picturesque Tvindefossen is well admired and is the 9th most visited spot in Norway. It is 381 feet in height and is located in the Municipality of Voss, Vestland County.

Situated amidst the rich green hills and the conifers, the mystical view of the waterfall is adoring. Dip your feet in the cold soothing water or swim in it for refreshment.


There is a myth that the water of the Tvindefossen falls is the “water of youth.” It has the power the revival of strength and rejuvenation.

The location can easily be reached as it is right by the E16 main road. Camping sites are available here. You can stay by the waterfall, dine in nature, and witness the sunrise.

4. Steinsdalsfossen

Steinsdalsfossen, Norway
LocationKvam Municipality
Height46 metres

Steinsdalsfossen is one of the most clicked waterfalls in Norway. It is formed from the Fosselva river and is situated in the Steine village in Kvam municipality.

It pours down from 167 feet and displays a stunning view. You can walk up the hill and go right behind the tumbling waters.

This wild place holds quite a bit of history and is very popular amongst tourists and locals. From Norheimsund, it is almost about 2 kilometers towards the west.

To better experience the water, and the sight, visit during May and June. During this time, the snow melts, making the flow more enhanced.

5. Vøringsfossen

Vøringsfossen, Norway
LocationEidfjord Municipality
Height182 meters

The name comes from vyrða, meaning revere. It is placed beautifully at the top of Måbødalen valley in Eidfjord municipality, Vestland county.

The water rumbles through the rocks and plunges for about 597 feet.

The valley of Måbødalen covers the region from Eidfjord to Hardangervidda, and the old road there have several viewpoints to look at the waterfall from below.


Above the falls is a recent addition of a stunning bridge that provides a path along with viewpoints for a different scenery of the Vøringsfossen.

Hiking up to the waterfall can be done if you enjoy some adventure. It is done from Storegjel or Fossetromma to Vøringsfossen through rugged landscapes and large rocks formed in the canyon. Hiking shoes are a must, and this adventure is only allowed in the dry season.

You can also drive up or avail cars to reach your destination. The beauty of the location and the surrounding is astounding.

6. Henfallet

LocationTydal Municipality
Height90 meters

Wrapped in coniferous forest, the Henfallet rushes down into a rocky gorge in Tydal, Sør- Trøndelag. It is elevated up to 296 feet and originates from the point of the confluence of rivers Hena and Svartåa.

A trail is there through which you can reach the falls. Or you might also access the wooden path leading toward the waterfall through the trees.

You will also get trains or buses to reach Henfallet.

Feel the spray of the soothing water on your face, breathe in the serene atmosphere, and rejuvenate yourself. The best time to visit is during the summer when there is still some snow in the surrounding.

These are some of the famous waterfalls to visit in Norway.

Each of these waterfalls is worth a trip. Don’t you think? These are some of Norway’s masterpieces, filled with adventures and thrills. They are also a treat to the eyes and soul.

We hope this article will help you plan a visit to all these picturesque sites.

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