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5 Best Places to Visit in Mississauga, Canada

5 Best Places to Visit in Mississauga, Canada

Mississauga is a wonderful place to travel as well to live in. It is the sixth-largest city in the world with the most successful communities.

Along with great schools, shopping hubs, and quality housing the city offers excellent local settings that are worth visiting.


The scenic beauty of Ontario and Mississauga offers a great place to live in.

The parks, waterfront trails offer recreational opportunities.

In this article, you will get to know about the following places in Mississauga, Canada,

  1. Streetsville
  2. Kariya Park
  3. Waterfront Trail
  4. Bradley Museum
  5. Fo Guang Shang Temple

So let us explore a bit more about these places…

1. Streetsville

The picturesque old village in Mississauga city is the home to a number of historic buildings in the city.

With more than 300 cafeterias, pubs, and shops, Streetsville blends old culture with the new one.

Streetsville is known for the old charms with wonderful historical buildings.

Initially, a village in 1850 that gradually transformed into a beautiful town in the year 1962, the old city still restores the beauty of the ancient culture and traditions.

“Bread and Honey” Festival is a renowned event celebrated here.

You can explore a number of handicrafts and food in the Summer Market!


2. Kariya Park

The Charming Cherry Blossom Park is a Japanese Garden that is located in Mississauga.

The park looks vibrant during the spring when the Kariya flourishes with blooming magnolia and Cherry Blossom Trees along the curved pathways.

If you are residing near Square one, you must surely visit this serene place with captivating beauty.

The park is clean and well maintained.

The layout is well structured and there is a small water body with a wooden-arched bridge over it.

You can also get to see a huge alloy bell hanging in the park.

3. Waterfront Trail

The Waterfront Trail in Mississauga is a long trail that crosses almost 22 parks near Port Credit.

The long stretch of this beautifully designed waterfront features many historic artifacts.

There are many cafes and restaurants along the waterfront trail. You will be surprised to know that this waterfront trail is approximately 730 kilometers long.

It connects parks, roads, markets, and cafes.

You can enjoy horse-riding, skateboarding, walking, and even cycling along these waterfront trails.

It extends 3600 kilometers along the St. Lawrence River. 


4. Bradley Museum

Located alongside Lake Ontario, Bradley Museum is an important destination in Mississauga.

The Museum is in a two-acre area and is settled in an old maple grove which is about 70 years old.

The place generally features many ancient and old buildings. The four heritage buildings in this museum are The Anchorage, The Bradley House, Port Credit Log, and a barn.

The ancient buildings of the Bradley Museum date back to 1820.

At this location, you will get access to a washroom and free parking.

You can also explore the artifacts displayed here, the rotating exhibitions, heritage kitchen, pollinator way station, picnic tables, and healing garden.

This Museum was founded by Lewis and Elizabeth Bradley and the Mississauga Heritage Foundation opened this house to the public in 1967.

If you visit this museum you can stroll through the old maple trees.

5. Fo Guang Shang Temple

The temple was built in Mississauga to serve as a religious, educational, cultural, and spiritual center for those who are interested to understand Chinese Buddhism and those who are interested in the practices and teachings of Buddhism.

Fo Guang Shang originally means “Buddha’s Light mountain” It was founded in the year 1991 and took 6 years for its completion.

The building has a large prayer hall with five buddha idols surrounded by lanterns. The main motto of founding this religious center was to propagate the idea of Buddhism in the greater Toronto and Mississauga areas.

The Water Drop Tree House is a wonderful place in this magnificent temple.

People in this place are served with a bowl of picked Vegetables, a drop of water, and a portion of gratitude and compassion.

You can see the large bell and drum which is located at the front of this beautiful building. 


The active cultural life of Mississauga is a perfect tourist destination in any season. The seasonal variation in these places can be eye-soothing too as snowfall is observed in many parts of this city during the winter.

Also, Mississauga portrays exceptional beauty during the spring too.

You must also visit other tourist attractions here such as the Adamson Estate, Erindale Park, Art Gallery, Celebration Square, etc.