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4 Best Places for Deep Sea Fishing in South Carolina, USA

4 Best Places for Deep Sea Fishing in South Carolina, USA

South Carolina has unique options for anglers as there are plenty of artificial reefs along the coast that provides a golden chance for deep-sea fishing.

Different structures have been designed for 40 reefs and these habitats are the optimum places for fishing.


The reefs are visited by the charters and anglers and the day-long targeted excursion creates a lifetime experience for deep sea fishing in South Carolina for the anglers.

All the seasons are ideal for fishing and there are many fish species obtained in South Carolina such as mackerel, marlin, dolphins, sharks, sheepshead, and many more.

In this article, you will get to know about four places in South Carolina that are effortlessly designed for deep-sea fishing,

  1. Beaufort
  2. Murrells inlet
  3. Charleston
  4. Little River 

Let’s see a little bit more about each of these places…

1. Beaufort & Hilton Head Island

On the Southern Coast of South Carolina, Beaufort and Hilton Head Island are the two prime options for deep-sea fishing.

Both these spots are an hour apart and the anglers have ample options for lodging and fishing.

You can launch your vessel from Beaufort as well as from Hilton Head Island. Both the places have many launch points like rocky substrate and underwater shelves where many species are attracted to the launch vessels.

You can enjoy fishing during the spring and even find reputable charters who provide trips suitable for the interest and skill of the anglers in deep-sea fishing.

The Anglers generally target grouper, red snapper, and sailfish which are abundant in the Gulf stream 60-80 meters offshore.


Dolphins and Barracuda are also seen in summer.

Anglers can target amberjack, mackerel and there are limited options for species along the coast.

If you are lucky you can have a mixed species from the 11 artificial reefs.

2. Murrells inlet

The Murrells Inlet is one of the popular deep-sea fishing points in South Carolina.

This destination is adventurous for the anglers who are ready for far offshore trips approximately more than 60 miles.

The anglers are indeed serious about fishing in Murrells Inlet and they gain a lifetime of experience by targeting fish species like cobia, wahoo, mahi-mahi, sharks, and mackerels.

A full-day charter can guide you to the right water pool.

The ideal time for deep-sea fishing in the inlet is during the summer season, as the tarpon, mahi-mahi, snapper, and grouper-like species are peak in the warmer water.

The destination is very famous for inshore fishing activities for black drums and redfish.

3. Charleston

Convenient fishing areas, suitable lodging, a place for recreation, and a wide range of fishing charters make this place very ideal for deep sea fishing in South Carolina.

The rocky bottom areas can be targeted for shorter trips close to the shore.

Long trips in Charleston can give you motion sickness as larger fish spot charters can take up to eight long hours.

Experienced anglers can go for the long charter trips and they are even ready to pay dollars to get in the targeted waters.


Some anglers are so enthusiastic and intrigued by deep-sea fishing that they spend 10-12 hours near the Gulf Stream current to target some of the species like tuna, marlin, and sailfish.

Various species of species are found in different seasons, for example, the mahi-mahi and barracuda are seen in the early summers, and in the autumn mackerel, flounder and amberjack are obtained in impressive numbers.

Winter yields limited species of fish.

4. Little River

The Little River Fishing Fleet is a part of the Myrtle Beach area.

The area has many deep-sea fishing charters and has been operating Open Boat Fishing Trips since 1985.

The dock near Little River allows the anglers more time to fish.

The charter captains and the crew are likely to make your experience memorable for sharing with relatives and friends.

The charters are sure to create an adventurous day and fun day deep sea fishing in the Little river of Myrtle beach in South Carolina can surely bring you smiles.

There are dozen of lodging companies and charter services in Little River. There are prime fishing spots here and the private boats would take you to the launching spots.

Deep-sea fishing is not easy in Myrtle Beach. Depth of the fishing spot and season of fishing are two important factors to be considered here.

November is the ideal month for catching species of fishes like cobia, barracuda, and sea mackerel.


The coastal areas and the tidal shorelines are not only spots for deep sea fishing, but the places offer the marvelous beauty of the reefs and the blue shades of water all around.

The Anglers can also buy a fishing license or can access all sorts of fishing information from the  “South Carolina Department of the Natural Resources”.

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