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5 Beautiful Temples to visit in Bali, Indonesia

5 Beautiful Temples to visit in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is well-known among tourists for lovely landscape views of its mountains, turquoise islands, and emerald green fields.

You will also get to see some picturesque sunrise and sunsets here.


Apart from it, Bali has been flourishing with its rich spiritual cultures and rituals for decades.

Therefore there are many pilgrimage shrines with Hindu deities that are scattered throughout Bali.

For thousands of years, daily devotion has been a significant part of indigenous life, as witnessed by the 20,000 Hindu Puras (temples) that dot the island.

In this article, you will get to know about the following temples in Bali,

  1. Pura Luhur Lempuyang
  2. Pura Tanah Lot
  3. Uluwatu Temple
  4. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
  5. Pura Tirta Empul

Let’s see a little bit more about each of these temples…

1. Pura Luhur Lempuyang

Pura Luhur Lempuyang Temple is one of the highest (1175 meters above sea level) ancient temples in Bali.

Locals call it the “doorway to heaven”. It is a chain of temples encircling the slopes of Mount Lempuyang.

It is considered one of the holiest places for worship in Bali.


A series of steep staircases will take you to the temple and the mountaintop. As you reach here, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Mount Agung.

From there you can witness majestic sunrise, a peaceful atmosphere, and numerous playful monkeys all around.

This is also one of the most spectacular Instagram-able spots in the entire world.

2. Pura Tanah Lot

Puta Tanah Lot is another popular temple in Bali.

The word “Pura Taha” means “Land in the sea” in the Balinese language.

The Hindu Shrine dates back to the 16th century.

This Bali temple is situated on the top of a beautiful coastal rock formation from where you can witness alluring views of sunrises and sunsets.

The rolling waves crashing against the rocks adds a more spiritual and tranquil charm to the place.


Travelers have to pass through various restaurants, charming storefronts, markets, and parks to reach the temple.

The temple atop the mountain cliff also hosts many cultural events like elegant dance performances and especially the Heirloom pilgrimage that delights the minds of the travelers.

The scenic landscapes around the sea temple also draw many passionate photographers all the year-round.

3. Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is one of the fascinating temples located on a clifftop which is 250 feet above the Indian Ocean.

This Balinese temple offers gorgeous views of the sun and the calm ocean waters.

There are many archeological ruins around the temple.

The main deity here is Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa who resides as Rudra.

Another amazing thing to witness in Uluwatu Temple is the glorious Kecak Dance performance at the clifftop stage.


The stunning architecture of the palm frond black roof is a unique and notable feature of Uluwatu Temple.

The temple seems to reside where heaven and earth merge.

4. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Ulun Danu Temple is a picturesque landmark in Bali which has an appealing charm.

The revered temple appears to be floating in the Beratan Lake in Bedugul which looks no less than paradise.

This iconic water temple is spiritually gifted with history and beauty.

It is honored to the Hindu Trinity “Brahma -Vishnu and Shiva” and especially Dewi Danu, the lake goddess.

The serene lake temple embraces a cool atmosphere and the bordering mountains make the place an important hotspot for photography lovers.

A curtain of mystical air rolls down around the time when the water fog mingles with the fog in the air.


You can feel a positive vibe when you are around the temple and it will rejuvenate your mind and soul.

This is considered to be the most quaint temple in Bali as well as Indonesia.

You can visit the temple during the Piodalan, the temple’s anniversary ceremony.

5. Pura Tirta Empul

Pura Tirta Empul is a Balinese Hindu temple in the town of Tampaksiring on the island of Bali.

The Tirta Empul Temple is easy to reach from the core town of Ubud as well as from other locations in Bali.

Tirta Empul is Balinese means “Holy Spring.”

The temple is devoted to another Hindu divinity, Vishnu – the protector of the universe.

A ‘Petirtaan’ or bathing structure, is part of the temple enclosure and is surrounded by lush green tropical gardens and intricately carved statues.

Tirta Empul is said to be a source of pure water for ceremonial bathing, as well as the source of holy water with medicinal and curative abilities.

This practice remains practically unaltered today, and visitors from all over the world come to marvel at its beauty and bathe in its blessed and soothing water.


Holidaying amidst the beautiful islands, mountains, and lakes of Bali is incomplete without the divine ambiance of the sprawling and eye-soothing temples, rituals, and serenity.

Include these wonderful temples in your ‘must-see’ list while you visit Bali.

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