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8 Beautiful Waterfalls To Visit in Uttarakhand (India)

8 Beautiful Waterfalls To Visit in Uttarakhand (India)

Uttarakhand, also known as Uttaranchal, Devbhoomi, or the Land of the Gods, is an Indian state in the country’s extreme north.

It is well-known for its Himalayan, Bhabar, and Terai regions. Uttarakhand also includes the Garhwal and Kumaon regions, which are well-known for their delectable cuisine.


The entire state is endowed with charismatic natural delights including a plethora of waterfalls.

In this article, you will get to know about the following waterfalls to visit in Uttarakhand,

  1. Corbett Falls
  2. Vasudhara Falls
  3. Sahastradhara
  4. Birthi Waterfall
  5. Tiger Fall
  6. Chineshwar Waterfall
  7. Bhatta Falls
  8. Rudradhari Waterfall

Let’s see each of these in detail…

1. Corbett Falls

Corbett Waterfalls, located in the Nainital district on the Ramnagar-Kaladhungi highway, is one of the picturesque waterfalls of Uttarakhand. 

This beautiful waterfall is surrounded by a dense teakwood forest. The water here cascades from a height of 20 meters into a pool.

The soothing sound of the waterfall blends perfectly with the sweet chirpings of the birds in the surroundings. Bathing is not permitted in the falls but the natural beauty of the area is quite captivating.


So you must not miss any opportunity to soak yourselves in the charming ambiance and appreciate the gorgeous view of the fall.

Popular activities near Corbett Falls include forest trekking, bird watching, and walking through the lovely nature trails.

There are no shops or stalls in close vicinity of the falls, therefore visitors must carry their own food and water.

2. Vasudhara Falls

Vasudhara falls, which is close to the holy city of Badrinath, is an amazing place to visit in Uttarakhand. It is located 122 meters above sea level.

The beautiful fall blesses us with spectacular views to capture through the lenses. A serene atmosphere prevails all around the falls.

The waterfall surges from a height of 400 feet of a gigantic mountain cliff. Trekking to the fall will reward you with an alluring as well as a spiritual charm.

People believe that only those who are clean, pure from the heart, and free of sin can enjoy the heavenly beauty of the Vasudhara falls.

Although it is a remote location, the unadulterated beauty and cool ambiance of this waterfall entice nature lovers to visit it.

The majestic waterfall truly pacifies one’s mind and soul.

3. Sahastradhara

One of the truly amazing places to visit in Dehradun is Sahastradhara, which means “1000-fold spring.” The waterfall is a magical sight that heals all the stresses of life.

Sahastradhara is a natural Sulphur water spring that is said to have excellent medicinal properties. People come from all over India and abroad to have a natural therapeutic variety of skin ailments.

The water of the pool drips from the limestone stalactites. The area is also blessed with rich alpine vegetation.


The splendor of this spring is multiplied by the beauty of the Baldi River and surrounding caves. The place is ideal for arranging lovely picnics along the small dams.

There is also a ropeway from where visitors can enjoy a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the valley.

There is a temple on the hillside where Drona is said to have worshiped Lord Shiva in the form of a lingam inside a cave called Drona’s Cave. It has many small Shiva lingams made of rock.

4. Birthi Waterfall

Birthi falls, located 33 kilometers from Munsiyari, is a massive cascading waterfall surging from a height of 126 meters.

You can overlook the beautiful waterfall from the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. The waterfall is located on the Thal-Munsiyari road, about 14 kilometers from Tejam.

The key attractions of the waterfalls include the fresh air, cool breeze, lush greenery, and an all-natural environment.

The waterfall is surrounded by dense forest, adding to its allure. You can just sit by the falls and soothe and relax your soul.

The beautiful spot is also popular among trekkers. Youths love to get drenched in the cool splashes of the stream.

Nearby attractions include Khalia Top, Milam Glacier, Kalamuni Top, Maheshwari Kund, Thamari Kund, Madkot, Thal, Berinag, and Ralam Glacier.

5. Tiger Fall

Tiger Falls is a well-known tourist destination cradled at an elevation of 1395 meters above sea level and cascades down from a height of 50 meters.

The pouring water is collected in a small pool. You can take a refreshing bath in the pool.

This fall is a popular tourist destination in Chakrata and the surrounding area.

Tiger fall displays its original glory during the monsoon season. The top of the waterfall is way more captivating and can be reached via a 25-kilometer road drive along the Chakrata-Lakhamandal route, followed by a 1-kilometer hike.


The trek route takes visitors through dense forests of rhododendron and oak trees.

The sound of the gurgling waterfall, the peaceful ambiance and the aroma of the greens will revitalize your vacation mood in three folds.

Although you can get an enthralling experience here, you have to be careful while trekking through the rough and uneven terrains.

6. Chineshwar Waterfall

The Chineshwar waterfall perched at a height of 160 feet, is one of the most beautiful and well-known waterfalls in Uttarakhand.

The surrounding pine trees and lush vegetation in the Kumaon region is the main attraction of the waterfall. You will be hypnotized by the breathtaking views that surround the cascade.

You can make your way to this waterfall from Garaun town.

According to the locals, there is also a hidden shiva temple behind the waterfall and you have to traverse the flowing water to reach the temple.

Another wonderful option to enjoy the gorgeous vistas of nature is by setting up camps near the fall.

7. Bhatta Falls

Bhatta Falls is located on Mussoorie-Dehradun Road near Bhatta Village. This waterfall is one of the best waterfalls to include on a Uttarakhand tour.

It is a natural waterfall that cascades down from a height of 30 feet into a pool that is encircled with dense vegetation.

Swimming is possible in the pool at the bottom of the falls. It can be reached via well-defined steps.


Several scenic locations are ideal for photographers to capture nature at its best.

There is a children’s park available near the fall.

This fall is easily accessible from Mussoorie and Dehradun by car or bus.

This waterfall is relatively unspoiled by commercialization and is a pleasant place to spend time.

8. Rudradhari Waterfall

Rudradhari Falls and Temple are popular tourist spots in Uttarakhand. This waterfall in Kausani is a popular trekking destination as well.

The waterfall is a natural setting cocooned amidst lush green paddy fields and water here cascades vertically over the river. It is easily accessible while trekking to Adi Kailash or Trishul Parvat.

Many ancient caves have been discovered near the waterfall. They are wrapped in moss and are very impressive. It is surrounded by uplands and a natural environment without any footprints of commercialization.

Near the waterfall, you can visit a small cave temple where Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are worshipped near the waterfall.

The name Rudradhari is derived from the supreme Hindu gods Rudra (Lord Shiva) and Hari (Vishnu), as this location is associated with these gods according to Puranic texts.

Because of the terraced fields, thick pine forests, and verdant green paddy fields that surround the falls and temple, both of these are extremely beautiful, attracting a large number of visitors.

These are some of the popular waterfalls near Uttarakhand. They will surely take your breath away.

The beauty of these natural treasures in Uttarkhand is something to cherish for a lifetime.

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