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6 Most Adventurous Cities To Visit In The World

6 Most Adventurous Cities To Visit In The World

The glove offers a variety of places to visit for some great ventures in life. 

You might want to put it on your bucket list and visit them someday to meet that adventurous thirst.


In this article, you will get to know about the following adventurous cities in the world,

  1. Bovec
  2. Kielce
  3. Cherapunji
  4. Valdez
  5. Kanab
  6. Cape Town

Let’s dive deep into each of these places…

1. Bovec, Slovenia

Bovec, Slovenia

Bovec is located in the Northwestern part of Slovenia. It is enveloped by the Julian Alps, Kanin and Krn. 

The picturesque forests, mountains and glacial lakes are towards the East. 

Bovec is not only known for its charms, but also for Adventurous sports and leisure activities.

There is kayaking, Canyoning, rock climbing, hiking, white-water rafting, mountain biking and so much more. 

In the winter months, you get to ski, and for that, you can visit Kanin ski centre, the highest ski resort in Slovenia.


You can also look into various sights associated with WWI that the walk of the peace trail will take you. These include the Ravelnik open-air museum which protects the bunkers and trenches. 

While at Bovec, along with all the adventures and sports, make sure to savour some Sheep milk cheese, grilled mushrooms, trout and much more of the local delicacies. 

A bit of advice on when you can get the most number of adventure activities is late spring to the early autumn. The weather and the temperature remain perfect for the activities.

2. Kielce, Poland

Kielce, Poland

Located in Southern Poland, the city is amidst the Swietokrzyskie mountains, on the Silnica river bank. 

The area is well known for Lead, iron and copper and is largely exploited. 

There are five nature reserves in the city and numerous attractions. 

One of the most intimidating places for adventure is the Kadzielnia Reserve. 

This is located a few minutes away from the centre of the city and has a kilometre of the zipline, which is an underground tourist path. 

Hiking, as well as biking trails, are present for sports enthusiasts, along with kayaking trails. 

If you are planning of visiting in the wintertime, ice climbing competitions await you. 

This is literally the perfect city not only for adventurous tourists but also for the ones who love nature and travelling and exploring things on their way. 

3. Cherapunji, India

Cherapunji, India

Sohra or Cherapunji is situated in the East Khasi hills in Meghalaya. This is one of the coolest places I have ever known existed. 

The mesmerising waterfalls, caves, stretch of rich green hills, and very distinctive and beautiful living root bridges, make it of kind adventurous. 

It’s crazy thrilling when you go caving in the Mawsmai, Arwah and Krem Mawnluh caves. 


You can go hiking and do the Nongrait treating too. 

In the Dympep valley, ziplining is quite adventurous. 

September to march is a good time to visit Sohra for the maximum amount of fun and adventure. 

If you love food, definitely try the pork momos and pork rice, Sohra pulao and many of their other local cuisine. 

It’s a different kind of satisfaction after long crazy adventures. 

4. Valdez, United States

Valdez, United States

Valdez is located in the Chugach Census area, in the Alaskan state. It comprises rain forests, tidewater glaciers, magnificent mountains, a plethora of wildlife on both land and water and much more. 

Speaking of wildlife, you could adore the sea lions, otters, Orcas and humpback whales with your eyes. 

Cruises are available to give you a tour of some of the best points for glaciers, wildlife and of course mountains. 

Helicopter tours are also available. Not only that, the helicopters will take you to the top of the glaciers.  


Looking deep into the wildlife, glacial water kayaking, waterfalls and ice caves are also a part of the adventure here.

You can also kayak out for fishing or can paddle on Robe Lake.

Here the option for adventure is almost endless. Snowboarding, Heli skiing, Cross country skiing, Fat bike riding and ice skiing give lifetime experiences. 

5. Kanab, United States

Kanab, United States

Kanab is situated on the Utah-Arizona border and is bounded by multiple state and national parks making it unusually adventurous. 

You can go on off-roading through Coral Pink Sand dunes or any other desert trails. 

You can go Backpacking for 21 miles through the Buckskin gulch, the longest slot canyon around the globe. 

Hiking at the Wave and Angel’s landing and cannoning the narrows feels different.

Autumn or Spring is the best time to visit the majestic national park, for exploring and have great ventures.

6. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is widely known for its adventurous sports.

The city holds its own characteristic beauty in terms of the white sandy beaches, lush mountains, rocky cliffs and the majestic ocean.

In terms of activities, the city will provide you with all you can ask for. Kite surfing, diving, snorkelling, surfing, sea kayaking, bungee jumping, hiking, skydiving, paragliding and the list goes on. 


The thrill along with the view of nature is a treat to the soul. 

The city also offers some of the best local foods including chops, burgers steaks, malva pudding, braai and a lot more flavours to the taste buds. 

These are some of the most popular adventurous cities in the world.

Visit any or all of the above-mentioned places once in your lifetime.

Not just the sports, but also the scenery and cuisine will make you crave the places more. 

It’s not just about the physical adventures, it’s more than that, it’s about knowing the place and the people deeply for some thrill in life.

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